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Random WTF Lyrics #44


Welcome to Random WTF Lyrics where we look at six random lyrics from six random songs. Let’s get started.

Bed-Nicki Minaj ft Ariana Grande

You know? Nicki Minaj having her meltdown these past couple of days has not been fun to watch. All of this insanity because her weak ass Queen album was number 2 behind ASTROWORLD. She’s still rich as hell and has a fanbase who will stand by her even if she stated her support for the orange fool-in-office.

You say I’m the GOAT, yeah the billy on you

Not meaning to respond with a bad punchline, but this was…

Image result for singing goat


Adore You-Miley Cyrus

When you’re near me
I feel like I’m standing with an army
Of men armed with weapons, hey oh

That’s… exactly an army is. A group of men armed with weapons. You didn’t need to elaborate more on that. Imagine Miley Cyrus in an army. What is she gonna do, distract the enemy with her twerking? Oh, wait. She doesn’t do that anymore. Maybe she’ll carry a portable speaker blasting her music out loud.

Funny Way Of Laughing-Burl Ives

It’s just my funny way of laughin’
Yes, my funny way of laughin’
Your leavin’ didn’t bother me
It’s just my funny way of laughin’
Yes, my funny way of laughin’
I’m really happy as can be

If you see me with a great big smile
At some party where the fun runs wild
If tears start to flow and I fall apart
Please don’t think you broke my heart

If we meet on the street
And a little bitty tear rolls down my cheek
Please don’t think it’s because I’m blue
Or that I’m still in love with you

Remember the day you left our place
And how the tears rolled down my face
It wasn’t because you were leavin’ me
I was happy because you were pleasing me

Mmm-hmm. And when this dude is all alone, he’s listening to and singing along to this.

Flower-Liz Phair

Every time I see your face I get all wet between my legs

Every time I see your face I think of things unpure, unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it

I’m pretty sure that sounds like rape.

I’ll fuck you and your minions, too

Image result for minion what?

I want to be your blow job queen
You’re probably shy and introspective
That’s not part of my objective
I just want your fresh, young jimmy
Jamming, slamming, ramming in me

Okay. I don’t think I need to go through with this. Anyone else want to move on?

He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)-The Crystals

He hit me
And it felt like a kiss
He hit me
But it didn’t hurt me

Uhh, no. I’m pretty sure getting hit would feel like, well, getting hit. There’s pain and bruising and bleeding and pain and did I ever mention the bleeding and bruising? Apparently, Gerry Goffin and Carole King wrote this song because their babysitter was being abused by her boyfriend, but she defended him, saying he’s doing it out of love. So yeah. This song is about an abuse victim defending their abuser. No. Just… no.

So this exists.

Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)-The Cheeky Girls

Cheeky girls
Oh boys cheeky girls
Oh girls cheeky boys
Oh boys cheeky girls
Oh girls cheeky boys
Oh boys cheeky girls
Oh girls cheeky boys
Oh boys cheeky girls
Oh girls cheeky boys

Never ever ask what do you do
I never ever ask what do you do
I never ever ask what’s in your mind
I never ever ask if you’ll be mine
Come and smile
Don’t be shy
Touch my bum – this is life

We are the cheeky girls, we are the cheeky girls
You are the cheeky boys, you are the cheeky boys
We are the cheeky girls, we are the cheeky girls
You are the cheeky boys, you are the cheeky boys

I… I don’t even know what this is. Nor do I even want to know. This is Cheeky Song by Romanian-born, UK-based duo the Cheeky Girls and it’s an infamous bad song. Thankfully, it didn’t chart in the US and Canada, but it was big throughout Europe, Japan, and Australia. Cheeky girls and cheeky boys. Does this relate to butts? Yeah, that’s what it is, it’s related to butts. I mean, they said “touch my bum.” What else could that be aside from a homeless person, which wouldn’t make sense in the context of this song.

And that was Random WTF Lyrics. No lyrics are safe.


8 thoughts on “Random WTF Lyrics #44

  1. Thanks for accepting my suggestions!
    Now, let me introduce you to three songs from this year that deserve to be thoroughly trashed in a Target Practice episode.


  2. Thanks SO MUCH for including some of my suggestions! Now here are my thoughts:

    Now I know Nicki Minaj supports You-Know-Who (and I’m not talking about Voldemort), my interest in her has pretty much hit zero along with Kanye. Acting like a pissy baby when your album only reached No.2 is just childish. Hey, Nicki! Your album’s still successful for it to go that high!

    When I first heard about Flower’s lyrics, I immediately thought about songs like Some Cut, Sugar Walls, and all those sex songs that go the whole hog instead of being subtle about it, but that song just takes the cake. I don’t have much to say about The Cheeky Song, except this: “Touch my bum, this is life”? So you just spend every day of your life touching yours and other people’s asses? But hey, I doubt this song was made to be taken seriously, but that doesn’t excuse it being rubbish.

    Looking forward to No Brainer’s Target Practice, a.k.a. I’m The One V.2; it’s just the same guys behind it minus Lil Wayne (Chance deserves better than this).

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      1. I agree with your rating for Sweetener. It’s a step-down from Dangerous Woman, but it’s still decent overall.
        Which are your favorite and least favorite songs from it?

        My favs: No Tears Left To Cry, The Light Is Coming, God is a woman, Get Well Soon
        My least favs: Sweetener, Successful, Better Off


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