Robin Williams: Another Legend Gone

Yesterday, the news came that legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away after committing suicide. Like many people, my initial reaction was denial. I had thought it was just another hoax because they always kill off celebrities online. But then all of the big news networks reported and it was real. This shocked the world. This guy, who was funny as hell, can act if he wanted to, and was a part of our childhood (and adulthood), is now gone.

He was a genius with a lot of talent and energy, displayed in movies like Ms. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Hook, Jumanji, and many others. Not only can he do funny movies, but he can take on dramatic roles like in Good Will Hunting, which he won an Academy Award for. Did he have some shitty movies? Yeah, but that’s every actor. Even with the bad movies he’s done, he’ll always be remembered for the good ones or the ones we grew up with. Whatever movie you like probably had Robin Williams in it. He was also one of the coolest guys on Earth. You just couldn’t help but smile when the guy’s around. But they always say that some funny people aren’t really happy with themselves. Robin, apparently, suffered from depression. This goes to show that people can surprise you. Someone with depression can seem happy and optimistic, but they’re really just trying to hide their pain. There should be more awareness to this sickness.

This isn’t a time to mourn, but to celebrate. To celebrate a man who has entertained us since the late 70s with his humor and heart. My condolences goes out to Robin’s family. Thanks, Robin, for everything you have done.