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Target Practice: Chris Brown “Don’t Judge Me”

Target Practice

Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. When critiquing music, one has to seperate the artist from the art. Because sometimes, the persona that the artist presents in their music doesn’t represent who they are as people. I don’t know Meghan Trainor, 2 Chainz, or Nicki Minaj personally, so I can’t criticize them as people, but I can still criticize their work. It’s possible that a lot of the artists making shitty music are cool people (and vice versa). But not Chris Brown. Even though he does have some good songs, they’re few and far between the shit. Not only is he a bad artist, but he’s also a horrible human being (more into that later). He’s had many chances to make up for the Rihanna incident, but he kept fucking that up constantly, which brings us to today’s Target Practice. Straight off of Fortune (which is one of the worst albums ever made), this is Don’t Judge Me.


I don’t wanna go there
We should never go there (damn)
Why you wanna go there?
I guess I gotta go there

Yes, nobody wants to revisit that horrific beating that you gave Rihanna.

You’re hearing rumours about me
And you can’t stomach the thought
Of someone touching my body
When you’re so close to my heart
I won’t deny what they saying
Because most of it is true
But it was all before I fell for you

So Chris is admitting that people are telling the truth about him being an unfaithful dick. Points for honesty. Oh, wait. That was before he met this unnamed woman. Yeah, and The Flash is not one of the best TV shows on now (it is, by the way).

So please babe
So please don’t judge me
And I won’t judge you
Cause it could get ugly
Before it gets beautiful
Please don’t judge me
And I won’t judge you
And if you love me
Then let it be beautiful
Let it be beautifu-u-ul, let it be beautiful
Let it be beautifu-u-ul, let it be beautiful

You don’t want to be judged? Well, maybe you should’ve thought of that before you became a public figure. And it sounds like Chris is threatening violence against this chick for judging him. Chris Brown, ladies and gentlemen. Keeping it classy as always.

Everything I say right now
Is gonna be used in another fight
And I’ve been through this so many times
Can we change the subject?
You gonna start asking me questions like:
“Was she attractive? Was she an actress?”
Baby the fact is

Just answer her questions and she won’t be on your back all the time about other women. Or, better yet, keep it in your pants the next time you’re out at public.

You’re hearing rumours about me
And saw some pictures online
Saying they got you so angry
Making you wish you were blind
Before we start talking crazy
Saying some things we’ll regret
Can we just slow it down and press reset (damn).
You’re beautiful

Dude, maybe if you weren’t going to different clubs, getting wasted, and banging anything with a vagina, then you wouldn’t be in this mess.

Just let the past
Just be the past
And focus on things
That are gonna make us laugh
Take me as I am, not who I was
I promise I’ll be, the one that you can trust

Well, considering how much the Rihanna incident tarnished your name and you had many chances to show people that you have grown from that experience, yet thanks your tendency of tamper tantrums, constantly getting involved in fights, getting in trouble with the law, and being disrespectful on social media, your past is constantly following you, Chris. What makes me laugh is how you keep digging yourself into a deeper hole.

This song is a really bad judgement call. For a song called Don’t Judge Me, I expected a response to all of the criticisms he received since 2009, but what we get is an unfaithful asshole who’s hornier than Zeus and doesn’t show any remorse for his actions. He knows his girl is mad because of his constant cheating, yet he keeps doing it. Why should he be NOT judged? Outside of that, the¬†production is meh and vocally, Chris Brown himself does exactly what you expect from¬†him. Chris, maybe it’s time for you to call it a career. You have been teasing retirement, yet you’re working on another album. On behalf of the entire world, stop. Next Target Practice, we look at a country song that crashed and burned on arrival. Also, there won’t be a new post next week, but the week after will be the Worst Songs of 1992 list.



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  1. Wow, this came out quick since WTF Lyrics.
    I hope he really doesn’t believe that saying “Yes, I cheated on all those other girls, but you’re different. Now, let’s change the subject” would actually work. Also, I notice he doesn’t say what about this girl makes her the one that changes him. He just says that she’s beautiful.


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