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Top 10 List: Best Songs of 2017

“Disclaimer: what you’re about to read are-ah, fuck it. You already know this by now. Don’t be an asshole because of this post.”

Now that we got the worst of the year out the way, let’s about the best. Like I said in the last list, 2017 was an improvement over 2016. More and more people are becoming more aware of the world around them, being more willing to speak out against issues that affect us. There was so many great movies this year; Get Out, Logan, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Baby Driver, IT, Coco, The Last Jedi, etc. Good news for hip-hop fans in general: the genre is currently the biggest, most influential genre in the world right now. Granted, not everything was great, but hip-hop is pretty much a part of our modern culture. Artists that I like made great records and some of the artists who I didn’t like or care for improved. Hell, some of the songs I initially wasn’t feeling eventually grew on me as you’ll see. So let’s look at the hits that I liked the most this year and start the countdown.

But first, here are the first five honorable mentions


Bruno Mars - 24K Magic (Official Album Cover).png

We’re lucky to have an artist like Bruno Mars to bring us some really fun music. Last year, he released 24K Magic, the song and the album. 24K Magic keeps the groove going with a ton of swagger, charisma, and production that would kill in the world of 80s funk thanks to the synths and the use of talk-box. Bruno is just having the time of his life on this song and you can’t help but want to have fun with him. Is it similar to Uptown Funk? Maybe, but it’s different enough to where it’s not a copy. Put your pinky ring up to the moon with this one.

Kung-Fu Kenny himself, Kendrick Lamar, solidified his dominance this year with some of the hardest-hitting music he’s ever made. First, there was the appetizer The Heart Pt. 4. Then came HUMBLE. It’s a brag rap song where Kendrick asserts his dominance over the competition while bringing bars that are convincing. This song is quotable from the first line to the last. That’s how much replay value it has. Mike Will Made-It finally decided he was gonna make good beats and gave Kendrick this minimalistic banger rooted in a lower piano melody. There was controversy surrounding the Photoshop line, which I kinda get where some of the criticisms come from, but it was blown way out of proportion especially when other rappers have said worse things. Regardless, this was just a taste of what’s to come from DAMN., one of the best albums of the year.

I initially was ambivalent towards Khalid when I first heard him, but I’m glad I gave him another chance because this guy might be one of the saving graces of modern R&B. He broke onto the scene with Location, an ode to communication within a relationship. Khalid is a young guy with an old soul, which you can hear vocally. He makes this song work, especially with how well-written it is. I like how relaxing the production with those shimmering synths and island-like percussion. I wish this guy the best and hope his career soar to new heights because he’s got potential.

With how many of her singles were flopping, it’s kinda funny that the best song Selena Gomez has done this year is for someone else, more specifically, a collaboration with Kygo called It Ain’t Me. Surprisingly, both artists are working within their strengths and limits to make a good song that reminisce on an old relationship that didn’t go well. Kygo provides a breezy tropical house beat accented by guitars, piano, and backing vocals. Is it perfect? No, but it’s one of the better tropical house hits of the past few years. That’s something.

Another song that had to grow on me. See, I’m a fan of KYLE. He’s one of those upbeat pop rappers whose music has a lot of charm. I was initially disappointed with iSpy because I felt it wasn’t him at his best. While I still believe this isn’t his best song, there’s still good elements in iSpy. It has a lot in common with last year’s Broccoli. The production is upbeat and quirky and KYLE is kind of an asshole in a funny way while talking to some chick. If you take away Lil Yachty’s atrocious verse (My bitches come in pairs like my ballsack, anyone?), you got a song that’s goofy, but fun. Can’t wait for more KYLE.

On to the list.


We start the list with number 10, which goes to the most unlikely collaboration that strangely works.


Hey, look. It’s one of the only two good songs The Chainsmokers have ever made. The first one is Roses, the second one is Something Just Like This with Coldplay. Chris Martin just dominates this song to the point where it might as well be a Coldplay song. Something Just Like This is centered on insecurities and confronting the fact that you might not be the best at everything. Even though you might not be a superhero, you don’t have to be. Someone might like you just the way you are. The production is an organic blend of Coldplay’s atmospheric guitar and piano combination with the Chainsmokers’ electronic contributions. Yes, the drop is a blatant copy-paste of the one from Roses, but it’s still a good drop and I’d argue that it’s much better composed here. Will The Chainsmokers ever make a song as good as this? Maybe, maybe not. The world may never know.

Now to surprise people with number 9. I hated this artist when she initially blew up because a lot of the music she was releasing was terrible. But as time went on, she started improving and soon, after all the bullshit she went through with her label and a certain producer who shall remain unnamed, she made her comeback. Even someone as skeptical as me couldn’t deny it.


If I told my younger self that a song from Kesha was going to be on one of my best lists, he would look at me like I was crazy. “The chick behind Blah Blah Blah making a good song? Bullshit!!” But I have to give credit where credit is due and Praying is a really good song. Don’t listen to what Buckley is saying. It’s an incredible piano ballad complimented by strings and brass that makes it feel epic. Kesha’s best vocal performance is on this song and it shows the talent she truly has and it makes the writing, which is on forgiving someone, more effective. This is no longer the trashy party chick, this is someone who has something to say and with the talent to back it up. I can see this song topping a lot of Best lists or being on people’s Top 5. Well, in my opinion, there’s nine other hits that are better.

And now we’re getting into some rookies for the number 8 spot.


Like with Khalid, SZA is a bright spot in modern R&B. It also helps that she’s signed to the same label as Kendrick Lamar, Top Dawg Entertainment. She released her debut CTRL this year and it’s a damn good R&B album. So far, the album’s big hit is Love Galore, a collaboration with Travis Scott, who was honestly the weakest part of the song. There is some groove to this production, which is more atmospheric with a muted melody and a tropical beat. The writing is centered on the aftermath of a breakup where the guy is trying to get back with SZA even though he has a new girlfriend and that has her all up in her feelings. You get a lot more honest songs like this on CTRL, so if you haven’t heard it, listen to it now.

Number 7 goes to to a song and artist that I’ve done a complete 180 on.


This is one of those songs I initially hated on, but after some time, it clicked. Like I said, some of these songs were growers and this is one of them. I’m glad I gave Amine a second chance. Like D.R.A.M. and KYLE, he’s part of what I like to call happy rap, which is the alternative to the drowsiness and misery of trap. Caroline shows part of what Amine is: a dork having fun. He’s talking to a girl named Caroline (hopefully, not the same Caroline from Roses) and wants to kick it with her. The production is very minimal and it lets Amine’s talent shine. The way he goes from rapping to singing is just effortless. You have to check out more of this guy. Go listen to his album Good For You, it’s really dope. Hope to hear more from this guy.

Well, time to talk about Khalid again with the number 6 song.


This, excluding Rae Sremmurd and Lil Yachty.

When I was putting this list together, I knew which Khalid song was going to make the main list. While Location is good, I like Young Dumb & Broke more. The production has a bumping beat anchored in a swelling organ melody. I feel like this song perfectly captures how it feels to be a teenager in love more than any other song this year. We were all young, dumb, and broke at one time. That’s how it was for most of us in high school. In Khalid’s situation, he knows that’s not an excuse for a relationship to not work, though it can be part of the reason why. I don’t have anything else to say about this song. It’s really good. Check out this dude’ music for more.

And now for the final five honorable mentions.


ANTI by Rihanna showed her going through different styles of music and most of them were bullseyes, including Love On The Brain. The instrumentation appropriates 50s doo-wop thanks to the swelling organ, guitar, and strings that brings this old sound to the new age. While I wouldn’t call this Rihanna’s best vocal performance, but it’s a damn good one. This is another one of those toxic relationship songs that strangely works. Desperado or Kiss It Better, it’s not, but I’ll take it.

The last we heard from Clean Bandit was 2014’s Rather Be, which is one of my favorite EDM songs of the decade. Their other big hit Rockabye, while not as good as Rather Be, is a good song in its own right. They teamed up with Anne-Marie and Sean Paul for what’s basically a dedication to single mothers struggling to raise their kids while making a living. The song is way more upbeat than it should be with this kind of subject matter thanks to the production, which combines strings with a bouncy tropical beat, synths, and steel drums. This is one of those weird concoctions that strangely works for me thanks to Sean Paul and Anne-Marie. I don’t know about you guys, but I like it.

My opinion on Travis Scott went from “this guy is nothing special” to “this guy is actually alright in doses.” Since then, I’ve soften on Antidote, though it’s still not one of my favorites. The same applies to Goosebumps, but I like it a lot more. I like how hypnotic the production is and how it literally feels like you’re on some kind of drug. I’ve gotten used to the way that Travis Scott uses Auto-Tune because it matches the numbing atmosphere of the music. Kendrick shows up for an… interesting verse to say the least. Trap isn’t really my cup of tea, but I don’t mind a song like this.

Hell has officially frozen over: I’m mentioning a song from a 1D member on a Best Songs list. Out of the group, Harry Styles was easily the best member and Sign Of The Time shows why. This song emulates a lot of soft rock piano ballads from the 70s, though it could’ve benefitted from a guitar solo. Harry isn’t that bad of a singer, he’s the only 1D member making something interesting in a good way. This song won’t make up for how little rock songs there are on the charts right now, but it’s a good throwback track. I’ll take it.

We conclude the Honorable Mentions with Adele. This was a song that I rooting for to be a hit and lo and behold. Water On The Bridge is one of the more commercial-sounding songs from 25 and it’s much better than Send My Love (which has only gotten worse with time). It’s a midtempo track with a frolicking guitar playing against piano notes and heavy drums. The writing also has a really good sentiment: even though a relationship is coming to an end, there is the hope that it meant something in the first place. It shows a maturity that’s present in the entirety of 25. Great song overall.

Every once in a while, we get a song that’s huge on the alternative charts make the pop charts and that’s the case with the number 5 song on the list. And I’m glad it was this song.


Portugal The Man have been around since the mid-2000s and they just started blowing up thanks to Feel It Still. The weakest element of Feel It Still is John Gourley’s falsetto vocals, but I’ve reached a point where it doesn’t even bother me. It interpolates The Marvelettes’ Please Mr. Postman and made a 60s psychedelic/bluesy track with a groovy bassline and horns. That’s not the only 60s influence present as the writing alludes to a revolution. Hey, 2017. Sounds familiar? It is kind of ironic that this song got big off of commercials. Kinda sad that’s how most alternative/indie songs become hits. But if it’s giving good songs like this exposure, then I’m cool with it. It’s a really good song.

Number 4 goes to another collaboration, but one that made the most sense to me since one of them wants to be the new Michael Jackson and the other made a disco album in 2013. It’s the team-up we didn’t know we deserve, The Weeknd and Daft Punk.


While Starboy wasn’t the greatest album made, it has a lot of jams, including this closing track, I Feel It Coming. It’s the second collaboration between The Weeknd and Daft Punk and I like it more than the title track. I Feel It Coming is a midtempo disco ballad with a beautiful array of synths mixed with some funky guitar and drums. It feels like a combination of Michael Jackson and a Get Lucky sequel, but The Weeknd manages to make the song his own as he’s wanting more from the love of his life, not just the one-night stands. Daft Punk did a great job making the song distinctive with their signature vocoders. Is it similar to Michael Jackson? Yeah, but it’s pretty clear that MJ is one of The Weeknd’s biggest influence and he took that influence to create something great.

The number 3 spot goes to the owner of the number one song of 2017 according to Billboard. Shape Of You has gotten a lot of flack and while some of it is deserved, it’s not the worst song ever. Even if it was bad, I won’t hold it against Ed Sheeran because he made this.


This song is kind of a late bloomer, but I’m glad it blew up because Castle On The Hill might be one of the best songs Ed Sheeran ever made. Is it Galway Girl? No, but I’ll take what I can get. Castle On The Hill is about Ed Sheeran’s hometown of Framlingham and the people who lived there and the memories he had and shared. The instrumentation pulls a lot from U2 and Coldplay, utilizing shimmering guitars and one of the best choruses I’ve heard this year. It also contains not just some of Ed Sheeran’s best singing, but also one of his most compassionate performances to date. Castle On The Hill, one of the few pop hits that rocks this year.

Number 2 is the grooviest, funk-tastic song of the year and it’s a song that got boosted thanks to memes and the movie Get Out. When it comes to a song like this, stay woke.


It must be great being Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino. Actor, musician, comedian, writer, director, producer, etc. Is there anything the guy can’t do? Well, last year, he put out a funk album called Awaken My Love and one of the highlights of the album is Redbone. I fell in love with this song the moment I first heard it. This is one of the best produced songs of the year thanks to the liquid guitar work, the shimmering synths, and a groovy as hell bassline. It feels like Gambino took a DeLorean to the 70s and worked with Parliament. Childish Gambino channels his inner Prince as he sings in a higher register than he’s used to. I can see why Jordan Peele chose to use this song in Get Out because it gives off such a creepy vibe. I’ve listened to this song so many times and I never got sick of it. So what could be better?

Many months ago, I said that this song was going to top this list and that hasn’t changed ever since. This guy deserves all the success he’s been getting this year and there was no other song on this year’s YE chart that’s better. Anyone with any objections to this can fight me because I’m sticking with it.


While Migos and Future were doing their thing and the Soundcloud rappers popped up like cockroaches, Kendrick Lamar sits on his throne as the king of rap looking down on the competition as mere peasants. DNA is the spiritual successor of HUMBLE and it’s a much better song. The production is insane, easily the best thing Mike Will Made-It has ever made. Of course, you can’t give Kendrick any bullshit beats, especially when he basically gives us the modern day remake of I’m Black And I’m Proud. No hooks, no singing, just bars and every bar Kendrick throws at us is a razor-sharp hit. And if that wasn’t enough, halfway through, after a sample of Geraldo Rivera being a clueless idiot, the song switches up to a heavier beat rooted in a Rick James sample and it doesn’t just bump in the whip, it makes the whip explodes because it has the force of an atomic bomb, reducing anything within a five-mile radius into dust and reducing even the most sophisticated man to his primal instincts. That’s how much of a slapper this song is. DNA, the hardest banger of the 2010s AND the best hit song of 2017.

And those were the best songs of 2017. Here’s to 2018 hopefully not sucking. Keep an eye on the UPDATES page for future posts to come. To everyone out there, have a happy holidays and a happy new year.



Light My Fire-The Doors

Think-Aretha Franklin

Don’t Knock My Love-Wilson Pickett

The Motive Used To Be The Melody-Sango & Xavier Omar

6 thoughts on “Top 10 List: Best Songs of 2017

  1. Great list! We’re seriously really lucky and blessed to have both SZA and Khalid pop into the R&B scene this year. Can’t wait to hear more from them!

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  2. Mostly agreed with this list (besides 10 and 3).

    (Imo) My favorite songs of the year that weren’t hits:
    -Jay-Z: Story of O.J
    -Halsey: Strangers
    -Kesha: Women
    -Brothers Osborne: It ain’t My Fault
    -Gryffin & Illenium ft Daya: Feel Good
    -Neon Trees: Feel Good (not relation to the above song, or Gorillaz)
    -Gorillaz: Saturn Barz
    -Lorde: Greenlight
    -Katy Perry ft Nicki Minja: Swish Swish
    -Macklemore ft Skylar Grey: Glorious/Macklemore ft Kesha: Good Old Days

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  3. 2017 to me will be the year in music I’ll be remembering a lot since it’s the year I graduated high school and you tend to remember music from that year. I’m glad there’s a lot of good music in 2017 for me to look back at on. 24K Magic and That’s What I Like are the songs that almost everyone this year can agree are awesome and that people will be jamming out and dancing to long after 2017 is over. I also was exposed to hip hop this year and how popular it is. While I couldn’t stand most of them, Kendrick Lamar is a bright spot in a rap world dominated by Migos and Soundcloud rappers. HUMBLE. is such a great banger that has as much energy as a kick ass rock song. iSpy to me is a song I should hate since it has the same content as Migos and other mainstream rappers but with the kid like bright atmosphere and delivery I can’t help but laugh and enjoy it. I also do appreciate how it stands out with the bright happy production compared to most other rap songs. I like Something Just Like This more for Coldplay since they are my ultimate childhood nostalgia bomb and I like the melody despite how simplistic and definitive it is. If I told myself in middle school that Kesha would make a song like Praying, my past self would of done a double take in that the girl behind Tik Tok, We R Who We R and Die Young could actually do a piano ballad without the party girl autotune. Definitely deserves all the praise it has gotten and I especially like how it builds up and feels very triumphant. I didn’t hear Feel It Still in those commercials but still a great song nonetheless. I just wish it was a minute or two longer than 2:46 cause it’s a great jam. I Feel It Coming is one of those songs that I haven’t heard much in the year but when I do hear it I jam right along to it. The Weeknd should stick to 80s throwbacks like Bruno cause this is where he really shines instead of the dark romantic music he usually does. Castle on the Hill was also a late bloomer for me and I really appreciate the influences from U2 and Bruce Springsteen and how they feel so personal that anyone can relate it to different situations in their life. I wished this had the same success and Shape of You but I’m sure I’d be sick of the overplay if this did happen so I’m not complaining. Shape of You isn’t that bad of a song in terms of production but the lyrics really irked me from the first listen about how he’s in love with a girl’s body. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more of a feminist backlash especially in the wake of the #MeToo movement which is probably being overlooked because of Sheeran’s dorky persona and look. Going forward, Sheeran should not make any attempts at sex jams and should stick to making songwritery songs like Castle on the Hill. Redbone is the ultimate sleeper hit of 2017 cause who wild of thought in the year of Migos, Post Malone and Ed Sheeran that an experimental funk song from Donald Glover’s musical alter-ego would make it anywhere into the Top 20. This is a killer song which finally proves that songs that get popular off of memes don’t have to be complete garbage. I would take this over much of 24K Magic since it’s much more ambitious with the funk/R&B production and content since Glover isn’t worried about attracting a mainstream crowd like Bruno. Overall great picks!

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  4. While 2017 may have been crazy news-wise, it was a bit kinder to music in general. Certainly better than last year.

    Love On The Brain is IMO, one of the best songs Rihanna’s ever made, due to the fact she pulled off doo-wop very well, and also had one of her best vocal performances to date. I Feel It Coming thoroughly deserved to be a hit, because it’s just something you can relax to and have a good time listening.

    Also, I just KNEW DNA. would be Number 1 on this list. And you’re not wrong: this song goes in HARD, like a demolition ball crashing through even the toughest wall known to man. LOYALTY. is another one of my favourites, due to the fact that Kendrick and Rihanna worked so well together. Though I’ve never heard Redbone and Praying (I know, I haven’t had time), I’m planning to give them a listen sometime.

    Anyway, hope you have a Happy Christmas and that 2018 keeps 2017’s momentum going!

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    1. Still even in 2016, there were still a few good surprises. Who’d have thought twenty one pilots and Mike Posner would get good hits that year?

      A great song though if the subject matter is about Chris Brown, probably the 1 exception I’ll make for her referencing him without names.

      I pretty much knew once getting into the top 5 for DNA by Kendrick taking #1. Guess we can look back at his billboard entry on the song as foreshadowing for its eventual spot on the main list? Do listen to Praying if you can Daniel. At the very least in Canada, it’s a song where they don’t censor the word hell in the entire thing and it’s the only swear in this great comeback


  5. 2017 really blows 2016 out of the water. People have had mixed opinions on the year, but I personally enjoyed it a lot more than last year. There were a lot more songs to like. Honestly, I think the fact that rap became dominant on the charts again (alongside just being a more open-minded person) are why I enjoyed the majority of the rap songs that were hits this year. There was some diversity and the charts were better for it. I agree with nearly all of your picks except for two, and those were in the honorable mentions. I honestly don’t think It Ain’t Me is that special of a song. It’s not bad and it’s well written, but it just doesn’t do it for me. The production ain’t half bad, but it’s not for me. I’ve always been ambivalent towards EDM (mostly leaning towards really not liking it), and this song doesn’t really get much of a response from me. It’s pleasant background noise that I’ll forget in a year. While Selena’s singing is good for the most part, that screeching in the pre-chorus is a deal breaker for me. She just doesn’t have the chops to hit high notes. Not bad, but not great imo. The more I’ve listened to Rockabye, the more it’s gotten annoying for me. I am glad that Clean Bandit had another hit in America other than Rather Be, but Rockabye is definitely a step down for me. It’s another song cashing in on the tropical movement, Anne-Marie is good in doses and annoying in others and while Sean Paul is entertaining, he doesn’t make the song any better. I do like that the trademark violins are still there, but that’s not enough. I like the hardworking mother concept of the song, but it still doesn’t do it for me. Again, not a bad song by any stretch, but I’ve heard a lot better from them. And Water Under The Bridge is just okay for me. It’s still well delivered (it’s Adele), but honestly it’s one of her weaker songs to be a hit (still better than Send My Love) and doesn’t have much replay value for me. Still, not bad per se. I completely agree with the rest, 24K Magic was another fun, exciting jam (screw what Mues says about the song) and was partly why 2016 in music ended on a slight high note after being mostly underwhelming of a year. Just the fact that Kendrick had a #1 hit on his own really put a smile on my face, and while HUMBLE. isn’t Kendrick’s best song, it’s still a great song and one of the best songs of the year, as well as the best song to hit #1 this year. I knew about Location WAY before it ever charted on the Hot 100. It was on a video block on MTV2 (yeah, they still had a morning music video block at the time, not anymore though) and when I heard it, I thought it sounded nice, but I didn’t think it would be a hit and “lo and behold!”, a year later it’s one of the biggest songs of the year. I think Khalid brings some soul and authenticity to an R&B market that really needs one. He’s probably one of the most realist artists right now that’s succeeding and that’s what I like about him. It doesn’t hurt that I enjoy his voice. Location is definitely one of my favorite songs of the year. I enjoyed iSpy the moment I heard it. Honestly, I enjoyed it just as much as Broccoli. I enjoyed KYLE’s rapping and how likeable he was despite the douchey lyrics and other than the “nuts in my ballsack” line, I actually enjoyed Lil’ Yachty’s verse, it certainly was much better and more energetic than his boring and really grating verse on Broccoli. Love On The Brain is the best song from that album to a be a hit this year. Unfortunately, the fact that it may be about Chris Brown turns me off (“he beats me black and blue, but he fucks me so good”). Still a good song, though, unlike her other hits off that album. Goosebumps is awesome, by far Travis Scott’s best song, and the Kendrick guest verse just adds to how good the song is. Glad you came around on Sign Of The Times, it’s a really good song. My problem is that it’s a bit dour and it’s pretty much a song about the end of the world that doesn’t offer too much hope, which is why I don’t listen to it that often. Still, Harry really delivers with his vocals and the classic rock instrumentation was awesome. As far as the list, I loved nearly all of these songs a lot. Something Just Like This doesn’t hit the mark that much for me, but it’s still pretty good mostly thanks to Coldplay and that really cool guitar groove near the end of the song. Aside from that, though, it’s another standard EDM song that’s a retread of Roses. Still a good song, but not gonna revisit it on the long run. Praying is the best thing Kesha ever released, bar none. As long as she releases songs like these and never goes back to the party girl image, I’m looking forward to seeing where she goes from here. That’s something I thought I would never say, especially in 2010 when she was my most hated artist at the time.But at the end of the day, that was the label’s decision for her music to be as bad as it was, not hers (Also, never bought into the whole satire thing). Love Galore is awesome and I actually like Travis’ verse, he definitely caught the perspective of the guy very well. And SZA is an artist the R&B market desperately needs. I am so glad that the likes of Chris Brown flopped and people like Jeremih were nowhere to be seen, while artists Khalid and SZA are succeeding. Hopefully, this means soulful R&B is coming back to the mainstream. I initially didn’t like Caroline, either, the song took a while for me to grow. I wasn’t a fan of the rapping at first and the fact that he repeated the same verse twice did not help. But, the song really stuck to my ears the more I heard it, and after Rap Critic’s review of the song, I just really got to really enjoying the song. And Amine isn’t an amateur, either, the guy can rap, has personality and makes upbeat rap songs. It’s not really one of my favorite hits of the year, but I enjoy it a lot. Young, Dumb & Broke is another Khalid song I really enjoy. Feel It Still is pretty awesome and we needed some more alternative songs on the charts. Love how catchy and old school sounding it is. The falsetto doesn’t bother me much and if it got popular off commercials, I don’t mind as long as it’s good and this song is pretty awesome. I Feel It Coming is one of the best pop song of this decade, without a doubt. A song with Daft Punk and that’s very MJ-inspired can only be a great thing. I really love the song a lot, and I’m glad it was a hit. Also, really enjoyed the Starboy album. I’m starting to come around on Shape Of You. I didn’t like it much because for starters, it sounded like every other tropical song from the past year. There’s also some cringy lyrics (“last night you were in my room, now my bedsheets smell like you). And this is Ed being something he isn’t, which is this sex-charged guy. It’s not up to par with Ed’s best work is what I’m saying. Still, the song is too catchy to ignore and least there’s still a narrative in this song, even if it is kind of a weak one. Castle On The Hill, on the other hand, is awesome all the way through. It rocks and Ed pulls off a very energetic performance. Love the song a lot, and I’m glad it was a hit, easily one of my favorite songs from him. I knew those two songs were going to be your top two, especially given how much praises I’ve seen you give them throughout the year. Donald Glover is one of the coolest and most talented dudes I’ve ever seen and I really like some of his music as Childish Gambino, so to see one of his songs finally take off in the mainstream was a great revelation. Granted it took a movie and YouTube memes to get a hit, but I’ll take it. Redbone is awesome. Loved the singing (though it can probably turn some people off, but I enjoy it), the 70’s inspired funk production and just the overall tone of the song. It’s one of my most played songs of this year, and I will keep coming back to it. I really loved that song. But DNA. is without a doubt not only the best song to be a hit this year, but the best rap song to be a hit song this decade. No other popular rap song hits as hard as this one, and that switch is bombastic. Songs like this often get overlooked, but Kendrick’s star power and the best production of Mike Will-Made-It’s career made it work. I definitely see this song being remembered years from now as a hip hop classic and one of best rap songs of the 2010’s decade, it’s that great. It was also my #1 best song as well. I’m really happy that Kendrick finally blew up this year, it was long overdue and well deserved. His success alone made the year great, and overall I mostly enjoyed the year in popular music for the most part. There’s nothing more for me to say other than I REALLY hope 2018 doesn’t suck. Overall, great list.

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