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Random WTF Lyrics #42


Welcome to Random WTF Lyrics where I make fun of six random lyrics from six random songs. Let’s get started.

Taylor Swift-Trinidad James ft PeeWee Longway & ILoveMakonnen

We got that Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus makin’ a movie

Somehow, I doubt it. By the way, this is the only time Taylor Swift is mentioned in this song. Why is this song named after her again?

I’m the father figure in your picture, nigga
Fuck your mommas and fuck your sistas
Fuckin’ asian and white girls and I don’t give a fuck if they’re fuckin sisters

Dude, David Banner beat you 12 years ago when it comes to having sex with someone’s relatives.

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“You better hide your grandmomma cause I’ll fuck her too
Crippled aunts, slutty nieces and your blind ass cousin
Man, I love her dirty ass cause she never see me cummin’
Dumb nigga”

Mami-Alexandra Stan

I love it when you call me mami
‘Cause you shake me like a tsunami

I’m pretty sure that’s not how tsunamis works. They flood and crash and destroy everything in their sight. You need work on your metaphors because this doesn’t work.

Amie-Pure Praire League

I can see why you think you belong to me
I never tried to make you think or let you see
One thing for yourself
But now you’re off with someone else and I’m alone
You see, I thought that I might keep you for my own

Wait. So you didn’t pay much attention to this girl when she was with you and then when she leaves for another man, you now feel lonely. Dude, that’s your fault right there.

Drops Of Jupiter-Train

Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey


Image result for jupiter

Good luck trying to get an entire planet that has a storm larger than Earth itself in your hair.

Rave In The Grave-AronChupa & Little Sis Nora

Last night an angel came to say
“I’m sad your grandma passed away”
But now, my grandma got a rave
My grandma got a rave
My grandma got a rave in the grave

Yeah. A rave in the grave. I’m sure it’s the most lit club in the city.

Image result for cemetery

Chun-Li-Nicki Minaj

Oh, look. One of the best-known women in hip-hop has a song named after one of the best-known women in video games. This should be something.


Well, that was disappointing. You wanna know how many times Chun-Li is mentioned in this song called Chun-Li? Twice.

Plates say Chun-Li, drop the Benz off

So you have a license plate that says Chun-Li. Why? What does this have to do with the rest of the song? Are you gonna build on that?

They need rappers like me!
They need rappers like me!
So they can get on their fucking keyboards!
And make me the bad guy, Chun-Li

Image result for blank stare

You’ve never played Street Fighter, have you? CHUN-LI IS NOT A FUCKING VILLAIN!! Jeez. I haven’t played all the Street Fighter games and I know this. Anyone with access to Wikipedia knows this. I’m not saying you should make a song revolving around it, but you could’ve done something with this song. Imagine if Nicki framed this to compare her come-up in the rap game to Chun-Li’s story in the games. That would’ve been dope. But no. We get another empty flexing song. I hate it when rappers are given an opportunity to be creative and do nothing with it.

Bitch it’s King Kong, yes I’m King Kong
Dis is King Kong? Yes, Miss King Kong

Riveting. What’s that, you say? Genius has an explanation for this? Well, let’s hear it.

Throughout the song, Nicki compares herself to Chun-Li, a martial artist who seeks revenge for the death of her father, by saying she’s one of the first female rappers to dominate the rap game, and still dominates it despite her rivals’ efforts to put her down.


*presses aggressively*

And that was Random WTF Lyrics. No lyrics are safe.


4 thoughts on “Random WTF Lyrics #42

  1. Thanks for accepting my suggestions!

    Here are two other ones:
    1) “I might French a girl from Great Britain” (Rita Ora, Charli XCX, Bebe Rexha and Cardi B – Girls) (I know “French” refers to French kissing, but it still sounds stupid to me)
    2) a Target Practice on Crayon by G-Dragon or Man Of The Woods by Justin Timberlake


  2. first off, can we already do away with “I can steal your girl” songs? They’re not appealing in any way, shape or form. All it does is tell me these guys as assholes and in a negative light. Add to that, those lyrics are just disgusting. Honestly if I was in charge or the rap and R&B industry, that’d be the first thing I’d get rid of, I don’t want that in either genre. Artists should be allowed to say what they want, but enough is enough. If you’re gonna name a song after a character, mention it a lot in your song or make references to that character. I hated the Hannah Montana a whole lot, but at least they repeated the name in the chorus a lot. Yeah, Gorillaz never mentioned Clint Eastwood in the title track, but at least the song didn’t suck. Also, no Street Fighter references or even a sample, that’s a crime right there. At least Bryson Tiller and Kanye West sampled Street Fighter even though their songs had nothing to do with that. Also, clearly Nicki Minaj has never played any of the games in her life, this is just a case of bad writing and making a pop culture reference for the sake of a song title and to grab people’s attention. Too bad the song is subpar. I long ago stopped taking Train’s lyrics seriously. At this point, stupid lyrics are part of Train’s trademark. Drops Of Jupiter is not a bad song by any stretch (I think it’s pretty good from a musical standpoint), but the lyrics are just so stupid. I think those lyrics to the EDM songs just enhance as to why I don’t like EDM nor do I take it seriously as a genre (aside from thinking it’s not really a good genre musically). It’s not really saying anything and even when it says something, it mostly sucks (There’s obviously exceptions, but they are far and few in between). AronChupa in general are known for making a lot of crappy music. Rave in the grave? C’mon son. If you’re not gonna make an effort to write good lyrics in an EDM song, then make it an instrumental and save yourself the embarrassment of writing shitty lyrics.

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  3. I think it’s safe to say that “Chun-Li” is among one of the worst things Minaj has done. Granted, It’ll never be as bad as “Anaconda”, but making a song named after a well-known fighting game character and screwing it up worse than the 2017 Cleveland Browns season just shows how far she’s fallen since then. Plus, Genius didn’t show their genius with the lying info about the song.

    On a side note, Swift and Miley starring in a film would probably one of the most unwatchable films if it was ever made.

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