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Target Practice: Selena Gomez ft Gucci Mane “Fetish”


Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. So. Selena Gomez. What a disappointment she turned out to be. Out of all of the former Disney kids, she became the least interesting one compared to her contemporaries. I like a few songs from Demi Lovato and as much as I can’t stand Miley Cyrus, she at least causes a reaction from me. Selena, on the other hand? Every time I try to listen to most of her songs, I get nothing out of them. At best, her songs are passable. At worst, you get Come And Get It, Hands To Myself, and today’s Target Practice victim. Featuring a man who has an ice cream cone tatted on his face, this is Fetish.

Take it or leave it
Baby take it or leave it

Okay. See you later.


But I know you won’t leave it
‘Cause I know that you need it, ah

No, I’m pretty sure I don’t.

Look in the mirror
When I look in the mirror
Baby I see it clearer
Why you wanna be nearer, ah

Still not seeing it.

I’m not surprised
I sympathize, ah
I can’t deny
Your appetite, ah

Hope you’re not dating Hannibal Lecter.

You got a fetish for my love
I push you out and you come right back
Don’t see a point in blaming you
If I were you, I’d do me too

You got a fetish for my love
I push you out and you come right back
Don’t see a point in blaming you
If I were you, I’d do me too
You got a fetish for my love


If I were you, I’d do me too




Me Too-Meghan Trainor

If I was you, I’d wanna be me too
I’d wanna be me too
I’d wanna be me too
If I was you, I’d wanna be me too
I’d wanna be me too
I’d wanna be me too

Ripping off a line from one of the worst songs of this decade. This is beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel. This is scavenging a landfill for anything of value.

Reaching your limit
Say you’re reaching your limit
Going over your limit
But I know you can’t quit it, ah

I guess you can say that he has… NO LIMIT, right?

*Frankenstein’s Monster grunt*

Something about me
Got you hooked on my body
Take you over and under and twisted up like origami, ah

That. Sounds painful. Let’s get into the obligatory rap feature from Gucci Mane. This oughta be fun.

The way you walk, the way you talk
I blame you ’cause it’s all your fault
Ya playin’ hard, don’t turn me off
Ya acting hard, but I know you soft
You my fetish, I’m so with it
All these rumors bein’ spreaded
Might as well go ‘head and whip it
‘Cause they sayin’ we already did it
Call on Gucci if you ever need and
I’ll be South Beach in the drop top gleamin’
Order diamonds, Aquafina
Just need you in a blue bikini

Well. It’s relatively tame compared to what Gucci usually does. Still doesn’t make it good. And that’s about the end of the song.

This song is a limp dick. It’s basically Good For You 2.0, but worse. For a song called Fetish, the content of the lyrics feel relatively tame. “You got a fetish for my love” is so vague, you might as well say nothing. If you’re gonna go with sexy, commit to it, don’t half-ass it. This might as well be a song for a Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack, which it’ll totally fit. The production is a drag, Selena was boring as hell, and Gucci Mane was pointless as he was brought in to fill in the quota of “generic rap verse in generic pop song.” This is a dull, dull song that doesn’t do Selena any favors. Next Target Practice, the Archies.



Welcome To Jamrock-Damian Marley

American Woman-The Guess Who

Owner Of A Lonely Heart-Yes

One thought on “Target Practice: Selena Gomez ft Gucci Mane “Fetish”

  1. I personally never liked Selena Gomez. There isn’t one song from her I would say was great. There’s only two songs I thought were ever okay, It Ain’t Me and Naturally, that’s it. I never thought she was an interesting performer, or a good singer, and almost none of her songs are remotely interesting or good. They’re bland, boring, forgettable and a product of their time. To me, she’s the definition of a generic pop star with nothing different or interesting to bring to the table. I feel like the only reason she even has a music career was because she was a very popular Disney actress. Honestly, I think she would be better off acting, because music is just not her forte. And she is definitely at her worst when she’s trying to come off as sexy. This isn’t her, she’s just not that person to pull it off. And it’s hard to pull sexy off when you still look like you’re 15! She’s an full grown adult and she still looks like she just entered high school. So basically she still looks like she did when she first started on Disney. This song is attrocious. It’s bland, badly produced, badly sung, badly written, unsexy and I am sick of those obligatory rap verses on pop songs. They add nothing to the song, and rarely add any type of credibility to the artists involved. And you’d think with a title like Fetish, you’d expect some sort of sexually explicit song, but nope, this is just safe and dull music that takes no chances whatsoever Selena is just not that great of an artist, and every time a song of hers comes on, I switch the station. She’s not interesting, and this song does nothing to change that. If anything, it’s just embarrassing. I don’t hate her personally, she seems like a nice girl, but I really can’t stand her music. Great job as always.

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