Target Practice

Target Practice: 2 Chainz “I’m Different”

Target Practice

Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. Did we really need a rapper like 2 Chainz? He isn’t anything special, dude is a walking hip-hop stereotype, talking about the typical rap topics without bringing anything new or creative. He’s not even a good rapper. His flow sucks, his lyrics suck, 2 Chainz himself sucks, period. If you were to replace him with some other generic southern rapper, no one would notice the difference. And don’t even say he’s entertaining because that’s no excuse for shitty rapping. Today’s Target Practice is one of The Artist Formerly Known As Tity Boi’s singles where he tries to convince us why we should care about him in the first place, I’m Different.

Lamest single cover art ever.

I’m different, yeah I’m different [x3]
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing [x4]
Middle finger up to my competition
I’m different, yeah I’m different [x3]
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing

Mr. Tauheed Epps, who are you trying to convince here, the listener or yourself? You keep saying that you’re different, yet so far, you haven’t done anything different. This hook relies on too much repetition and you didn’t even rhyme anything. This is like a rapper constantly saying that they’re real. If you have to keep saying it, chances are it’s not true.

Pull up to the scene, but my roof gone
When I leave the scene, bet your boo gone

Riding in a convertible and trying to steal someone else’s girl. Already heard this before, so nothing different here that I haven’t heard in other rap songs.

And I beat the pussy like a new song

That punchline makes no sense at all.

2 Chainz but I got me a few on

Everything hot, skip lukewarm
Tell shawty to bust it open, Uncle Luke on

Lil Wayne called. He wants his punchlines back.

Got the present for the present and a gift wrapping
I don’t feel good, but my trigger happy

But the stripper happy, but they wish had me

I doubt it. Strippers are only interested in your money, not you. They’ll trick you into thinking that they’re interested in you while you leave the club penniless. You’re worse than T-Pain falling in love with a stripper.

And I wish a nigga would, like a kitchen cabinet


*crowd booing*

These punchlines are just gonna get worse, are they?

And me and you are cut from a different fabric

You’re a shitty rapper and I’m an asshole on the internet with an opinion. I guess we are cut from a different fabric.

I fucked her so good it’s a bad habit
Bitch sit down, you got a bad atti’
Gave her the wrong number and a bad addy
You ain’t going nowhere like a bad navi
Ass so big, I told her to look back at it
Look back at it, look back at it
Then I put a fat rabbit on the Craftmatic

UGH!! Punchlines so stupid, it’s giving me a headache. It’s only made worse by the forced rhyming.

I am so high… attic
I am so high like an addict


2 Chainz got your girl on the celly
And when I get off the celly
I made her meet at the telly
When she meet at the telly
I put it straight in her belly
When it go in her belly, it ain’t sh*t you can tell me

CAN YOU STOP SAYING YOUR NAME SO MUCH?! We already got it the first couple of times. Maybe he’s doing this because of the fact that he sounds like a lot of other shitty rappers out there, so he says his name on records to let people know which shitty rapper they’re listening to. Also, you’re still talking about stealing someone’s girlfriend. Again, NO ONE CARES!!

Hair long, money long
Me and broke niggas we don’t get along
Hair long, money long
Me and broke niggas we don’t get along

Did you just run out of things to say or did you need to fill in the rest of the empty space of your verse? Filler: when you can’t come up with new lyrics.

I paid a 1, 000 dollars for my sneakers

Which is stupid.

‘Ye told ya, a 100k for a feature

Which is too much for a shitty rap verse. Shouldn’t even be worth a penny for that.

Eee-err Eee-err, sound of the bed

Please do not remind me of Trillville’s Some Cut. Now all I hear is that fucking spring mattress squeaking.

Beat it up, beat it up, then I get some head
Well I might get some head, then I beat it up

It’s the same line being repeated, just switched backwards.

I don’t give a fuck, switch it up, nigga live it up
Yeah it’s going down, she get up

Here we are near the end of the song and 2 Chainz has yet to prove to us why he’s different. At this point, I’ve already accepted that 2 Chainz isn’t gonna give us anything good or clever.

Might valet park a Brinks truck

I’m pretty sure that’s a robbery because no regular Joe that doesn’t work for the bank is able to drive a Brinks truck. I know it’s supposed to be a punchline about money, but it’s still stupid. Well, we’re at the end of the verse and near the end of the song, so what does 2 Chainz do different from other rappers?

This song is an indifferent, incompetent glob of nonsense. For a song called I’m Different, Chainz hasn’t done anything to show why he’s different. These lyrics are horrendously bad, they’re nothing more than a series of dumb, nonsensical, and straight-up unfunny punchlines that Lil Wayne at his worst would never touch. The production is also trash as it’s basically a simple piano melody, generic 808 drums, and bland synth stabs. Guess who produced this turd. If you say anyone else besides DJ Mustard, then you are just trolling me. Yep, a lot of Mr. Ketchup’s tricks are present here. 2 Chainz, you are not different. You might think you are different, but you’re not. You’re just another terrible mainstream rapper. This will be the last Target Practice for the rest of the year, so expect a new one in January.


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