Hot Rap Songs Review: 1999

Hot Rap Songs Review

Welcome back to another Hot Rap Songs Review. Let’s get started.


Watch For The Hook-Cool Breeze ft OutKast, Goodie Mob, & Witchdoctor: We start off with a song that I haven’t heard in a long time, but it peaked my interest when I realized that it came from the Dungeon Family. Watch For The Hook by Cool Breeze. This is a really good posse cut as every rapper on this song have a moment to shine and I like the way the beat flips its sample. I think this is worth checking out. I give it a B.

It Ain’t My Fault/Somebody Like Me-Silkk The Shocker: Silkk The Shocker is considered to be one of the worst rappers of all time. Not helping is that he’s signed to No Limit Records and is Master P’s brother. I can see why people would think that looking at these two songs. It Ain’t My Fault has terrible production and an annoying chorus thanks to Master P because he didn’t want Diddy to be the only guy to run a label and be on every song. Silkk is so bad in this song that a Genius annotation of the song said “Literally, the worst rapper on No Limit!” You can look it up yourself if you don’t believe me. Mystikal is usually the best rapper out of No Limit, but this song didn’t do him any favors. Somebody Like Me is the stereotypical “thugs need love” song that wastes a Mya feature and is more focused on sex and spending money than, you know, love. Both of these songs suck. I give them both an F.

What’s It Gonna Be-Busta Rhymes ft Janet Jackson: Watching BET back in the day, I remember seeing the music video to this song and being mesmerized by it. Hype Williams was that dude, directing some of the best videos in the 90s and early 2000s. They don’t make music videos like that anymore. Anyways, on to What’s It Gonna Be. This is one of those hip-hop sex songs that actually works. It’s got the right atmosphere thanks to the smokey and watery beat that has those guitar licks. Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson were perfect for this as their contrasting styles blend effortlessly with Busta’s verses being raunchy, but not too graphic and Janet’s chorus is very seductive. I really like this. I give it an A.

Who Dat-JT Money ft Sole: Those who’ve read my Worst of ’99 list would already be familiar with Who Dat since it was #6 on that list. And it earned its spot there because it’s a repetitive piece of shit. Half of the song is the chorus that just repeats over and over and it’s annoying. I wasn’t impressed with JT Money’s rapping nor was I impressed by Sole. The production has not aged well. There’s no doubt this could’ve been made in 1999. I give it an F.

No Pigeons-Sporty Thievz: You all remember No Scrubs by TLC, a song about no-good men? Well, a little group named Sporty Thievz made a response to that song about no-good women and called it No Pigeons. I thought this was a joke because I was laughing my ass off all the way through. But they’re playing it straight. It’s Mansplaining, the song as it reeks of misogyny. Pigeons? Really? Women get called all sorts of horrible names, but I have yet to hear anyone called a pigeon. The best part of the song is the beat, which they took from No Scrubs. This is wack. I give it an F.

Wild Wild West-Will Smith ft Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee: The movie Wild Wild West sucks, but the song doesn’t. The beat samples Stevie Wonder’s I Wish. It doesn’t fit the movie as it doesn’t have a Western sound, but I’m not complaining. Dru Hill is no Stevie Wonder, but they did okay. Will Smith raps the plot of Wild Wild West, which sounds cooler than the movie itself. All Kool Moe Dee does is just say “Wild Wild West” over and over. Why credit him with no verse, I don’t know. Still, this song is a lot of fun and I’m gonna give it a B.

Jamboree-Naughty By Nature ft Zhane: When compared to their earlier singles, Jamboree by Naughty By Nature isn’t that great of a song. But it’s still a fun song thanks to the summery production and Zhane’s backing vocals. Treach and Vin Rock gives us some dope verses and they’re just having fun. Not much else to say about this song. It’s not Naughty By Nature’s best, but it’s still pretty good in my book. I give it a B.

Jigga My Nigga-Jay Z: Well, look at that. We finally run into a Jay Z song. To tell you the truth, Jay Z isn’t one of my favorite rappers nor do I consider him one of the best. I think songs like Jigga My Nigga are why. Not saying this is bad, but this is one of many Jay Z songs that I consider okay. Swizz Beats provides the production and it’s serviceable. Hov raps about what a good chunk of his catalog is about: hustling and drug dealing. In terms of Jay Z songs, this is one that I don’t find myself going back to as much. I give it a C.

I Want It All-Warren G ft Mack 10: Next up is Warren G and Mack 10 with I Want It All. I like this. It’s got a nice West Coast beat sampling DeBarge’s best song in I Like It. The song is pretty much talking about wanting material things in spite of the intro, which said:

You know, cuz this world is built on material thangs
But we ain’t trippin’ off that
We want y’all to know this, check it

‘Kay. Even if the writing isn’t completely consistent, I can forgive it because of the relaxing vibe that I get from both Warren and Mack 10. This is a good song, I can’t front. I give this a B.

Satisfy You-Puff Daddy ft R. Kelly: Ehh, no. This is trash. Diddy and R. Kelly collaborated for a “love” song, Satisfy You and it sucks a lot. The beat is a rip-off of I Got 5 On It and it’s not even subtle about it. The only thing different is that it has worse percussion. And of course, it’s a song where these dudes are trying to steal another dude’s girlfriend. Lovely. Diddy’s rapping hasn’t gotten any better and R. Kelly is just there. This is an easy skip. I give it an F.

4, 5, 6-Sole ft JT Money & Kandi: Oh, look. Our pals JT Money and Sole are back with another song. 4, 5, 6. Well, it’s better than Who Dat, but barely. The production’s really weak, the hook isn’t memorable, and none of the verses were that good. This is a sex song that’s the complete opposite of What’s It Gonna Be. I don’t feel any connection between Sole and JT Money, so I can’t get invested in them. You can also skip this one. I give it a low D.

Hot Boyz-Missy Elliott ft Nas, Eve, & Q-Tip: And we end on a big one. The Hot Boyz remix (no relation to the group signed to Cash Money Records) with Missy Elliott, Nas, Eve, and Q-Tip. This was a huge record, topping the Hot Rap Singles chart for 18 weeks from December of 1999 to March of 2000. Timbaland provides a haunting and seductive beat that bumps. Missy does more singing than rapping in the song, which leaves the bars to the other featured rappers. Nas and Eve brought the fire while Q-Tip was alright. I can see why this song was as successful as it is. I give it an A.


What’s It Gonna Be


Hot Boyz, Wild Wild West


Who Dat


Satisfy You, No Pigeons

And those were the number one songs on the Hot Rap Songs chart of 1999. Next time, we leave the 90s behind and look at the number one songs on the Hot Rap Songs chart of the new millennium.


4 thoughts on “Hot Rap Songs Review: 1999

  1. By the way, Kool Moe Dee says “Wild Wild West” in the song because he made a song called “Wild Wild West” in the 80’s and that part was sampled off the song, if not remade for Will’s song.

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  2. To be honest, 1999 was kind of a weak year for hip hop (though not as bad ’97). Most of the late 90’s were not good to the genre. That said, there were still some good songs. Should probably check it out Watch For The Hook. I’ve heard It Ain’t My Fault and it sucks. Seriously, No Limit records spewed out a lot of crap in the late 90’s/early 00’s (Although, I freely admit that I actually like Make ‘Em Say Uhh, some Mystikal songs, and Snoop’s “Lay Low” which also had P as a featured verse and he wasn’t that bad in it). Also, referencing Urkel’s catchphrase “Did I do that?” after Silkk’s chorus didn’t help. Clearly he was only in the game because Master P is his brother. What’s It Gonna Be is pretty dope. And agree with the video. One of Busta’s best attributes aside from being a really great rapper were his colorful videos. I really wish Hype Williams would still be directing mainstream rap videos, maybe at least we’d be getting cool videos instead of the same generic money, cash, hoes, twerk music videos we get these days. I heard Who Dat once when I went through the ’99 year end list and never wanted to hear it again. It left no impact on me except pure annoyance. Didn’t even know that song or JT Money was a thing. Even though I think No Scrubs it’s a good song, I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty shallow and kind of materialistic, it almost makes me think that TLC are golddiggers (although telling off bums off the streets pretending to be players is a good thing). That said, No Pigeons is garbage. These dudes clearly got pissed off by the song so much by No Scrubs that they made this laughable joke of a song. The case they make and the intentions they have aren’t any better than TLC’s, and these dudes couldn’t sing or rap if their life depended on it. And now, they have to live with the fact that this was their only claim to fame as well as being one-hit wonders. Funny how things work out. Wild Wild West won a Razzie for “Worst Original Song”, and some people consider it to be a really bad song. These people must be on drugs because the song is literally the only good thing that came out of that shitty ass movie. Yeah, Will Smith is cheesy, but when is he not? And yeah, it’s not as good as the Stevie Wonder song it samples, but it’s still a fun time, nevertheless and it feels like you’re listening to a show. Also, the music video was WAY better than the actual movie. I don’t care what people say, I love it. Jamboree is pretty catchy and it’s a cool song, but it’s not as great or as memorable as Naughty By Nature’s older hits. Out of all their biggest hits, this was by far the most forgotten one. It doesn’t have the same flavor and memeability as O.P.P. or Hip Hop Hooray. I’m gonna tell you the truth, I also think Jay-Z isn’t the best rapper of all-time or even near that list. I always thought he was an okay at best. I never thought he was that great of a rapper in terms of skill and lyrics like many people like to proclaim. While he definitely made plenty of songs I enjoyed and he can bring it on a lyrical and technical level, he’s never striked me as a great great rapper. His case was the same as his wife’s, a talented artist that isn’t as great as their legacy would suggest and released a lot of subpar material in between and found very overrated until an album that they released later in their careers that made me see how capable and great they can be as artists and put those talents to good use and made me have more respect for them. With Beyonce, it was Lemonade. With Jay-Z, it was 4:44. Despite that, I still don’t think he was the best rapper out there. Songs like Jigga My Nigga show that. And I remember during this time period when he first really blew up, he was rapping about the same crap most mainstream rappers talk about, just with better rapping in it. I know people will give me a hard time for saying that, but I stand by that opinion that Jay-Z was simply just a okay to good rapper, not the great rap god people are proclaiming him to be. Oh yeah, the Warren G song that Rap Critic poked fun at in his “Worst Lyrics” list. I didn’t think Warren G was still a thing by this point. I think seeing the contradictory lyrics that were pointed out in that episode turned me off from ever wanting to listen to it, lol. Satisfy You like a vast majority of P. Diddy songs, sucked. I’m just glad we now no longer live in a world where Diddy is the face of mainstream hip hop. Hot Boyz is pretty dope, enough said. Overall, good review.

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