Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review

Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: April 2018


Welcome back to another Top 40 Review where we look at the 40 most popular songs in the United States. Let’s get started.

#40. King’s Dead-Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, & James Blake: C

#39. I Fall Apart-Post Malone: F

#38. Feel It Still-Portugal The Man: A

#37. Say Something-Justin Timberlake ft Chris Stapleton: B

#36. You Make It Easy-Jason Aldean: B

#35. I Was Never There-The Weeknd: The Weeknd has released a six-track EP titled My Dear Melancholy. Four songs off that EP have made the Top 40, starting with I Was Never There. It’s decent. I didn’t mind the beat even with that whistling, but then came the switch-up which made the song better. Like the rest of the songs on that EP, it’s about a relationship coming to an end (apparently, these songs are about Selena Gomez). I don’t love it, but it’s good enough for me that I’ll give it a B.

#34. Powerglide-Rae Sremmurd ft Juicy J: Rae Sremmurd is back and they’re planning to release Sremmlife 3, which will be a triple-disc record with one part Swae Lee, the other Slim Jxmmi, and the other will be both of them. Think of it as Speakerboxxx/The Love Below if it sucked. Anyways, Powerglide with Juicy J. Best thing I can say about this? The beat’s not that bad, even when it’s sampling Three 6 Mafia. Aside from that, it’s more bragging and materialism out of these two and their delivery keeps on cracking. Juicy J is probably the best performer, but even he wasn’t that great here. Plus, the song is way too long. This shouldn’t be 5 and a half minutes long, especially when you’re not saying much. I saw some people like this song and these two are capable of much worse, but I’m still not a fan. This is a low D for me and I’m just being nice.

#33. Lights Down Low-MAX ft gnash: D

#32. Him & I-G-Eazy ft Halsey: F

#31. In My Blood-Shawn Mendes: I think Shawn Mendes is getting back to my good side because the music he’s releasing now is really good. Just look at In My Blood. With this song, Shawn is going for something more mature and personal as he tackles the feeling of anxiety and he delivers one of his rawest performances to date. And then you have the production, which is mellow in the verses while delivering some punch in the chorus. I dig this song. I give this an A.

#30. Wait-The Adam Levine Show: F

#29. Thunder-Imagine Dragons: F

#28. Heaven-Kane Brown: So far, Kane Brown has yet to wow me and this song, Heaven, isn’t helping matters. It’s another mid-tempo acoustic pop country song with drum machines that sucks out the emotion. Kane’s baritone voice clashes with the more polished parts while thinking that heaven couldn’t be better than being in bed with his girl. The song isn’t bad, but it ain’t great, either. I give it a low C.

#27. Wasted Times-The Weeknd: Next up is Wasted Times, which continues the theme of The Weeknd still feeling some type of way after a relationship ended. The production is reminiscent of The Weeknd’s older material before he blew up. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this song: it’s just okay overall and I give it a C.

#26. Try Me-The Weeknd: Now for the third Weeknd song Try Me, no Dej Loaf. This is one of the weaker songs off of the EP. It’s a song where Abel is trying to steal a girl from another man and it’s really obnoxious. The murky production (with contributions from Mike Will Made-It) doesn’t help matters, either. Yeah, I’m not feeling this I give it a D.

#25. Friends-Marshmello & Anne-Marie: You know? I was rooting for Marshmello. Even though he does contribute the same EDM songs as other DJs, his songs (well, his hits, at least) have some color to them. Still, he is running on a formula and I’m not sure it works in Friends. First off, the production is really stale and the drop is REALLY underwhelming. And second, there’s the writing. Marshmello called this the friendzone anthem and we have Anne-Marie shutting a guy down, insisting they’re just friends and nothing more. This shit is obnoxious and Anne-Marie’s performance reinforce that obnoxiousness. Even if it was a parody, it’s still not good. I give this song an F.

#24. Let You Down-NF: B

#23. Whatever It Takes-Imagine Dragons: B

#22. New Rules-Dua Lipa: A

#21. Rockstar-Post Malone ft 21 Savage: F

#20. Ric Flair Drip-Offset & Metro Boomin: F

#19. All The Stars-Kendrick Lamar & SZA: B


#17. Stir Fry-Migos: C

#16. Be Careful-Cardi B: A few days ago, Cardi B released her debut album Invasion Of Privacy. I just got back from listening to it and it was okay. It’s a standard debut album with Cardi B’s personality shining the most. There’s always room for improvement. Her newest single from that album is Be Careful, which samples Lauryn Hill’s Ex Factor, which sampled Wu Tang Clan’s Can It Be All So Simple, which sampled Gladys Knight’s cover to Barbara Streisand’s The Way We Were. Phew. That’s sample-ception right there. Anyways, I like this song. The beat’s got some bounce to it, Cardi brought in the bars, and the subject matter, revolving around cheating, is well-handled. Not feeling her attempts to be melodic, but that’s a nitpick overall. I would listen to this over the other hundreds of trap rappers and songs out there. I give this a B.

#15. Pray For Me-The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar: A

#14. Never Be The Same-Camila Cabello: F

#13. Plug Walk-Rich The Kid: Another month, another generic trap rapper gaining attention. This time, we have Rich The Kid with Plug Walk. Desaturated, clumsy trap beat, more flexing and bragging, and a basic ass flow. It’s really an empty, uninteresting song that got this high because streaming has a lot of power. Hell, trap in general thrives off of streaming. I give this song an F.

#12. Mine-Bazzi: D

#11. Havana-Camila Cabello ft Young Thug: D

#10. Walk It Talk It-Migos ft Drake: And now for another Migos song. This time, Walk It Talk It with Drake because of course. And it’s here because of its music video that parodies Soul Train. Yet the song itself lacks the flavor and style that Soul Train has because it’s another bargain-bin trap song with a barebones beat, a repetitive hook that brings to mind Migos’ older songs, stupid punchlines from all three rappers, and Drake phoning it in all the way through. I didn’t like MotorSport, but it at least had Cardi B and Stir Fry has a great beat. Walk It Talk It is just crap all around. I give it an F.

#9. Freaky Friday-Lil Dicky ft Chris Brown:


On 4/20, I’m going to tear this POS apart as it deserves. Look forward to that. It’s an easy F for me.

#8. Finesse-Bruno Mars: A

#7. Perfect-Ed Sheeran: C

#6. The Middle-Zedd, Maren Morris, & Grey: C

#5. Look Alive-BlocBoy JB ft Drake: F

#4. Call Out My Name-The Weeknd: And now for Call Out My Name, the highest charting single from My Dear Melancholy. It samples Earned It because why not suck your own dick. In this song, The Weeknd still can’t get over a past relationship and is hoping that his ex still have feelings. Honestly, while this isn’t one of my favorite Weeknd songs, I’ve heard much worse from him. I give it a C.

#3. Psycho-Post Malone ft Ty Dolla Sign: F

#2. Meant To Be-Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line: F

#1. God’s Plan-Drake: F


In My Blood


Be Careful


Freaky Friday



So those were the Top 40 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 as of April 10, 2017. Stay tuned next month when I do another Top 40 Review. This week, it’s the Worst Songs of 1976.


7 thoughts on “Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: April 2018

  1. I’d probably say the charts right now are as forgettable as they’ve ever been. Probably more than 2016. It is starting to get slightly better, but it’s still pretty crappy for the most part. I listened to the My Dear Melancoly, and it left no impact on me. I think I figured out why I liked The Weeknd so much more when he blew up as opposed to what he was doing before he starting getting songs on the charts. His voice was much more fitting and appealing for pop songs, which is why I enjoyed a lot of his past couple of albums. Even The Hills, which despite being a #1 hit and not necessarily being radio-friendly still has that mainstream appeal despite the raunchy, dark and nahilistic lyrics that have been a trademark of his career. The songs on the new EP for the most part are basically just going back to his original style and I’m not really feeling it. Even though, he’s a good singer, I wasn’t really a fan of his dark and edgy brand of R&B before he blew up and by him going back to his old style, I’m basically getting the same feeling I did with The Weeknd back then, which was total indifference. I Was Never There was okay, but I did not like the horn sirens that went on during the song. Wasted Times and Try Me didn’t get much of a reaction from me one way or another. On a different subject, I do get the appeal of Rae Sremmurd. They’re not saying anything that’s any different from the typical obnoxious stuff from mainstream hip hop, but I get why people like them now. Mostly, it’s due to Swae’s melodic voice and Slim Jxmmy’s more raw, in-your-face flow. The one thing I’ll say is that with the exception of Swang, they’ve gotten better as the years have gone on. Not significantly, but it’s still something. Black Beatles grew on me and I ended up enjoying it, and I find this song alright as well. The beat’s better, but the song’s not nearly as catchy. Swae’s pretty forgettable, but Jxmmy wasn’t half bad with his flow, I kind of dug it. Yeah, they didn’t say anything important, but I’m okay with this song existing. Not everything has to be a lyrical, spiritual miracle for me to enjoy it. It’s good to see Shawn Mendes finally releasing good music, it proves to me that the guy is legitimately talented and more than a “white guy with accoustic guitar version of Justin Bieber”. Also, I really love the rock edge this song has. Hopefully, he keeps going in this direction and doesn’t go back to crap like Treat You Better. One of the main reasons I couldn’t fully bring myself to enjoy Rockabye was in part because of Anne-Marie’s not very impressive vocals, especially on the chorus. Not saying she’s bad. She’s okay, but she’s just another generic pop singer with a generic pop voice. And apparently, she’s one of the biggest names in the U.K., so it’s no surprise she’s getting some sort of a push here in the States. This song aside from being another generic dime-a-dozen EDM pop song, has a really stupid concept that doesn’t work. As for Marshmello himself, while I do like Silence, he’s just another generic EDM producer using the same shtick deadmau5 does by using the same type of gimmick of putting a mask and an outfit to stand out while making generic, by-the-numbers EDM songs no different from almost every other EDM song in existance. Kane Brown to me is an okay artist and this song is no different. It’s simply okay, not bad. Cardi B has shown that she’s capable of being a good rapper and I heard a few of the new album songs on the radio, and for the most part, they’re just okay. This song’s alright, but it’s really more of Cardi B’s personality shining through than the actual song itself. I would really love it if she rapped into a more old-school or raw beat because I really think she would kill it with that. And for someone who got famous off of social media and being from a reality show, she’s showed she can be a good rapper, so I’m not gonna hate. Rich The Kid is just another forgettable flash-in-the-pan trap rapper that will be forgotten soon enough. This song as well as his music in general doesn’t garner much of a response from me. I would probably even say out of all trap rappers, he’s one of the more boring ones. Other trap rappers can at least be laughably bad, super bad or in rare cases, good. But this guy gets no response from me one way or another, just “you’re boring, move along please”. That’s even worse. In any case, this song like most trap songs, will be forgotten about once it’s out of the charts. Walk It Talk It is just Migos going back to what I originally despised about them, how repetitive they were. I was almost this close to considering becoming a fan because even though they weren’t really saying all that much in their songs, they were catchy, and their flows were getting a lot better, especially Takeoff and Offset. Walk It Talk It is just the same crap as Versace, Pipe It Up and the other repetitive crap they were doing before they REALLY blew up with Bad & Boujee. You might be a hater, but I can at least say that they can do their triplet flow well as long as they have a good beat to back it up. This just doesn’t, just another typical empty trap beat. Other than a few clever bars from Offset, I wasn’t impressed by anyone including Drake, who has to remind everyone that he put them on the map by being featured on Versace. Their more recent songs (especially Stir Fry) worked because they had a good beat to ride on, but this is just back to the same crap I hated from them at the beginning. People are gonna eat it up, but I can definitely say that this is one Migos song that I can say it sucks. Also, the video doesn’t fit the style of the song at all. Call Out My Name is probably the best song off the EP. It has more of a punch, The Weeknd sounds more awake here than he does in the rest of the album, it’s catchy and while it does kind of rip off Earned It, I actually think he gives a better vocal performance here (I enjoyed Earned It, by the way). Plus, there’s instances where he gets his MJ on vocally and I can actually understand where he’s coming from in terms of the lyrics. The whole album is clearly about the breakups of his high-profile relationships, but this is the most I’ve come close to caring. If it becomes a legitimate hit, I won’t mind. But The Weeknd can do a lot better than what he did in this EP. Overall, another bland week for the charts.

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  2. Don’t you think God’s Plan is our generation’s You Light Up My Life in how they’re both boring, unremarkable songs that are huge number one hits?


  3. Another month and more mediocrity on the charts. I’m still holding out for the summer hits but that light keeps dimming week after week. Much of this Top 40 just bores me. There’s not a lot of songs charting now that I’d want to listen to again or that generates a good emotional response from me. I kind of feel alienated from the Hot 100 and it makes me nostalgic for the early 2010s music circa club boom. Those songs may have been bad but they have much more energy and personality than what we have charting now.
    I Was Never There- okay
    Powerglide- just like Black Beatles, the beat is nice but there’s not much to the lyrical content than the same old luxury bragging we hear all he time from these two. Juicy J was okay. Surprised they’re still charting after Black Beatles.
    In My Blood- glad to hear Shawn Mendes moving away from being the teen pop Ed Sheeran and making music with more mature substance. Really like the instrumentation and singing showing that artists can turn around and improve their work
    Heaven- it’s okay
    Wasted Time- like the groove though some of the vocal effects annoy me
    Try Me- okay
    Friends- the production is okay but Anne-Marie’s delivery makes her come across as your typical obnoxious teen girl who likes to spread gossip
    Be Careful- the album was okay but nothing for me to care about. This song though is nice with the almost tropical type beat solving the big problem I had with Cardi B’s singles of not having production that really backed her up. Though her more confrontational rapping feels weird with this type of beat but it’s still good regardless and I honestly didn’t mind her singing on the chorus.
    Plug Walk- just another generic trap song
    Walk It Talk It- the hook is stupidly repetitive like those old Migos Versace and Hannah Montana. This song feels like a reminder to everyone of how they used to sound and why everyone hated them in the first place. Other than that, it’s just another Migos song with Drake meaning I could care less. I found the Soul Train video hilarious seeing Jamie Fox as the host, Migos and Drake in their 70s outfits, and how everyone in the video are jamming out to this dull trap banger considering the more upbeat disco/funk/soul that show played.
    Freaky Friday- hilariously awful and stupid. I’ll comment more on it in your Target Practice.
    Call Out My Name- okay

    Here’s a Top Ten review I did a while back for the student paper at my university. Hope you enjoy it!

    And I’ve been sending your worst song lists for 74 and 75 to one of my aunts who was a kid during the 70s and she agrees with your picks for the most part. She also agreed that 74 and 75 were bad years for music. And in response to the Chicago song on your 74 list, she said that anything from early Chicago is better than the schmaltz they put out in the 80s and 90s. Can’t wait to see your 1976 list!

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