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Random WTF Lyrics #40


Welcome to Random WTF Lyrics where I select six random bad lyrics from six random songs. Let’s get started.

Patty Cake-Kodak Black

I’m the shit, baby girl, so I have stains on my drawers

Either Kodak is still pooping himself like an infant or he doesn’t wipe his ass after doing a number two. Kodak knows what the ladies want.

Vehicle-Ides Of March

Hey well
I’m a friendly stranger in the black Sedan
Won’t you hop inside my car?
I got pictures, got candy
I’m a lovable man
And I can take you to the nearest star

That’s not completely suspicious at all. Dear Odin, can you make it even more obvious that you’re a creep? You might as well walk into a bank with a duffle bag and a ski mask on. You’re setting up some red flags that might end with you covered in bullet holes.

Feelings-Morris Albert

I wish I’ve never met you, girl, you’ll never come again

Says who? Who are you to dictate who gets an orgasm or not? “I’M THE CUM POLICE!! YOU WILL NOT MASTURBATE UNTIL I SAY SO!!”


Sitting nude in my living room, it’s almost noon
I wonder what’s on the tube, maybe they’ll show some boobs
Surfin’ every channel until I find Hannah Montana
Then I reach for the Aloe and lanolin
Bust all over the wall paneling dismantlin’ every candle
On top of the fireplace mantle and

Eminem jerking off to Hannah Montana. Let me remind you that this song was released in 2009 and Miley Cyrus was still a teenager during the time Hannah Montana was on air. I refuse to believe that you were channel surfing and couldn’t find any fapping material. Dude, if you wanted to slap your salami, internet porn exists. Just make sure you have good wi-fi.

Amazing-Josh Kelley

You’re bringing up times I can’t recall
And I’m sure they made your point
But I just can’t seem to remember yeah

You’re good at makin me feel so small
And I know you made your point
But I just don’t want to remember yeah

How convenient that you either can’t remember or don’t want to remember something. I bet that’ll work really well when you have to take out the trash and you just “forgot about it.”

Faded-Kim Petras ft Lil Aaron

Kim Petras is said to be the next pop sensation. And she’s also transgendered, which is a big deal for those who are transgendered.

I stay faded every night
I stay faded every night
I stay faded, I ain’t lyin’
I stay faded, I ain’t lyin’
I stay faded every night
Stay faded every night
Faded, I ain’t lyin’
Stay faded, I ain’t lyin’

Getting faded every night is humanly impossible, so you are lying. Wait. Something doesn’t feel right.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 5.38.33 PM

Are you fucking serious? She’s working with Dr. Luke? I thought the industry blacklisted that motherfucker who put Kesha through all of that bullshit she went through in her career. Then again, this is the same industry that allows Chris Brown and XXX have a career. Kim Petras had this to say about working with Dr. Luke.

“My personal experience has been great. I’ve been learning a lot from him and I’ve always been a fan of his. It’s been really fun working with him.”

Oh, you poor unfortunate soul. Have you not learned from history? I honestly wish her the best, but she needs to separate herself from Dr. Luke before it’s too late.

So that was Random WTF Lyrics. No bad lyrics are safe.


4 thoughts on “Random WTF Lyrics #40

    1. “Then again, this is the same industry that allows Chris Brown and XXX to have a career”

      You think these lyrics could make it good for future Random Lyrics:

      Party by Chris Brown ft Usher and Gucci Mane:

      “Fuck the judge and the sentence, I got a good lawyer”

      Also Look At Me by XXXTENTACLES could be good enough for a Random Lyrics or a Target Practice based on some of these stupid lines:

      “Curly haired chick like I’m Corbin” (referencing Corbin blue from Highschool Musical)
      “I gave her dick, she got mad”


      1. I’ve said everything that needed to be said about Look At Me on my Worst of ’17 list. I don’t want to talk about it or XXX anymore. Going into full length about how horrible he and Chris Brown are would be beating a dead horse by this point.


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