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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

Jurassic Park is my all-time favorite film from Steven Spielberg and one of my favorite films period. It had the wonder and thrills of what would happen if we were able to bring dinosaurs back to life. Plus, it was one of the early blockbusters to use CGI and a lot of it still holds up, mainly because of the way they use it. It became a huge hit and spawned sequels, none of them as good as the original. I didn’t like The Lost World and Jurassic Park III despite some cool moments every now and then. In 2015, 14 years after III, Jurassic World was released. While I enjoyed that film (especially that climax), it didn’t have a strong story or characters that I cared about. Nonetheless, it was a huge hit and Universal Studios green-lit sequels. This brings us to today’s film. This is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.



Three years after Jurassic World shut down, Claire and Owen set off on a mission to rescue the remaining dinosaurs before a volcanic eruption destroys the park. But they discover a deeper conspiracy that puts the welfare of the remaining dinosaurs at risk, plus, a new hybrid dinosaur. Going into this film, I wasn’t expecting a great plot and I got what I expected: a dumb B-movie with dinosaurs running around featuring dumb humans wearing a sign that says “eat me.” There’s also a lot of callbacks and similarities to the first Jurassic Park and The Lost World and they reach a point of laziness.


The characters are one of the things that I cared least about in Fallen Kingdom. The best actors in this movie are Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas-Howard. Owen doesn’t go through any character arc and is just the badass dude all around. There were moments where he should’ve died, but didn’t. Claire does a complete 180 where she goes from not giving a shit about the dinosaurs in the last movie to all of a sudden being a dinosaur activist. I know a lot can happen in three years, but this is like looking at two different people. There’s this hacker kid, played by Justice Smith, who is straight-up annoying. All he does throughout the whole movie is yell, scream, and cry because he’s a scaredy cat. There’s also a little girl who’s the granddaughter of John Hammond’s former partner, but not really. More on that later. The villains are weak as fuck. Why do these movies even have villains? It’s unnecessary. Just let the loose dinosaurs be the main threat. If you’re gonna have villains, let them be at least interesting, not these mustache-twirling cutouts from Saturday morning cartoons who are driven by greed. And they created a new hybrid dinosaur called the Indoraptor, which is basically the Indominous Rex from Jurassic World, but smaller and black and yellow. Jeff Goldblum is back and is in the movie for only 2 minutes and BD Wong as Henry Wu might as well not be there since his role is so insignificant.


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All of the best scenes in this movie, you’ve already seen in the trailers. They’ve pulled a BvS on us. The first half of the film is where I got the most enjoyment when they went back to the island to retrieve the dinosaurs and the volcano erupts. It also had the saddest moment when they finally escape and they see a Brachiosaurus attempting to escape the volcanic eruption, but gets caught up. Sadly, that’s where things go downhill as the rest of the film takes place in some mansion, which has an underground facility built to hold the dinosaurs, which the guy who owns the mansion has no idea of. It does have that lowkey horror feel, but it’s not that interesting. You know that little girl that I mentioned earlier? Well, she’s actually a clone. Because that’s what a movie about cloning dinosaurs needed, cloning humans. And that same girl makes a decision to release all of the dinosaurs into our world, dooming all of humanity. Great job, kid.

I give Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom a 4/10. The story is weak and so are the characters, but I expected that. Some of the horror elements were cool, the action’s alright for a summer movie, and the special effects are a mixed bag, ranging from great to no-so great. But the biggest disappointment of this movie is that I didn’t get that same feeling of joy that I got out of watching Jurassic World or Jurassic Park. It was just underwhelming for the most part. This makes me less excited for the upcoming third film. You were so preoccupied with whether you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.


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    1. Thinking about it, a lot of sad scenes revolve around long-necked dinosaurs. The Brachiosaurus in JW: Fallen Kingdom, the dying Apatosaurus in Jurassic World, Littlefoot’s mom in Land Before Time.


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