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Target Practice: Lil Uzi Vert “You Was Right”


Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. I’ve reached a point where I get why some people like┬ásome of the XXL Freshmen from last year. I still don’t like any of them outside of Anderson Paak, Dave East, and Denzel Curry, but I understand their appeal. As incompetent as Lil Yachty is and how his rapping sounds like he┬ájust got out of the dentist’s office with way too many doses of Novocaine, I can see people liking the weirdness and the more upbeat production of his songs. I can see people getting into Desiigner’s energy in spite of his unoriginality, sounding a lot like Future. Kodak Black is annoying as dingleberries and 21 Savage is audio NyQuil, but I can see someone who’s into gangsta rap liking a song or two from these dudes (even though there’s tons of better gangsta rappers out there). Lil Uzi Vert, on the other hand? Nada. This dude is the worst out of them all and I don’t see his appeal. Outside of how he looks and the visuals of his music videos and album artwork, there’s nothing to this guy. In terms of the music itself, it’s the same shit you’ve heard in most of mainstream rap: getting money and fucking bitches. He has no flow, his lyrics are lower than kindergartners, and he abuses Auto-Tune. Dude is generic, but that’s kinda expected from a guy who named himself after a gun. No, I take that back. Tech N9ne is dope in spite of his name, so what’s Lil Uzi Vert’s excuse? You wanna see an example of how generic he is? Just look at today’s Target Practice victim. This is You Was Right.


Hit it from the back, watch a nigga bless you
Cryin’ in my arms like a nigga wrecked you

Well, this won’t be interpreted as abusive.

Ya alright, alright, alright
You was right, I was wrong
Ya, I should’ve never ever took her home

What’s this? A rapper apologizing for cheating? STOP THE PRESSES!! A mainstream rapper is apologizing for cheating. Points for honesty-

Ya, I should’ve just boned
Ya, fantasy on my phone
Ya, hit it from the back, watch a nigga bless you
Ya, cryin’ in my arms like a nigga wrecked you
Talkin’ ’bout a broken heart, runnin’ to the restroom

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND you lost those points. Even though he admits that his girlfriend was right about him cheating, he’s still going to cheat. This is like shooting someone and then when asked about it, you say that they’re correct and that you should’ve stabbed them instead. You’re still doing something horrible.

Looked at my mama just like we rich
Looked at my bitch like we rich
Said we ain’t got no minor setbacks
Countin’ all that money, told that nigga just to bet that

LOOK, MA!! I’M RICH!! Don’t care. Next.

I, I know that you ain’t got it, boy, why you ain’t just say that?
They see I got that money, now his bitch like, “I said that”
I don’t pay that ho no mind, I been had that
When I saw my girl, yeah you know I had to bag that

And we have the obligatory “I can steal your girlfriend” line that’s pretty much in most mainstream rap songs. This trend needs to die execution-style.

And before me fuck niggas yeah, they had that
Five niggas in includin’ me I had to back back


And before me fuck niggas yeah, they had that
Five niggas in includin’ me I had to back back




Are you going to be involved in a orgy with four dudes?

Image result for not that there's anything wrong with that

Try to diss me, I take it to your family
I fuck your sister then make sure that she vanish

So if someone disses you, you’re gonna rape their families and then kill them? Considering how many people hate you and your music, you’re gonna have a LONG day.

Even though we in the same room
You just locked the door, so I gotta text you
Like bae unlock the door I got to use the restroom
Like I don’t want a war, wanna caress you

One: Why are you texting someone when you’re in the same room? Just talk to them. Two: If you gotta use the bathroom and someone’s in there already, wait until they’re done with whatever it is they’re doing. I’m done with this. I could continue on, but there’s no more new lyrics.

This song is just wrong. Another example of mainstream rap at its most bland and worst. The beat has boring melodies and weak bassjust like every other Metro Boomin beat. The rhymes and flow are clumsy, the Auto-Tune sounds like crap, and the writing is uninteresting. It’s basically another song about a guying cheating on his girlfriend and not taking full responsibility for his actions, meanwhile, he goes way off-topic to talk about money and fucking other dudes’ girlfriends and sisters (and murdering them after). It’s filler, the song A.K.A. a complete waste of time from a rapper who doesn’t deserve the attention. Times like these, I’m grateful that rappers like Kendrick Lamar are popular because we need them. Next Target Practice, since I’m doing Worst Songs list based off of the 80s, why not review a song from that decade.



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Bring It On Home To Me-Sam Cooke

Surrender-Cheap Trick

2 thoughts on “Target Practice: Lil Uzi Vert “You Was Right”

  1. I think the appeal of Lil’ Uzi Vert is how he looks and how he sounds. I feel people these days seem to be gravitating to rappers with weird and funny voices, and Uzi is no different. I don’t think people really care all that much as to what he has to say, they just like how weird he looks and sings/raps. He’s pretty much Young Thug, except even less interesting (at least in Young Thug’s case, when he drops the weird voice and doesn’t try to sound stupid, he’s actually a decent rapper. Shocking but true, there’s evidence.) His top 10 hit isn’t THAT bad in my opinion, at least is trying to tell some sort of a story, even if it is sloppy, but this? yeah, it’s pretty bad. Either way, he’s just another rapper that having his time in the spotlight right now, but won’t last. His weird and unique look is what has him in the spotlight, but he doesn’t have much else to offer. I’d rather listen to Young Thug, Future and Lil’ Yachty than this guy. Still, his overall appeal is basically the same as all the mumble rappers: funny voice and weird look. That’s pretty much it.


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