Hot Rap Songs Review: 2007

Hot Rap Songs Review

Welcome back to another Hot Rap Songs Review. Let’s get started.


We Fly High-Jim Jones: Oh, boy. 2007 is going to be a pain to re-experience. Jim Jones is a member of Dipset and is a very uninteresting rapper. His big hit is We Fly High. I’ve seen this song on a lot of people’s worst of ’07 lists (it’s a dishonorable mention on mine) and their reasoning is completely justified because it’s bad. The beat has those awful buzzing synths and cheap drums. The lyrics are just Jim Jones flexing and it’s not interesting at all. It also has the “BALLIN” ad-lib that pretty much everyone has said while pretending that they’re shooting a free throw. This song is sloppy, invasive, and incompetent. I give it an F.

Runaway Love-Ludacris ft Mary J. Blige: And we get a reprieve from the mediocrity thanks to Runaway Love, which might be one of the best songs Ludacris has ever made. Each verse tells the story of three different girls who have been through some hardships, whether it’d be molestation, child abuse, drug use, or unwanted pregnancies, etc., and each of them decide to run away at the end of each verse. It reflects the harsh uncomfortable realities that black girls in poor neighborhoods go through and how they often aren’t believed when they express their pain, especially to those who are supposed to love them. Getting Mary J. Blige on this song makes a lot of sense since she’s been through some of the same shit that they’ve been through. Gotta hand it to Ludacris for tackling such a serious subject matter and the poignant way it was handled. It’s getting an A from me.

This Is Why I’m Hot-MIMS: Probably one of the most laughable songs in existence and not for a good reason. MIMS hit number one with his only hit single This Is Why I’m Hot. It has a boring beat, a chorus that just repeats the title of the song…

This is why I’m hot
This is why I’m hot
This is why
This is why, uh
This is why I’m hot (uh)
This is why I’m hot
This is why I’m hot, woo
This is why
This is why
This is why I’m hot

…, and then there’s the content, which I think this line explains it all.

This is why I’m hot
I don’t gotta rap
I can sell a mill, sell you nothing on the track

Which is exactly what happened. MIMS went platinum off of a song that pretty much says nothing or nothing worth praising. A good flow could make up for that, but the flow in this song is really generic. This is just another embarrassing ringtone rap song from a one-hit wonder who’s best left forgotten. I give it an F.

I’m A Flirt-R. Kelly or Bow Wow ft T.I. & T-Pain: Well, this is awkward. So there’s two versions of I’m A Flirt that were counted in total: one is the original version with Bow Wow and R. Kelly and the other is a remix with R Kelly, T.I., and T-Pain. The latter version is the most popular with more airplay and downloads. So how are they overall? Well, they’re just okay at best. Both have the same production, which is the product of the times and they’re about flirting with chicks. Bow Wow wasn’t that great, R. Kelly was R. Kelly, and both T.I. and T-Pain have done better in other songs. I don’t hate I’m A Flirt, but I don’t like it, either. It just exists. I give it a low C.

Party Like A Rockstar-Shop Boyz: Party Like A Rockstar isn’t the first time hip-hop and rock music came together, but it is one of the worst examples of it since nu-metal. All they did for the production was take a typical rap beat and added a guitar riff to it, that’s it. All of the rock references in this song are forced as hell and none of the rapping from any member of the Shop Boyz is any good. Also, that chorus.

Party like a rock…
Party like a rock star
Party like a rock…
Party like a rock star
Party like a rock…
Party like a rock star
Party like a rock star
Totally, dude!

I think I’ll let Michael Jordan speak.

This sucks for both hip-hop and rock audiences. I give this an F.

Make Me Better-Fabolous ft Ne-Yo: Fabolous was never anything great, but he was competent enough to make some enjoyable songs and he’s got some bars. Recent events surrounding Fab’s personal life (i.e., domestic abuse charges) has made me hesitant to go back to his music. Anyways, Make Me Better with Ne-Yo, a song about being a better person for that lady in your life. Yeah, Ne-Yo pretty much steals the show as he graces this song with his presence. Even though this is Fabolous’ song, he feels like second fiddle here. He was alright though. Timbaland provides the production and he gives the song a lush soundtrack. Overall, I give this song a B.

Shawty-Plies ft T-Pain: Not even an Earth, Wind & Fire sample and T-Pain’s hook could save Shawty from Plies’ godawful rapping, flow, and voice and the ugliest side of the “thugs need love” song that sounds more like unflattering sex than actual love. This song blows. I give it an F.

Crank That-Soulja Boy: One of the earliest rap hits to go viral, Crank That has shitty rapping, a shitty beat, shitty flow, shitty lyrics, and a shitty dance to boot. I said everything that needed to be said about it in my Worst of ’07 list and I stand by it; one of the worst hip-hop songs to ever become a hit and it’s getting an F from me. Fuck this song.

Good Life-Kanye West ft T-Pain: And we go from one of my most hated songs to one of my favorites. WHIPLASH!! Remember when being a Kanye fan wasn’t so embarrassing? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Good Life is a single from Graduation and it’s amazing. The epic production that manages to mix horns with synths so effortlessly, T-Pain’s contribution on the hook and backing vocals, and Kanye living and celebrating the good life. It’s one of the best songs dedicated to living your best life and another Kanye classic. I give it an A.


Good Life


Runaway Love


Crank That (obviously)


Party Like A Rockstar

And those were the number one songs on the Hot Rap Songs chart of 2007. Next time, we look at the number one songs on the Hot Rap Songs chart of 2008.


8 thoughts on “Hot Rap Songs Review: 2007

  1. Just in time for your review, here’s my best and worst lists for 2007 that includes many of the songs reviewed
    Best Hit Songs of 2007
    1)Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
    2)Snow (Hey Oh) by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
    3)Rehab by Amy Winehouse
    4)Stronger by Kanye West
    5)Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5
    6)Give It To Me by Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake
    7)Say It Right by Nelly Furtado
    8)U + Ur Hand by P!nk
    9)Paralyzer by Finger Eleven
    10)The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani ft. Akon
    Honorable Mentions
    Irreplaceable by Beyoncé
    Umbrella by Rihanna ft. JAY-Z
    Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie
    The Way I Are by Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson
    What Goes Around…Comes Around/Summer Love/Lovestoned by Justin Timberlake
    Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes ft. Patrick Stump
    This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race/Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy
    Runaway Love by Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige
    What I’ve Done by Linkin Park
    Lost Without U by Robin Thicke
    Because of You by Ne-Yo
    I Tried by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ft. Akon
    Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
    Apologize by Timbaland ft. OneRepublic
    Who Knew by P!nk
    Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift
    That’s That by Snoop Dogg ft. R. Kelly

    Worst Hit Songs of 2007
    1)Crank That (Soulja Boy) by Soulja Boy
    2)Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
    3)I Wanna Love You by Akon ft. Snoop Dogg
    4)Fergalicious by Fergie ft. will.i.am
    5)Wind It Up by Gwen Stefani
    6)Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown ft. T-Pain
    7)Walk It Out/2 Step by Unk
    8)Rockstar by Nickelback
    9)This is Why I’m Hot by MiMS
    10)Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston
    Dishonorable Mentions
    Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin) by T-Pain ft. Yung Joc
    Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
    Glamorous by Fergie ft. Ludacris
    Don’t Matter by Akon
    Party Like A Rockstar by Shop Boyz
    We Fly High by Jim Jones
    Pop, Lock, and Drop It by Huey
    Make It Rain by Fat Joe ft. Lil Wayne
    If Everybody Cared by Nickelback
    The Way I Live by Baby Boy Da Prince ft. Boosie Badazz
    Shortie Like Mine by Bow Wow ft. Chris Brown and Johnta Austin
    A Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris
    Shawty by Plies ft. T-Pain
    Like a Boy by Ciara
    Never Again by Kelly Clarkson
    Throw Some D’s by Rich Boy ft. Polo Da Don
    No One by Alicia Keys
    Cyclone by Baby Bash ft. T-Pain
    Ayo Technology by 50 Cent ft. Timbaland and Justin Timberlake
    Rock Yo Hips by Crime Mob ft. Lil Scrappy
    Better Than Me by Hinder


  2. ah, 2007, those were the days. Trust me, there isn’t a single internet reviewer that likes We Fly High. Add me to that list because I never liked it either, or Jim Jones for that matter. Runaway Love is the most serious song Ludacris ever released and it’s one of his best ones. It’s no wonder he won a Grammy for that song.This Is Why I’m Hot was one of the most overplayed songs of ’07. Trust me, I was there. It was completely inescapable, and then Mims disappeared. He was only hot for one song. The song sucks, but I’m gonna admit I kind of liked it back then. I’m A Flirt is alright, but I can’t go back to this song all that much anymore considering R. Kelly. Party Like A Rockstar was another overplayed ringtone song by a bunch of one-hit wonders. You’re right, it’s a joke to both hip hop and rock fans. I’d rather listen to Limp Bizkit’s entire discography than to ever hear this crap again. Make Me Better is one of my favorite Fabo songs, but it’s really the Ne-Yo hook and Timbaland production that sold me on that. I aknowledge that Shawty is a bad song. That said, I like the song, call it a guilty pleasure. The sample and T-Pain’s hook are basically the reasons why I enjoy it, and it was admittably my summer jam. Plies sucks, though. Sad thing about Crank That is I’d rather listen to that song than half of the mumble rap shit charting right now. Song’s garbage in retrospect. I respect Soulja Boy for at least being the first viral rapper, and producing and marketing this song on his own, but the song is garbage in retrospect. I actually really liked the song at first, then years later I realized that this song is awful. Also, I don’t like Soulja Boy as a person and the shots he took at Ice-T still piss me off to this day. It’s definitely one of the worst songs to hit #1, no doubt. Good Life is one of my favorite Kanye songs. Considering the song he currently has with Lil’ Pump, it’s hard to imagine he was charting high with great songs like these. Though I am surprised Stronger wasn’t here. I guess it was too pop for the rap charts. Looking forward to the next review.

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  3. 2007 all I can say is mercy. you ran inot Spulja Boy once and now it is twice. He can take crank dat, the dance and take a walk with it. Keep it away from us. We are now far away from the glory days of old school rap and now 2007 was a shitty year no doubt. At least Christopher Bridges AKA Ludacris and Kanye West gave us a couple classics.


    1. And it is nice to see Fabolous to come in and stand as an island in a sea of despicable rap songs. This maybe a little cliché but it sounds good after discussing “Party Like A Rockstar, Shawty, We fly high and other failing rap songs or any bad song. I can go on to songs about stealing ones girl. The list goes on.


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