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Deadpool 2 Review

Two years ago, Deadpool was released in theaters and became a hit that no one expected and many loved. And all 20th Century Fox had to do was let the character be his potty-mouthed, fourth wall-breaking self, which Ryan Reynolds pulled off excellently. The post-credits scene of that movie pretty much confirmed a sequel that will feature comic book favorite Cable. Well, it’s here. Will Fox be able to strike another hit or will this be another underwhelming sequel? Well, let’s find out. This is Deadpool 2.



After tragedy, Wade Wilson finds a new purpose when he becomes part of the X-Men and has to protect a young mutant from Cable, a time traveling mutant from the future who seeks to kill him. The first Deadpool movie didn’t exactly have the strongest story as it’s pretty much an origin story combined with a rom-com. Deadpool 2 doesn’t have that burden, which gives it opportunity to expand and it’s pretty much on par with the first. Time travel is involved and it’s kinda convoluted, but that’s what you get when you use time travel in any story, even in the good ones.


Do I even need to say anything about Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? You’ve already heard every praise for his performance, so I won’t waste anytime. He was great. Let’s look at the other characters. Returning are Weasel (T.J. Miller), Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (along with a new girlfriend Yukio), Blind Al, and Vanessa. Speaking of, I didn’t like what they did to Vanessa in this movie. They killed her off in the beginning and that’s what drives Wade throughout the film. It’s another example of fridging where the hero’s motivation is made at the cost of a woman. It doesn’t make the movie bad, but I eye-rolled at this because it’s one of those lazy tropes that’s been done to death and you could’ve done this a better way that didn’t involve a death. Hell, even the intro credits were dumbfounded at this. I can’t even be mad, just disappointed.

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And now for new characters, starting with Cable, who’s played by Josh Brolin. I’m amazed that Brolin has managed to play two iconic Marvel characters in the same year. First, Thanos in Infinity War and now Cable in Deadpool 2. He starts off as an antagonist, but later on, he becomes an ally. Like Colossus in the first movie, he plays the straight man against Deadpool and he was a straight up badass. I wish they would’ve gave him more development and screen-time (especially since he shows up halfway in the film). He’s after a potty mouthed New Zealand kid named Russell (Julian Dennison) who has pyrokinetic abilities and becomes the main focus of the movie. Domino is played by Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz and she was awesome. She has the power of luck, which makes her the most OP character ever as she can’t get hurt or die. Hell, I believe she can kick Thanos’ ass. If she was in Infinity War, there would be no Infinity War. Oh, and before I continue, rest in peace to Joi Harris, the stuntwoman who doubled for Zazie. Domino is part of Deadpool’s new team X-Force, which includes Bedlam (Terry Crews), Shatterstar (Lewis Dan), Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgard), Vanisher (Brad Pitt), and Peter. Man, the scene when X-Force are on their first mission was hilarious. Let’s just say that Deadpool and Domino are the only members of X-Force left. The X-Men also make a brief cameo in the X-Mansion. Oh, and there’s one more.

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Yep. The motherfucking Juggernaut makes an appearance and it’s the best film portrayal of the character. MUCH better than Vinnie Jones in X-Men: The Last Stand. This Juggernaut is depicted as a giant. The CGI’s a bit dodgy in certain parts, but it’s still a faithful adaptation of the Juggernaut. He even has his own theme, which is hilarious.


Story issues aside, the comedy and action makes this movie. The film was given a bigger budget, so the action was bigger. I like the action in this movie much more than in the first Deadpool. It’s much better choreographed and has more creativity put into it. But the best part of the movie is the comedy. After Infinity War, I needed to see a movie like this because it had me dying of laughter. The same crude, fourth wall-breaking, pop culture-referencing humor is still there and most of them hit the mark. There’s a bunch of Marvel and DC references and one hilarious scene where Deadpool was ripped in half and the lower half of his body slowly grew back, looking like baby legs. We also have the best mid-credits scene out of any movie where Deadpool gets ahold of Cable’s time-traveling device and he uses it to go back and prevent Vanessa’s death and save Peter. He also goes back to X-Men Origins: Wolverine and kills the fake Deadpool and then kills Ryan Reynolds (basically himself) with the Green Lantern script in hand and says “you’re welcome, Canada.” The whole audience lost it in that mid-credits scene. Oh, and there’s no scene after the credits.

I give Deadpool 2 an 8/10. It’s just as good as the first Deadpool. It doesn’t have the strongest story and there were some choices that I wasn’t feeling, but the comedy shines and it’ll leave you in stitches. Ryan Reynolds nails the character of Deadpool twice and most of the characters were great. It gave me exactly what I wanted and I was perfectly satisfied. If they ever do a sequel, I hope 20th Century Fox keeps the same energy going and hopefully, the possible Disney acquisition doesn’t interfere.


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  1. I saw this movie last night. While I really liked it, the only two things I didn’t like were an overlong joke of Deadpool not wearing pants and the movie inflicting All Out of Love by Air Supply onto us at the beginning.

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