Musical Appreciation

Musical Appreciation: OutKast “Ms. Jackson”


Welcome to Musical Appreciation. OutKast are pretty much the best hip-hop duo ever and the best hip-hop act from the South. The chemistry and polar opposites of Big Boi and Andre 3000 is unlike any other and they work off each other well. Because of their differences and approach to music, they’re able to appeal to different audiences and make records that transcends musical and coastal boundaries. I feel comfortable in saying that every album they have ever released has been a classic (except for the Idlewild soundtrack, which I don’t count anyways). Today’s Musical Appreciation is a staple of 2000s hip-hop and one of their best tracks. This is Ms. Jackson.

Ms. Jackson is about Andre and Big Boi getting along with the mother of their baby mamas even after they both broke up and doing everything they can to take care of their children, even when the mother of the baby mama doesn’t think highly of them. Instead of ragging on her, they try to act like adults and reason with them to remind them that they have a responsibility as a father. This idea is presented in two different ways: Big Boi is more raw and honest and he has no trouble venting his frustration with his baby mama’s mother while Andre is more poetic in his delivery, noting that the love between him and his baby mama was genuine even if it didn’t last. Apparently, this song was inspired by Andre’s relationship with Erykah Badu and her mother (back when they were together).

On another note, the production of this song is fantastic. It’s chill and mid-tempo, complimented by its sample of Strawberry 23 by Brothers Johnson, plus, an interpolation of the classic wedding march Bridal Chorus. It’s timeless production that isn’t defined by the era it was made in. It compliments the sung hook by Andre 3000, who apologizes to his baby mama’s mother for not staying together as a loving couple. It shows that he’s willing to own up to his mistakes and be a better person for the sake of their children.

So that was Musical Appreciation. Next time, we’ll talk about Mothership Connection.



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