Hot Rap Songs Review: 2004

Hot Rap Songs Review

Welcome back to another Hot Rap Songs Review. Let’s get started.


Slow Jamz-Twista ft Kanye West & Jamie Foxx: On top of a Luther Vandross sample, Slow Jamz is a love letter to old school love songs, namedropping R&B legends, Jamie Foxx doing the hook, Kanye being Kanye, and Twista bringing his fast rapping to this smooth and sultry jam. I give it an A.

One Call Away-Chingy ft J-Weav: Easily one of the worst songs that Chingy ever made (which is saying something), One Call Away is a shitty sex song disguised as a love song that’s cursed with Chingy’s charmless annoying voice and wasting the guy who did the singing voice of Simba from The Lion King (seriously) for an incoherent hook. I don’t know which One Call Away is worse, this or Charlie Puth’s, but all I know is that I would easily miss this call. I give this song an F.

Tipsy-J-Kwon: We’ve run into a lot of one-hit wonders in this series and we’re going to see more. One of them is J-Kwon, who gave the world Tipsy. Despite its catchy chorus, it’s a mediocre club song with a beat that sounds like someone knocking on your door, bad rhymes that includes counting, and generic lyrics. I don’t expect a lot of depth from these club songs, but this guy isn’t even trying. Also, there’s also a random reference to shooting people even though this is supposed to be a party song. It’s not the worst song I’ve ever heard, but I can see why this guy didn’t stick around. Not much was lost. I give it a low D.

Overnight Celebrity-Twista: Slow Jamz wasn’t the only big hit Twista had, There’s also Overnight Celebrity. Musically, it’s a rehash of Slow Jamz as it’s another Kanye beat that samples an old R&B song. It’s still dope, but all I hear is Slow Jamz. In the song, Twista is talking to a chick and tells her that he can make her a celebrity overnight. This translates to…

Image result for akon

Overall, the song is good enough, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Slow Jamz. I give it a B.

Slow Motion-Juvenile ft Soulja Slim: You all remember Juvenile, right? The guy who did Back That Azz Up? Even though that’s his best known song, it wasn’t his biggest hit. No, that goes to Slow Motion featuring the late Soulja Slim. It’s pretty much a sex song, which shouldn’t be that much of a surprise if you look at the title. Soulja Slim takes up most of the song to the point where it feels like Juvenile’s the guest feature instead of the other way around. Everything in the song is perfectly average from the beat to the lyrics, which are typical to a song with this subject matter. I give it a C.

Lean Back-Terror Squad: And Fat Joe once again disappoints me with what is currently his biggest hit Lean Back. Yeah, the song is credited to Terror Squad, but it’s just Fat Joe and Remy Ma. This is another one of those songs that everyone knows because of the chorus (which has a “dance” for big dudes that involves leaning back), but honestly, the song itself doesn’t hold up well thanks to Scott Storch’s production that fails at sounding epic and bars that are kinda weak for both Fat Joe and Remy Ma. I’m not saying the song is bad, but both rappers are capable of better. I give it a D.

Drop It Like Its Hot-Snoop Dogg ft Pharrell: Leave it to the Neptunes to give Snoop Dogg one of his biggest and well-known hits in Drop It Like It’s Hot, which is a certified banger thanks to the beat and Snoop Dogg being a smooth-ass gangsta. It deserved to be a number one hit because it has all the right ingredients for a song that bumps in the whip. I give it an A.


Slow Jamz


Drop It Like It’s Hot


One Call Away



And those were the number one songs on the Hot Rap Songs chart of 2004. Next time, we look at the number one songs on the Hot Rap Songs chart of 2005.


5 thoughts on “Hot Rap Songs Review: 2004

  1. 2004 was my graduation year. Even though these aren’t really the best songs ever, they do still hold some nostalgic memories. One Call Away is trash, though. And I came to find out that J. Weav was actor Jason Weaver. I mostly know him for being on T.I.’s ATL movie (really dope movie, by the way). Tipsy isn’t good, but I have a soft spot for it. It’s too catchy to ignore. I will say though that J-Kwon is an imcompetent rapper, but I still enjoy the song regardless. Back That Than Up still gets played and referenced and yet Slow Motion has been forgotten despite being Juvenile’s #1 hit not just on the hip hop charts, but on the Hot 100 as well, go figure. At the same time, it’s practically a Soulja Slim song and Juv’s barely in it. R.I.P. but his portion mostly sucked while Juvenile’s was passable. The beat was alright as well, but I can probably see why this hasn’t stood the test of time. I hate Back That Than (Azz) Up a lot, but the beat has more punch and is more memorable. 2004 was Twista’s year in the hip hop world. I like his rapping style and I wish he had more hits, but these two song will have to do. Slow Jamz is memorable for Kanye’s production and the sample. And Overnight Celebrity, while not nearly as good and pretty cliched, is still really dope for the sampling and Twista’s delivery. Not gonna lie, I really like Lean Back. It may not be the best song out there, but I can’t help but to dance along to it and get lit whenever it comes on. I actually like the Scott Storch production. And while Fat Joe’s verses had nothing to do with the song and Remy Ma is hit-and-miss here, I still enjoy the song a lot. For me, it’s too memorable to ignore. And Drop It Like It’s Hot is a classic. The minimalistic production from Pharrell and both his and Snoop’s delivery and charisma really make this song. Despite being a girls and gansta song, the production and both artists’ presence make me overlook that stuff. I wish there were more songs to talk about, but overall 2004 wasn’t half bad for hip hop overlooking all the dumb club and crunk stuff. It was cool revisiting this year.

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  2. Just wondering, can you do a best and worst list of Billboard’s Top 100 Songs of All Time in honor of the Hot 100’s 60th anniversary?


      1. I hope we can see a Mr Maestro Countdown: Top 100 Songs Of The 2010’s.

        Also finally nice to see a One Call Away song joke referencing Charlie Puth. Would you say Puth is capable of better after How Long impressed you in the same way All The Way Up wasn’t that bad for a Fat Joe and Remy Ma song?


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