Hot Rap Songs Review: 2001

Hot Rap Songs Review

Welcome back to another Hot Rap Songs Review. Let’s get started.


Oh No-Mos Def & Pharoahe Monch ft Nate Dogg: We start off with a collaboration between the other half of Black Star Mos Def, Pharoahe Monche, and the late Nate Dogg called Oh No. It’s the perfect bridge between mainstream and underground hip-hop thanks to an East Asian sounding beat, ill bars from both Mos Def and Pharoahe Monch, and Nate Dogg on the hook. The fact that it unites two demographics who don’t give a shit about the other is amazing. I give it an A.

Ms. Jackson-OutKast: This will be my third time talking about Ms. Jackson on this website and everything I said about it stands. It’s one of OutKast’s best songs and one of the greatest hip-hop songs ever made period. Big Boi and Andre 3000, in their own contrasting ways, are trying to find common ground with the mothers of their baby mamas over a well-crafted beat that samples The Brothers Johnson. I have nothing else to say about this song by this point. It’s amazing and an easy A for me.

It Wasn’t Me-Shaggy ft Rikrok: Another song I’ve talked about twice is It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy. Here’s a song where a guy (Rikrok) is going to his player friend (Shaggy) and asking him for advice when he got caught cheating by his girlfriend and the player friend suggest to deny any wrongdoing in spite of the evidence in front of him. I dig the more satirical approach to the whole player thing and how absurd it is. Even better is the music, which blends reggae and R&B for the perfect pop hit. It’s weird seeing this non-hip-hop song on a Hot Rap Songs chart, but I can’t complain when I get a really good song. I give it an A.

Bow Wow (That’s My Name)-Lil Bow Wow ft Snoop Dogg: Now here’s one of Lil Bow Wow’s better songs. Still, I find it pretty average overall. The chorus is catchy. Then again, it’s using the “bow wow wo, yippe-yo, yippe-yay” line that’s been used in damn near every hip-hop song. The beat sounds like a kid-friendly version of a gangsta rap song. Snoop Dogg also makes an appearance because both Snoop and Bow Wow’s names involve dogs. I give it a C.

What Would You Do-City High: Another non-hip-hop song on this list and like It Wasn’t Me, it’s also great. Here, we have a song focused on single mothers who are piss-poor broke and have resorted to prostitution in order to feed their babies. One gets confronted by a guy who asks why she doesn’t get herself out of this situation and she responds by asking him what would he do if he was in that situation. This is something that’s sadly a reality in our world years later. This is a criminally underrated song that you all need to hear. It’s getting an A from me.

My Baby-Lil Romeo: The third song on this list that I’ve talked about twice previously. Check out my Worst of 2001 list and my Target Practice on My Baby to see what I thought about it. I’ll do the cliffnotes: beat that rips off ABC, mediocre rapping, grown woman singing about wanting this prepubescent kid and setting off disturbing pedophilic implications. It’s in the Top 3 of my Worst of 2001 for a reason. This is easily getting an F.

Purple Pills-D12: At this point, Eminem was at the top of the world. A year after the release of The Marshall Mathers LP, his group D12 released their debut album, which contained the single Purple Pills. As the title would suggest, this is where all six members of D12 are rapping about the copious amounts of drugs that they’ve consumed and the effects. Eminem and Proof are tied with the best verses, Swift, Kuniva and Kon Artis were alright, and Bizarre is once again the weak link with his verse slowing everything down. Weighing every element, I give this song a high C.

My Projects-Coo Coo Cal: I have never heard of this song and there’s probably a good reason why. Because this shit is not that memorable. My Projects is basically about, well, the projects and it’s as cookie cutter of a song about this subject matter as you could imagine. Coo Coo Cal (which is a funny name) is not that special of a rapper and the beat is alright. I don’t have any strong feelings about this song. It’s not bad, it’s not good, it just exists. I give it a D.

Raise Up-Petey Pablo: I first came across this song when Rap Critic and Mues reviewed it a long time ago. Petey Pablo is best known for his guest verse on Goodies and his big hit Freek-a-Leek. But his breakout single is called Raise Up, an anthem crafted for his home state of North Carolina. There’s not much to the lyrics as most of it was plain gibberish, but hot damn, does this bang. Timbaland provides this track with a bumping beat and there’s also the chorus, which is ridiculously catchy.

This one’s for North Carolina! Come on and raise up
Take your shirt off, twist it ’round your hand
Spin it like a helicopter
North Carolina! Come on and raise up
This one’s for you? Uh-uh
This one’s for who? Us, us, us, yes sir!
North Carolina! Come on and raise up
Take your shirt off, twist it ’round your hand
Spin it like a helicopter
North Carolina! Come on and raise up
This one’s for you? Uh-uh
This one’s for who? Us, us, us, yes sir!

Seriously, how can you not want to take your shirt off, twist it around your hand, and spin it when you hear this? It’s the perfect song to play at sporting events even with its lack of substance. Oh, and he made an All Cities remix where instead of mentioning North Carolina in the hook, he mentions most of the major cities across the United States. And THEN 9/11 happened a few months later and he made another remix. Just milking that cow now, huh? I give this song a C.

Dansin wit Wolvez-Strik 9ine: Oh, great. Another song and artist who I’m having a hard time finding info on. Seriously. The most I could find comes from a Complex article from last month called Hip-Hop Hits Everyone Forgot About. Apparently Strik 9ine is a rap group from Cleveland and they made this song Dansin wit Wolvez for the Cleveland Indians. Well, I just listened to the song and I wish I didn’t. The beat sucks and the rapping sucks. This song sounds like a low rate Miami bass wannabe. But that’s not the worst part of the song. No. That goes to the way it portrays Native Americans in the most offensively stereotypical way possible. This was number one on the Hot Rap Singles chart for six weeks. Seriously. How does this even exist? This song is getting an F from me.


Ms. Jackson


Oh No, What Would You Do


Dansin wit Wolvez


My Baby

And those were the number one songs on the Hot Rap Songs chart of 2001. Next time, we look at the number one songs on the Hot Rap Songs chart of 2002.


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  1. Raise up must be Petey Pablo’s better songs since Freek A Leek came in on the worst of 2004. Then Freek-A -Leek is one of the more prominent dirty rap songs and there is a laundry list of dirty rap songs that land on your worst of lists beginning with Me so Horny.


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