Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review

Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: June 2018


Welcome back to another Top 40 Review where I talk about some of the most popular songs in the United States. Summer is almost here, your boy just graduated college about a week ago, and we got a lot of songs to go through. But before we get started, a little announcement: I’m going to try out something different for this Top 40 Review, a little experiment if you will and I need your input. Instead of mentioning every single song that’s in the Top 40, I’m only going to focus on the songs that I have yet to talk about. For me, this will save me more time when it comes to writing these things. If you like the new format, then every single Top 40 Review from this point on will be like this. If not, then I’ll go back to the old ways. I won’t have a problem with either outcome. Now, let’s get started.


#38. One Kiss-Calvin Harris ft Dua Lipa: I’ll admit that the disco tracks that Calvin Harris released last year have grown on me. It would be nice to see him do more of these type of songs, but if One Kiss is any indication, we won’t get that. This song is a return to a formula that Calvin Harris is familiar with, a house beat anchored by keys and melodies out of the early 90s. But what makes this song is Dua Lipa. She elevates what sounds like a standard house song and makes it her own. So yeah. I like it. I give it a B.

#37. Delicate-Taylor Swift: Oh, look. The best song from reputation is on here. And yeah, I have to admit Delicate is a good song. The best part of the song is the production. It’s more chill and atmospheric. It reminds me a lot of Style, which is another one of Taylor Swift’s good songs. Hell, the robotic voice put on Taylor’s voice fits. It is another one of her love songs and it’s not one of my favorite songs overall, but if you twisted my arm and forced me to choose between this and the other reputation singles, I’ll take this any day. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? I give it a B.

#36. No Mistakes-Kanye West: Kanye West is a very… complicated person. Up until this point, I decided to skip out on listening to his new album ye. All of the free thinking shit he’s been on, plus, showing support to the Tangerine Troll-In-Chief and right-wing morons like Candace Owens, has made me less excited for any new music from him. But the album is here and for this post, I have to listen to it. I’ll tell you how I feel about the album as a whole later, but we’re starting off with one of the better songs No Mistakes. The production to this song feels like a modern continuation of the College Dropout sound with the way the piano and drums sound. We also have Uncle Charlie and Kid Cudi doing uncredited vocals. In the song, Kanye mentions his financial issues and mental health. And there’s also this line.

I don’t take advice from people less successful than me

This explains a lot. That aside, this song is great and I give it an A.

#32. I’m Upset-Drake: Well, this was a disappointment. After Nice For What, expectations for new Drake music went up a bit and then he released I’m Upset, which is another addition to the mediocrity pile for Aubrey. A lightweight trap beat that might as well go to an unknown Soundcloud rapper. Drake sounds less upset and more unfocused and uninspired as he spouts about a bounty on his head, complaining about paying for women, and that the only time he shoots below the neck is when he’s with a woman. Delightful. What a waste of time. I give it an F.

#31. Back To You-Selena Gomez: I never watched 13 Reasons Why and chances are I never will. I bring this up because Selena Gomez is one of the executive producers of the show and she made Back For You for the soundtrack of the show. As a song, it’s alright. The production blends acoustic pop with an electropop beat tailor-made to appeal to Top 40 radio and the writing appears to be focused on that certain someone. Not one of my favorites, but I don’t mind it. I give it a C.

#28. I Thought About Killing You-Kanye West: Well, that’s one way to start an album, with a song called I Thought About Killing You. Is Kanye saying this to his wife? His fans? His own inner demons? Who knows? Most of the song is performed in spoken word where he lets out his darker thoughts that maybe shouldn’t have been expressed because if you say to someone “I thought about killing you,” that’s a threat. And I don’t care if he is bipolar, that’s not an excuse. Still, I think this is an interesting look at Kanye’s mental status and there are hints of that throughout the whole album. Though I wish the production was better. Even when it does switch up when he starts rapping, it still feels underwhelming. Usually, the first track is a good indicator of what the rest of an album will be like and I Thought About Killing You perfectly sums up ye: good ideas, mixed execution, feels unfinished, and could’ve used more time put into making it. I give it a C.

#27. Violent Crimes-Kanye West: Next up is the final track on ye, Violent Crimes. Here, Kanye is reflecting on his own daughters and realizing that women are more than just cum dumpsters, a realization that shouldn’t take having daughters to come into fruition. For goodness sake, didn’t you had a mother? Honestly, the premise itself isn’t bad, but it needs to be fleshed out a little better and the same can be said for the production, which is just minimal keys and muted drums. Oh, and there’s an outro from Nicki Minaj because random. The song’s good enough, but it could’ve been better. I give it a low B.

#24. Wouldn’t Leave-Kanye West: In spite of my criticisms towards Violent Crimes, I would gladly take it over Wouldn’t Leave any day of the week. Best thing I can say about this song? I like the beat. Aside from that? We get an intro from PARTYNEXTDOOR doing a Young Thug impersonation, contributions from Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye on how Kim wouldn’t leave him in spite of his bullshit (which must took a lot of patience), mentioning random controversies like his interview with Sway and saying that slavery was a choice on TMZ, going on about his free thinking shit, and shouting out women who put up with the significant other’s crap which would sound sweet if it wasn’t contradicted by other songs on the album. This feels like a Life Of Pablo throwaway and I would easily skip it. It’s getting a D from me. 

#16. Ghost Town-Kanye West: You know? Aside from PARTYNEXTDOOR wasting everyone’s time in the intro and 070 Shake on the outro, this song ain’t bad. I dig this soulful production with the shredding guitar. Kanye doesn’t sound that bad and Kid Cudi was a cool addition to the track. If you took out the intro and outro, this would have been great. But for what we got, I have to give this song a high C

#15. Yes Indeed-Lil Baby ft Drake: Lil Baby *snickers* is the latest “won’t last a year” rapper put on by Drake and his big hit is called Yes Indeed. More like No Way, Jose because it’s more forgettable trap with a beat that contains what I think is an Indian-sounding flute (it probably has a name, but I forgot what it was, so forgive my cultural ignorance). Both Drake and Lil Baby sound like they’re seconds away from falling asleep as they’re flexing with the latter mentioning Pikachu in reference to the color of his Ferrari, his lawyer being Jewish, and…

Wah-wah-wah, bitch I’m Lil Baby

… which is funny coming from a guy named Lil Baby. Anyways, this song sucks and it’s getting an F.

#11. All Mine-Kanye West: People have said that this was the worst song off of ye and I agree. What the hell is going on with All Mine? This production is a mess, starting with an organ before going into a broken, rinky-dink beat. Ant Clemons sounds terrible. That voice is not doing him any favors. We also have Kanye talking about screwing women who aren’t his wife because he can’t keep it in his pants. Oh, and there’s this:

I love your titties ’cause they prove
I can focus on two things at once

This is an easy F. Fuck this track.

#9. Lucid Dreams-Juice WRLD: And now for the latest flavor-of-the-month in Juice WRLD who shot up to the Top 10 with Lucid Dreams. I’m getting some serious Post Malone flashbacks, which is never a good thing. We got a very limp beat that’s based on a Sting sample and has no punch to it. Juice WRLD sounds awful thanks to his flat singing and horrendous use of Auto-Tune. Even worse is the lyrics which are just bitter and hateful and contain such gems like…

And I cannot change you so I must replace you

You found another one, but
I am the better one
I won’t let you forget me

You were made outta plastic (fake)
I was tangled up in your drastic ways
Who knew evil girls have the prettiest face
You gave me a heart that was full of mistakes
I gave you my heart and you made heart break

Seriously, get this melodramatic teenage prom queen bullshit out of here. It’s getting an F from me.

#8. Yikes-Kanye West: One more song and we’re done with ye. Yikes is focused on drugs and addiction and it sounds like the most mainstream song on the album, which explains why it’s the highest charting song. The beat is alright, but it doesn’t really sound Kanye-like. In terms of lyrics, not much stands out for the most part, but there are certain lines that makes me go “yikes” and I’ll talk about them in next week’s post (which is a Random WTF Lyrics). Oh, and in the outro, he says his bipolar disorder makes him a superhero. Not sure that’s how that works. Overall, Yikes gets a C from me. And as for my thoughts on ye as a whole, it’s a solid C. I summed up the whole album when talking about the first track: it has some good ideas sprinkled throughout and mentions mental health, but it feels rushed and incomplete. It’s better than Yeezus and Life Of Pablo, but it’s not an album that has a lot of replay value. It’s just average. I’d rather go listen to Pusha-T’s DAYTONA instead.

#4. Girls Like You-Adam Levine ft Cardi B: Because one Adam Levine Show song wasn’t enough, how about another? Girls Like You is a single from their last album that’s been remixed to another collaboration track with a popular artist who is too gullible to say no. From Wiz Khalifa to Kendrick Lamar to Future to SZA and now Cardi B. Honestly, even Cardi B couldn’t save this track because of how out-of-place she is with this stale pop rock/trap fusion of a standard love song that feels manufactured as fuck. This band has become the modern-day Chicago putting out mediocre songs and still ending up on the charts no matter what. I give it a low D.


No Mistakes


One Kiss, Delicate


Lucid Dreams


All Mine, I’m Upset

And that was another Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review. Stay tuned next month when I do another. This week, a Target Practice on Singles You Up.


9 thoughts on “Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: June 2018

  1. Just as I thought the charts were finally starting to get interesting, we’re back to mediocrity. I’m just getting so bored with the charts now that I haven’t really been paying attention to what’s moving up and down when I know those songs are bad. I’m getting sick of seeing people make all this stupid, boring and mediocre music get big like Post Malone, Drake, Migos, Maroon 5, Camila Cabello along with other generic EDM and pop. The charts feel like a ghost town now with not a lot of huge, exciting songs out and there doesn’t seem to be any huge album or artist to come along and change everything like Adele did with 21 in 2011. I feel like music, especially mainstream pop, is at a standstill now since it doesn’t know how to adapt to the streaming era of music. Aside from a few enjoyable songs, I don’t see many of the hit songs being well remembered after 2018.

    While I always knew Kanye was a crazy man publicly, his recent behavior really makes me wish he would just go away. Hearing him voice support for Trump and Candace Owens and saying slavery was a choice and defending it as free thinking is disgusting and showcases his ignorance. This also adds to my growing disillusionment with our society. I do like his early hits but hearing him making all these stupid statements and praising these people just doesn’t make me interested in any new music from him especially now that Kanye is bringing all that drama into his new music. Agree with your reviews on the Kanye songs. That two things at once line in All Mine made me laugh so hard.

    One Kiss- I liked Calvin Harris’s disco/funk songs from last year mostly because aside from being fun and a great change in direction from Harris, they stood out from the rest of what was popular. While it would of been nice to see him do more songs like Feels and Slide, I still like One Kiss nonetheless because of Dua Lipa’s vocals and the fun danceable house beat that manages to be more than generic and stand out from all the mediocrity on the charts now.

    Delicate- easily the best single off of Reputation and wouldn’t mind if this becomes a big hit. Agree with your opinion that the production and atmosphere really make the song.

    I’m Upset- just another laughably boring Drake song. I’d be amazed that Drake has lasted this long if his music was anything of quality. After this year, I hope he takes a long break from making music cause I think we’d be better off.

    Back To You- I also haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why and don’t have any plans to. Teenage dramas aren’t my thing and I’ve heard a lot about the controversies over how the show handles bullying and suicide very badly. As for Back to You, it’s alright but it’s not a song I’m bound to remember after listening to it.

    Yes Indeed- ZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Lucid Dreams- You’re not the only one who had Post Malone flashbacks while listening to this song. Juice WRLD sounded to me like Post Malone but with a more throatier voice. I would much rather listen to the Sting song it samples than this cause Lucid Dreams left no impression on me. It’s just another boring watered down trap song and even though it’s 4 minutes it feels longer. And the lyrics you pointed out in the song made me laugh so much.

    Girls Like You- To me, Maroon 5 are one of those acts that you don’t think about often but they keep coming back and really generic. It’s a bad sign when you have to rely on guest features with more popular artists to maintain your relevance. Agree with your Chicago comparison in that they both started out as good bands with a good amount of early hits that stood out from the other trends of the time. But once their sales started declining, they decided to just sacrifice what made them unique and give into the mainstream pop machine making very mediocre music during that time. As for Girls Like You, it’s just another sellout Maroon 5 pop song tailor made for pop radio to play non stop and Cardi B was wasted and doesn’t fit at all on this song.

    As for the format, I’m okay with just listing the new songs instead of the entire Top 40 since it makes it easier to know what new songs you are discussing but you could also do an updated review of a song that’s still in the Top 40 if you have a different opinion on it now or want to make a quick comment about it.

    Can’t wait for your upcoming 100 best songs of the 70s! I’m sure it will be great! In response to your 1979 worst list, my aunt said your list was the most forgettable. But she did admit to having that Rickie Lee Jones album with Chuck E’s In Love on it and that my dad had more than one Al Stewart album. She also explained that back then you were either a rock fan or a disco fan with not much room in between. And when we talked about My Sharona, my aunt mentioned she had The Knack album back when the song was big and agreed with the assertion that the success of My Sharona was due in part to the backlash against disco because The Knack weren’t a good band. They were all right, but definitely not the future of rock as many had predicted at the time. And with Da Ya Think I’m Sexy, my aunt said that the song was dopey and Rod Stewart is too cool for it. She said that Blondie did the rock/disco crossover the best with Heart of Glass but that they also had it easier coming from the punk/Andy Warhol scene whereas Rod Stewart and The Rolling Stones were icons of the 60s so people had different expectations.

    Congrats on graduating college! As someone with an older sister who graduated college six years ago, I know how exciting that feeing is. I finished my first year of college and so far I like my university. While I’m still trying to find where on campus I could be active in, my professors, advisors, and classmates have all been good in helping with my transition into college. One thing I’ve learned from college so far is that you have to be on top of everything and to advocate for myself.

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  2. 6 of the 14 songs on here were from ye. Expecting them to drop quickly since non-singles from album fall off pretty quickly.

    And Psycho hit #1 lol.


    1. One Kiss: Never liked Calvin Harris much, but it guess it’s okay.
      Delicate: I dunno, just sounds like typical Taylor Swift?
      Back TO You: Never listened to it yet.
      Yes Indeed: Pretty catchy and eerie, but bad otherwise.
      Lucid Dreams: At least it isn’t stereotypical trap, and Juice WRLD is still a teenager. I’d give it a C-
      Girls Like You: Haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s Maroon 1, so probably pretty bad. I don’t really like Cardi B in general either.


  3. The thing I miss with the new format is you did not show the number one song. I like the top 40 format of the previous posts better.I always look at the feedback and views on the new music out there.


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