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Top 10 List: Worst Songs of 1975

1975 ended up being on the lower side of okay. Disco was continuing its rise while adult contemporary and country music had their grips on the charts. Soul and funk adapted pretty well to the disco fever as elements from both genres have been used in disco records. We’re at the half-way point of the decade and things are getting a little more spicy, so let’s get started.

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We start off with Feelings by Morris Albert, which is a really boring song. Just listen to that instrumentation. Acoustic guitar combined with a 70s orchestra arrangement makes for a really dull listening experience. The singing of Morris Albert is really weak and shaky. He couldn’t muster up the energy to make this song interesting. And the writing is just as bad. Morris doesn’t want to forget about the feelings of being in love. Yeah, that’s totally not corny at all. Ironically, a song called Feelings generated zero emotional response.


You know the Marvin Gaye hit How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)? Well, imagine if someone did a lame-duck cover of it more than a decade after its release. That’s what James Taylor did and boy, does this not hold a candle to the original. All of the soul and coolness of the original is swapped out for instrumentation that sounds like-no, IS an inferior copy of the original and it contains a corny saxophone solo. Marvin Gaye pulls off the sentiment of the song much better while James Taylor sounds like amateur karaoke night. Like I say with every bad cover to a good song, skip this and listen to the original instead.


Image result for morning side of the mountain donny and marie

Back to one of the whitest brother-sister duo in pop music history. Are you serious with this instrumentation? Those strings. Those old movie soundtrack strings. Way to make your record sound dated by 10 years. The singing, once again, isn’t that good, even when both Donny and Marie are approaching adulthood. It still feels weird that these two siblings are singing a love song together. Think about this: when Michael and Janet Jackson recorded Scream together, it wasn’t some sappy love song, it was something else. This, on the other hand? No. Just… no.


I’m mostly ambivalent towards Tony Orlando & Dawn. They’re not bad, but they’re not great, either. Songs like He Don’t Love You (Like I Love You) don’t really make a case for why I should care. The instrumentation and singing are all pretty meh, but the shittiness of the song falls in the writing. This song is about a guy telling his ex-girlfriend that her new boyfriend ain’t shit and that he (the new BF) doesn’t love her the way he (the ex) does. Dude, you’re being both a douchebag and an opportunist. It’s one thing if the new guy broke her heart, but then you coincidentally come along and want to be there for her? But this isn’t the only song that portrays a douchebag.


Recently, I watched Todd In The Shadows’ video on Styx’ Kilroy Was Here and I realized something: Styx was not a good band. They were one of those bands who try to blend high concepts with a mainstream pop aesthetic and for the most part, they were not up to task. At best, you get songs like Come Sail Away and Renegade. At worst, you get songs like Lady. This is a cheesy, schmaltzy love ballad with dull instrumentation. And then there’s Dennis DeYounge. Goddamn, his falsetto is just the worst on this song. Ballads like this would make up a good chunk of Styx’s discography and they would get worse through the years.


No No Song. I feel like “no” was probably the word that no one said to Ringo Starr when he decided to cover this song from Hoyt Axton and David Jackson. Unsurprisingly, it’s terrible. If I have to describe this song, imagine a really bad anti-drug PSA in song form. Yeah, that’s what this song is. It’s a former drug addict that refuses any offer for weed, cocaine, and moonshine. The idea itself isn’t bad, but it’s delivered in the same way as the Just Say No campaign in the 80s. Add in some weak instrumentation and you got yourself a bad song.


Every time I talk about a song that involves a man having his eye on another man’s girlfriend, I always bring up Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes. Maybe it’s because that song is a perfect example of what NOT to do concerning its subject matter. Well, add Freddy Fender’s Before The Next Teardop Falls to the list and it’s right into Treat You Better territory. We have a guy who’s talking to a girl he likes who happens to be in a relationship with someone else. He claims to be happy for her and that if her heart is broken, he’ll be there. Yeah, this sounds less like someone who cares about this girl’s feelings and more like an opportunist vulture waiting for something to go wrong in her relationship so that he can swoop in and get with her. Seriously, dude. Fuck off. Oh, the instrumentation is boring and there’s a verse in Spanish for some reason.


Ladies and gentlemen, the number one song of 1975 according to Billboard. Captain & Tenille. They’re a husband and wife duo from Los Angeles who were affiliated to the Beach Boys. They got their break with Love Will Keep Us Together, a cover to the Neil Sadaka song of the same title. It’s a perfect representation of their entire catalog. First off, the instrumentation is garbage. The keys sound broken and sounds really ugly compared to the bass. Also, there’s this weird noise that goes on in the bridge, like a shitty synth preset. Toni Tenille comes off as a lame mom. You know, the type of mom who’s trying too hard to fit in with the younger crowd, who you’re embarrassed to be in public with. If there ever was a definition of lame mom music in the dictionary, this song should be an example of that because I can’t see anyone under the age of 35 unironically enjoying this. This won’t be the last time we’ll hear from these two, however.


On a surface level, Love Won’t Let Me Wait by Major Harris doesn’t seem that bad of a song. It has nice instrumentation and the singing is completely serviceable. But why is this song up this high on the list? It’s simple: the answer is in the lyrics.

The time is right
You hold me tight
And love’s got me high
Please tell me yes

And don’t say no, honey
Not tonight
I need to have you next to me
In more ways than one

And I refuse to leave ’till I see the
Morning sun creep through your window pane
‘Cause love won’t let me wait (not one more minute, baby)
The time is right


Yikes. That is WAY too creepy. Looking at these lines, this song should’ve been called My Penis Won’t Let Me Wait because these are the words of a potential rapist. Guys, how many times do we have to play this song and dance? When will you learn that NO MEANS NO?! Not making things any better is the orgasmic moaning that happens near the end of the song. Great, now I’m getting Jungle Fever flashbacks. The Chakachas song, not the Spike Lee movie. So what could be worse than potential rape?

And now, here are some dishonorable mentions


  • Neil Sedaka-Laughter In The Rain
  • B.J. Thomas-(Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
  • Helen Ready-Angie Baby
  • Carpenters-Please Mr. Postman
  • Olivia Newton-John-Have You Ever Been Mellow/Please Mr. Please
  • Michael Martin Murphy-Wildfire
  • Melissa Manchester-Midnight Blue
  • Alice Cooper-Only Women Bleed
  • Paul Anka-One Man Woman/One Woman Man/I Don’t Like To Sleep Alone
  • Ray Stevens-Misty

And finally, the worst song of 1975 IS…….

drum roll


Jesus Christ on a hot summery day. Minnie Riperton’s Lovin’ You. I did a Target Practice on this song a while back. This was one of the first songs I’ve heard in my entire life that made me realize that not every song from the past is a classic or good. Hearing this song has always generated a negative reaction from me and I would swiftly change to something else (or beg that it’s over while internally wincing in pain if I’m at a public event). So what is it about this song that drives me over the edge? Well, it’s not just one thing, it’s a series of them. One of the main issues of the song is that it’s more boring than watching paint dry. The instrumentation is nothing but electric keys, an acoustic guitar, and chirping birds. It tries to build a romantic atmosphere, but it wounds up sounding like dream music and not even the good kind. But while this song puts me to sleep, it instantly wakes me up with this.

Do do do do do

Image result for broken glass gif

The mother of all high notes. And it comes out of nowhere, so I’m left dreading its return. As for the lyrics? Lazy. Just lazy. The chorus (if you can call it that) is a bunch of la-la-las and that dog whistle of a high note.

Lovin’ you is easy ’cause you’re beautiful
Makin’ love with you is all I wanna do
Lovin’ you is more than just a dream come true
And everything that I do is out of lovin’ you

Lovey lovey lovey lovey love love. Gag me with a spoon.

No one else can make me feel
The colors that you bring


Still one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. This song is nothing but vague, puddle-level descriptions of falling in love. It might seem like I’m being too harsh on a song that might seem inoffensive to some, but I can’t stand this song. Nothing against Minnie Riperton herself and it’s sad that she passed away at 31. Still, this song can blow me. Congratulations to Lovin’ You for being the worst song of 1975.

So those were the worst songs of 1975. In two weeks, BACK TO THE 70s continues with the Worst Songs of 1976. Keep an eye on the UPDATES page tomorrow for the new upcoming posts.

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 List: Worst Songs of 1975

  1. 1975 was not that good a year in music. Way too many soft ballads, and cheesy easy listening junk that should end any debate on whether the music from the past was better. It was just like any other time period in music. Steve Urkel had a much more engaging performance of Feelings than Morris Albert did (true story, he tried to serenate Laura by singing that song). Not the worst thing I ever heard, but it’s pretty dull. Also, the guy simply sings about feelings, not love or anything like that, just feelings. He doesn’t even go into full detail about it. It was a stupid ballad, but an inoffensive one. The How Sweet It Is cover is just meh. But obviously Marvin Gaye will always have the better version of anything that covers his music. I don’t think Donny and Marie would get away with singing a love song together nowadays. I’m guessing they didn’t think much of it and they really wanted to perform together, so they sang all these mushy love songs. Tony Orlando & Dawn are cheesy, but serviceable pop musicians, but their music can get no reaction from me one way or another. This is one of those songs. Fun fact: the lady that plays Aunt Rachel in Family Matters (Thelma Hopkins) was one of the Dawns. Looking back, I admit that Styx was a pretty bad rock group. To me they were like Queen, if they sucked. For all the stage theatrical-type performances they try to do, only to end up with lame Adult contemporary soft-rock. I unapologetically enjoy Mr. Roboto (which admittably is different from all their other music) and they have a couple other decent songs, but for the most part they kind of suck. This song is just there. Did not realize that “No No” was basically just a “just say no to drugs” kind of song. Either way, the title pretty much sums up my feelings on whether I would want to listen to the song again. It also shows that Ringo was the least interesting Beatle to have a solo music career. Personally, I would rather listen to Before The Next Teardrop Falls than Treat You Better anyday. From a musical basis, it’s a lot better. But looking at the lyrics, yeah they send those “get with a nice guy and leave that zero” vibes. Eh, despite that, not the worst thing ever. By the way, the reason Freddy Fender has a verse in Spanish is because he’s Mexican. Love Will Keep Up Together (and Captain & Tenille’s music in general) definitely sounds like something out-of-touch parents would listen to. Tenille definitely sounds like a mom singing only marginally better karaoke. I think they have The Beach Boys to thank for their career. Their music would never chart these days because no one wants to hear a bunch of average looking middle aged artists singing cheesy love songs, especially in an image-driven industry. The fact this was the song that represented 1975 and was everywhere that year is funny in hindsight. Love Won’t Let Me Wait is good musically and vocally, and that’s it. Lyrically is kind of creepy if you really dig into it. Aside from that, it’s just another R&B slow jam from that era by a guy no one remembers. As far as the dishonorable mentions, I don’t disagree with anything except that Laughter In The Rain is harmless. It isn’t great, but it’s not that bad. It’s just another ballad. When I first heard Lovin’ You, I heard it in a commercial. For the longest time, I thought it was a commercial jingle, because there’s no way this would be an actual song. Imagine my surprise when I found this was indeed an actual song and even bigger surprise that it was a #1 hit. Pretty sure a lot of babies popped out because of this song, but that’s a big shame because it’s very dull, not to mention annoying. Rap Critic may have given this song a pass when he did the stream, but I don’t. The cheesy and cliched lovey-dovey lyrics, the boring ass baby crib instrumentation with those birds in the background and that annoying high note she sings at the end. Sorry, but that was one of the worst uses of a high note ever. That aside, Minnie Ripperton isn’t a bad singer, but her biggest hit was crap. I didn’t like it even back then when I was a kid, and still don’t like it now. It was a shame that she died at such a young age. Man, cancer sucks. Pretty surprising to know that her daughter is a famous comedy actress. But yeah, I’m sorry to say this is one of my least favorite #1 hits of all-time. As always, I agree with the best list for the most part. Overall, ’75 was just a meh year. At least disco was really starting to make some waves and from this point on for the rest of the decade, the charts start becoming more fun. Can’t wait to see what your lists of those years will look like.

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  2. OK, now is a good time to give my thoughts on Lovin’ You: it doesn’t want you to go to sleep. You’re put to sleep with lullaby-like instrumentation and then Minnie Riperton just unleashes that dog-whistle out of nowhere and almost gives you a heart attack. Sure, it’s impressive she can hit that note, but not the good kind as opposed to Mariah Carey. And like you said in its Target Practice, she never gives any reasons as to WHY she loves this guy. This song is just bad all around.

    Love Won’t Let Me Wait: the 70s equivalent of a Chris Brown/Rick Ross/XXX/Kodak song. Looking at these lyrics, I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever’s saying them would have a drink thrown in their face or be kicked in the nads. When a lady says no, she means it. Don’t pester her any further. I don’t have anything to say about Before The Next Teardrop Falls as this and Hey There Lonely Girl are the Treat You Betters of the 70s. (Treat You Better is my most hated song of the decade so far.)

    I don’t have anything to say about the Best List as it’s pretty much agreeable, especially Killer Queen and Earth, Wind and Fire. I’m looking forward to 1976 as it’s said to be one of the overall best years in music (And also for Disco Duck and Afternoon Delight to be torn apart).

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  3. 1975 to me is the weakest year for 70s music mostly for the same reasons as 2018 so far in that it felt underwhelming. There were great classics this year I enjoy as always but nothing felt special to me and instead felt like just another year in music. After this year is where the 70s really gets exciting for me with much of the cultural and musical trends that will define the decade becoming more prevalent. And many of the iconic songs that will define the 70s will come out during the later half of the decade making the late 70s one of my favorite eras in pop music.
    Feelings- a drag to listen to with the slow instrumentation and the fact that it’s almost five minutes long. Like a lot of these bland ballads, I don’t care about the lyrics or singing and will forget it after listening to it.
    How Sweet It Is- I actually like the James Taylor version because in first grade, me and my class performed this version in our school show so I have a lot of childhood nostalgia for this song. I only knew this version for the longest time but listening to the Marvin Gaye original I agree that there’s a lot more coolness and swagger to it. Despite that, I still think James Taylor does a good job with the song making it one of the few covers I can enjoy next to the original.
    Morning Side of the Mountain- another dull ballad I don’t care about but yeah the fact this is a brother and sister singing this makes this creepy.
    He Don’t Love You (Like I Love You)- this is another good comparison to Treat You Better in that it’s a guy telling a girl that he can treat her better while giving no indications that the new guy is bad for her.
    Lady- Styx are the Nickelback of my parents generation in that they were the pop sellouts of genres that weren’t critical darlings to begin with which in this case was progressive and arena rock. Despite their reputation, I don’t hate them that much and I do enjoy some songs from them like Come Sail Away and Too Much Time on My Hands. Lady though is another dull love ballad that adds rock instrumentation to make it more lively but it doesn’t work and Dennis DeYounge’s enunciations in his singing really annoy me.
    No No Song- the instrumentation is another example of watered down reggae and this feels less like an anti-drug PSA but a campfire singalong
    Before the Next Teardrop Falls- the guy’s singing is insufferable and I can’t make out what he’s singing. And that Spanish part was very random.
    Love Will Keep Us Together- the instrumentation and Tenille’s singing feels hokey and that synth bridge sounds like they were trying to sound futuristic but just sounds atrocious. The people who loved Captain and Tenille are the same people who today go crazy over Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth and other mom friendly safe pop acts.
    Love Won’t Let Me Wait- instrumentation is nice but the lyrics and moans are just creepy. When I listen to a love song, I don’t want to hear moaning cause it makes it way too literal for me.
    Lovin You- if it wasn’t for that dog whistle after the chorus then this would of just been a boring cheesy love song. Minnie’s dog whistle is ear-piercing, doesn’t fit with the quiet nature of the song, and comes right out of nowhere. I also laugh at how middle school the lyrics are especially the opening line “Lovin You is easy cause you’re beautiful”. And Minnie is the mother of SNL’s Maya Rudolph so at least there was one good thing she was able to contribute to the world.

    What are your opinions on the following songs?
    Listen to What the Man Said by Wings
    Junior’s Farm by Wings
    One of These Nights by The Eagles
    Best of My Love by The Eagles
    Cut the Cake by Average White Band
    The Hustle by Van McCoy
    Sister Golden Hair by America
    Can’t Get It Out Of My Head By ELO
    At Seventeen by Janis Ian
    And do you prefer the Labelle or Moulin Rouge version of Lady Marmalade?


  4. I’ll admit I kinda like James Taylor’s cover of How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (although even I will admit that the Marvin Gaye original is galaxies better), and I don’t really mind Laughter In The Rain (although I’m not the biggest fan of it, either, for the record, I just find it meh), but apart from that, no major disagreements.



    Sammy Johns – Chevy Van


    Harry Chapin – Cat’s In The Cradle
    Elton John – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (and maybe your thoughts on the original version by The Beatles while we’re at it)
    Barry Manilow – Mandy (my personal favorite hit of ’75)
    Joe Cocker – You Are So Beautiful
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive – You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

    Speaking of Elton and Sedaka, I’m also pretty curious to know what you think of Bad Blood (no affiliation with Taylor Swift), a song by the latter with backing vocals done by the former.


    1. Okay (I don’t think it’s that bad), okay, okay (the original is better and is a classic), okay (Barry Manilow’s not my cup of tea, but he’s alright in my book), okay, good.

      As for Bad Blood, I thought that was okay.


  5. Pretty good list. Thoughts on Calypso by John Denver, You’re No Good by Linda Ronstadt (both of which would’ve made my best list), Born to Run (which would’ve made my best list had it charted), and Run Joey Run (which would’ve made my worst list had it charted)?

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