Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review

Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: August 2018


Welcome back to another Top 40 Review where we look at the most popular songs in the United States right now. Let’s get started.


#39. God Is A Woman-Ariana Grande: Ever since this song was announced, it was fun watching all of the extremely religious people lose their shit over the title. Just goes to show how sensitive they are about their deity. Anyways, God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande, a sex song where the sex is so good that you thought you were fucking God himself. I wouldn’t call this one of my favorite songs from Ariana Grande, but it’s still good with its vocals and production that has both seductive guitars and a booming beat. I give this song a low B.

#38. 5% Tint-Travis Scott: So recently, Travis Scott released his latest album called ASTROWORLD. It’s an interesting album to say the least. In terms of production, Travis has expanded upon his sound and took trap to new heights… for the most part. Not with songs like 5% Tint. This is more of the same that we’ve heard from trap from the production to the flexing to the Auto-Tune. Even the beat switch-up isn’t that interesting. It’s not bad, but this honestly feels like album filler. I give it a C.

#34. Mercy-Brett Young: Now let’s talk about Mercy by Brett Young, which is just okay. It’s a piano ballad about a relationship coming to an end and wanting it to be quick and it’s executed adequately. I don’t have much else to say about this song. I give it a C.

#31. No Bystanders-Travis Scott: Here, Travis Scott teams up with Juice WRLD for No Bystanders, a generic club song with the same amount of excitement as watching paint dry in spite of its chorus saying “fuck the club up.” This does not sound like the right kind of music to fuck the club up with. It’s getting an F from me.

#30. Wake Up-Travis Scott: And here’s the obligatory “love” (sex) song, Wake Up with The Weeknd. The production is mostly consists of a broken acoustic guitar over a barebones trap beat while both Travis and The Weeknd are Auto-tuned crooning about boning. I have no reason to listen to this again. It’s a D for me.

#27. Stop Trying To Be God-Travis Scott: This dude got Kid Cudi, James Blake, Phillip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire, and Stevie Wonder on one song. You know we’re in for something special. Stop Trying To Be God is pretty self-explanatory as it’s all about being humble and not letting some God complex take over you.

Image result for kanye west

Setting aside the fact that Travis has several songs about flexing (especially on the same album), this song is great. Every artist on here brought their A-game, especially Stevie Wonder on the harmonica. The way the beat switched up near the end was so dope, going from spacey hip-hop to this lowkey number from James Blake with Stevie Wonder’s harmonica. This is the best song off of ASTROWORLD. I give it an A.

#26. R.I.P. Screw-Travis Scott: And here’s a song dedicated to DJ Screw, the pioneer of the Houston chopped-and-screwed sound who died in 2000 from lean overdose. Honestly, I’m not feeling this. The production and the performances from both Travis and Swae Lee? It’s a no for me. You could have done this song better than this. I give it a D.

#25. Yosemite-Travis Scott: I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling Yosemite. Maybe it’s the slow guitar-driven production or maybe it’s the way the vocals sounded. The song features Gunna, who sounds like a more subdued Young Thug, but he sounded dope here. There’s also NAV, who has a verse on the outro, and he was okay. Overall, Yosemite is one of my favorite songs from ASTROWORLD. I give it a high B.

#24. Carousel-Travis Scott: Carousel is another drugged-out song from Travis Scott and it features Frank Ocean, who honestly isn’t at his best here. The production is cool, but nothing to write home about. The song isn’t bad, but it’s a bit underwhelming. I give it a C.

#16. Big Bank-YG ft 2 Chainz, Big Sean, & Nicki Minaj: This song has been playing on the radio all summer and it’s finally here. Big Bank from YG is your typical club song and it’s weak as fuck thanks to the production. Seems like DJ Mustard went back to the boring minimal shit from 2014. In terms of verses, YG was alright, 2 Chainz has the best verse, Big Sean was weak, and I could do without Nicki Minaj. I’m not feeling this track overall. It’s a low D for me. Sorry.

#11. No Brainer-DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, & Quavo:


August 24. That’s when you’ll see my full thoughts on this piece of shit. It’s easily getting an F from me.

#8. Stargazing-Travis Scott: Next is Stargazing, which takes trap to psychedelic levels with its production and Travis Scott alternating between his rapping flow and Auto-Tuned crooning. The switch-up is also pretty dope. For a song about a drugged-out trip, this is actually good. I give it a B.

#5. FEFE-6ix9ine ft Nicki Minaj & Murda Beatz: 6ix9ine now has a Top 5 hit. I don’t get people sometimes. Anyways, here’s FEFE and its blows chunks. The production is lousy and drowsy, creating a feeling of unsettlement. Instead of shouting, 6ix9ine opted to rap more melodically and it sounds worse than his yelling. Then there’s the lyrics, which are all about sex.

Pussy got that wet, wet, got that drip, drip
Got that Super Soaker, hit that, she a Fefe
Her name Keke, she eat my dick like it’s free, free
I don’t even know like “Why I did that?”
I don’t even know like “Why I hit that?”
All I know is that I just can’t wife that
Talk to her nice so she won’t fight back
Turn around and hit it from the back, back, back
Bend her down then I make it clap, clap, clap

No. Just no. Also, Nicki Minaj is on this track because she’s bringing him on tour and controversy is all she knows. Her verses were ass just like the rest of this song. This shit is terrible. If these two are the supposed King & Queen of New York, then New York is a fucking joke. I give this song an F.

#4. Sicko Mode-Travis Scott: And now we’ve reached the big hit from ASTROWORLD, Sicko Mode. It’s one of the weaker songs on the album thanks to a pointless Biggie sample and phoned-in contributions from Swae Lee and Drake. Because we don’t have enough Drake on the charts right now. Also, this production is a clusterfuck of a mess. And this is Travis’ highest charting single. *sigh* I give it a low D.


Stop Trying To Be God






No Brainer

And that was another Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review. Stay tuned next month when I do another. This week, it’s the Worst Songs of 1962 list.


9 thoughts on “Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: August 2018

      1. Hey Bhop, based on this billboard review got me thinking:

        1. Have there been any other impressions of Nav you got in the few times he charted enough to make Billboard Breakdown and how do you feel about him? He seems to be possibly be the next big Canadian thing after Alesia Cara and The Weeknd
        2. Are there any country artist tracks you’d be willing to grade higher than a C? With artists like Brett Young or even when a bad country group like Florida Georgia Line make a good song, the grade doesn’t seem to go higher mostly.
        3. For the I’m The Two aka No Brainer Target Practice, the cover art could be worthy of a joke since I think it was done by the same designer for the Post To Be cover
        4. Travis Scott one of those artists that’s 50/50 for you?


      2. 1. I have no feelings on Nav. He just hasn’t done anything impressive or worth talking about.
        2. Plenty, but most of them either don’t chart or become big enough hits because the country music industry sucks at managing their artists and push out garbage instead.
        3. Too obvious.
        4. Duh. But he’s better than most trap artists.


  1. God is a Woman: I dont like it much. Its just a song about sex and nothing to do with God himself. Its better than The Light is Coming (Ariana Grande with her inner Taylor Swift rap skills), but much worse than No Tears Left to Cry. The latter song made me hyped for this new album, but after these following singles, nah.
    Mercy: I dont listen to country music after Body Like a Back Road broke my ears for a few weeks.
    Stop Trying to Be God: I thought Ill never see the day that B-Hop gives a trap autotuned mumble rapper an A plus Best of the Month. I’m not disagreeing though. This is probably one of the best songs that Travis Scott made, with great production (the harmonica is pushing it) plus a decent message. All four artists perform their best on this song (that James Blake outro is OP), and the music video is pretty dope too (I found it a little cheesy though). Probably will end up as one of my favorite songs of 2018. The claims that Travis is trying to take a Satanic approach is bullshit and cringeworthy.
    Big Bank: I actually like this song and I dont know why. Maybe it seems like all four artists are just having fun and not taking it seriously. I actually like DJ Mustard beats contrary to your opinion. The type of beats that DJ Mustard make IMO are good club bangers. Plus half-decent punchlines from all four artists, I give this a B instead.
    I’m the Tw–I mean No Brainer: I thought it was going to replace In My Feelings at #1. I’m sure glad it didnt. However bad In My Feelings is, I’m the Two is much worse.
    Stargazing: Pretty good intro to the album. Nice to hear Travis actually rapping for once. I dont like his singing much.
    Fefe: 69, stop trolling. You’ve made it to the point where this song is probably in the Top 5 because of the memes. If it didnt feature Nicki Minaj though, I dont think it will ever get this high.
    Sicko Mode: Decently good. Pretty good productions plus solid beat switches in my opinion. Drake actually does a decent job in this song; he isnt half asleep this time. Some of the lyrics in the third part are pretty bad though, but otherwise, this song is solid and will probably serve as the most popular song on this album. Swae Lee saying the words Someone Said will probably make more money off of that than you and I will do in years.


  2. So what do you think about the 3 big rap albums that were released last last Friday? I’d give Astroworld a B+, Stay Dangerous a C, and I havent listened to Swimming yet, but judging to critic reviews, its pretty bad.

    Also, what are you favorite and least favorite songs on Astroworld? My favorite are Sicko Mode, Stop Trying to be God, and Stargizing. My least favorite are the uninteresting filler <2 minute songs on this album.


    1. I haven’t heard Stay Dangerous or Swimming yet. As for ASTROWORLD, overall, I’d give it a C+. My favorite tracks are Stop Trying To Be God, Yosemite, and Stargazing and my least favorites include No Bystanders and Who? What!.


      1. IMO Who What is really short and rushed. Travis Scott and his features, Quavo and Takeoff, all have like 20 second verses in which they dont say much. This is probably a remake of a song in Huncho Jack, where all of the artists were on.


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