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Top 10 List: Worst Songs of 1965

In one of his old videos, Todd In The Shadows named three years that he considers to be the best in pop music history: 1983, 1976, and 1965. We’re here to talk about the latter year and Todd was right. 1965 was pretty damn awesome. It’s the second year of the British Invasion and Beatlemania. The 50s is slowly, but surely, losing their grip as more rock songs have made their appearance on the charts along with folk and Motown. It’s a golden age for popular music, but even those have their blemishes, so let’s look at those blemishes right now.



Image result for i'm telling you now freddie and the dreamers

Freddie And The Dreamers starts the list off with I’m Telling You Now, which became a number one hit in the US and number 2 in their native U.K. This is another one of those songs that actually started a short-lived dance craze called the Freddie. I’m gonna let Wikipedia explain the dance to you.

To do the Freddie, the dancer simply stands in place; then, in rhythm with the music, extends the left leg and raises both arms, as if doing jumping jacks; then extends the right leg and raises both arms again. The moves are repeated until the song’s conclusion.

Yeah, this is one of those songs. Aside from that dumb shit, the instrumentation is dull, I can’t stand the nasal singing, and there’s not much to the writing. It’s just a guy saying “I love you” to a girl and I don’t give a shit about it. Let this song remain forgotten because it’s pretty inessential.


Image result for glenn yarbrough baby the rain must fall

Next up is Glenn Yarbrough, who performed the title song for the 1965 film Baby The Rain Must Fall. I don’t know much about the film since I haven’t seen it, but it does star Steve McQueen. As for the song itself, it’s pretty generic and typical of songs that were made for movies at the time. Very meh instrumentation and Yarbrough’s performance is nothing to write home to. And there’s the writing. From what I got, it’s a guy who doesn’t want to settle down in a relationship because of some passion he has, which isn’t bad in itself, but it’s presented in a poetically douchey way.

But, baby the rain must fall,
Baby, the wind must blow,
Wherever my heart leads me
Baby, I must go, baby I must go.

Mmm-hmm. Sure, buddy. Whatever you say.


Image result for down in the boondocks

I was gonna make a Boondocks joke for this entry, but it wouldn’t fit. This is Down In The Boondocks by Billy Joe Royal. It’s about a boy from a poor, rural part of town who’s often underestimated because of where he was from and he falls in love with a girl from the richer part of town, but there’s a twist: her father is his boss. Yeah, this sounds like the plot to a corny romantic comedy. As for the rest of the song? First, the singing. Billy Joe Royal in this song sounds awful. And second, the instrumentation is typical hokey-sounding country music. Maybe this is why I don’t listen to that much country music.


Image result for save your heart for me

Save Your Heart For Me is a song that was originally written for and recorded by Brian Hyland. Then came Gary Lewis & The Playboys, who covered it and saw more success. Musically, it’s not bad, even if it isn’t anything that special. But my main issues with this song stem from the writing. Basically, it’s a guy saying to his girl, “you can go out and have fun, but don’t fall in love with anyone but me.” This dude sounds way too possessive and is only trusting at a certain point, like she can flirt with other dudes, but not be in a relationship with them. It makes me question the relationship between the two. They seem less like a couple and more like two roommates. You might have a different interpretation, but this is just me and it’s preventing me from liking this song.


Image result for don't just stand there patty duke

Patty Duke is one of many kid stars from the 60s. She had her own show and won an Academy Award for her performance as Helen Keller in 1962’s The Miracle Worker. And like a lot of kid stars, she also had a music career. Her big hit is Don’t Just Stand There and it’s crap. It’s a corny love song at the most elementary level where Patty Duke is being a dick to a guy and wants him to say or do something when he’s just standing. Also, is it me or does this sound criminally similar to You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore? It has that same epic-sounding instrumentation, but watered-down to its most basic level, and the way Patty Duke sings this song almost sounds like that song. So Patty Duke sounds like a lesser version of Lesley Gore. I don’t expect kid stars to be that original or creative, but wow.


Image result for the name game shirley ellis

Sometimes, you just know a song is going to suck just by looking at the title. For example, we have The Name Game, performed by Shirley Ellis. I can’t even call this a song, this is more of a children’s nursery rhyme. More specifically, it’s a nursery rhyme based on people’s names and variations of those names. I would talk about the music, but it’s pretty stock 60s R&B that doesn’t stand out. There’s nothing wrong with nursery rhymes in general, but they do not belong on the pop charts. They just don’t. Maybe it’ll fit Radio Disney, but that’s it.


Image result for the birds and the bees jewel akens

Speaking of elementary crap, The Birds And The Bees by Jewel Akens. The title is based on an idiom used to explain to kids how babies are made if they don’t buy into the stork story. If you’re expecting something more graphic, well, you’re going to be disappointed because this shit is sanitized as hell. It handles the topic of sex as well as Afternoon Delight and takes the safest road possible. You can’t keep beating around the bush when it comes to this topic. No pun intended. You either talk about it or don’t and this song feels like they were trying to have their cake and eat it. Add in some sloppy instrumentation and you got yourself a bad song.


Image result for you turn me on ian whitcomb

And while we’re on the topic of sex, we have this song. It also has a title that doesn’t give me hope for its quality. Ian Whitcomb’s You Turn Me On. And it’s about the first thing on your mind when you hear the phrase “you turn me on.” For those who think I’m reading too much into it, I present to you this.

Come on now honey you know you really turn me on
Come on now honey you know you really turn me on
And when and when you do
Uh huh huh huh uh uh That’s my song

Come on now baby, come on and do the jerk with me
Come on now honey, come on and do the jerk with me
And if if you do
Uh huh huh huh uh uh That’s my song

All of it. Performed in a falsetto that sounds like Ian Whitcomb is beating his little British meat while recording. Making matters worse is that the chorus sounds like he just climaxed. I don’t need to hear that shit, bruh. Do the jerk in the privacy of your own home, not in public where kids could see you. I feel bad for the poor sucker who has to clean up after him.


Image result for laurie strange things happen

Remember Dickey Lee? The guy who made Patches? Well, turns out that’s not the only turd he put out. He also had Laurie (Strange Things Happen). And guess what? Just like Patches, it’s a teen tragedy song. Because people weren’t already tired of hearing about dead kids. So here’s the story of Laurie: a guy meets and falls in love with a girl named Laurie and it’s her birthday. He walked her home from a dance and he gave her his sweater. Later on, he heads back to her home to get his sweater back when he’s confronted by her father, who said she died a year ago on her birthday. So the dude heads over to the graveyard and sees his sweater on her grave. I have questions. *clears throat* Did Laurie die from an accident or suicide? How did we get from this dude taking her home to her being dead for a year? Where was he the whole time she was dead? Why was a sweater just sitting there on someone’s grave? Was Laurie really a ghost? Was the dude hallucinating? I feel like some important details have been left out, raising more questions than needed and that’s why this song fails. That, and the fact that it’s boring and needlessly depressing. So what’s worse than this?

And now, here are some dishonorable mentions.


  • Ramsey Lewis Trio-The In Crowd
  • Barbara Mason-Yes, I’m Ready
  • The Seekers-I’ll Never Find Another You
  • Jay & The Americans-Cara Mia
  • The Kingsmen-Jolly Green Giant
  • Patti Page-Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
  • Herman’s Hermits-Wonderful World
  • Vic Dana-Red Roses For A Blue Lady
  • Bobby Goldsboro-Little Things
  • The Strangeloves-I Want Candy

And finally, the worst song of 1965 IS…….

drum roll


Image result for mrs brown you've got a lovely daughterImage result for i'm henry the eighth i am

As one might be able to tell, the British Invasion didn’t always give us quality material. For every Beatles, you get a Herman’s Hermits. I do not like these guys at all. They’re an awful band. Every song I heard from them on this YE list was crap, which left me wondering which one was worse. But I ended up going for a tie. Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter is a dude conversing with his ex’s mom and complaining about her (the ex). Even if that doesn’t make you want to punch this guy in the face for being a shitbag, there’s also the shitty instrumentation and singing. Dear Odin, the singing is annoying. The lead singer sounds like he recorded this with a stuffy nose, it’s that bad. And then there’s I’m Henry The Eighth, I Am. Fuck this song with a hot iron. It has better instrumentation than the previous song, but it’s just as annoying and the singing hasn’t gotten any better. Half of the song is the chorus and the other half is just one verse repeated three times. It’s repetitive nonsense that seeks to annoy people. And this band would go on to have more hits until the late 60s. Congratulations to both Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter and I’m Henry The Eighth, I Am for being the worst songs of 1965.

And those were the worst songs of 1965. In two weeks, BACK TO THE 60s continues with the Worst Songs of 1966. Oh, and keep an eye on the UPDATES page tomorrow.




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5 thoughts on “Top 10 List: Worst Songs of 1965

  1. Agree with 1965 being an awesome year for popular music. By this point, the 60s are really in full swing with Beatlemania and British Invasion still going strong along with Motown. Orchestral pop was still big and I also noticed more folk influenced tracks getting big with Bob Dylan and The Byrds and songs like Eve of Destruction getting big.

    I’m Telling You Now- I saw a live video of the band performing the song in 65 with the dance and I’ll admit the dance moves are pretty impressive especially with how they’re able to do the dance while playing their instruments and sing. Aside from that, I agree with you that’s it’s just another cheesy love song from a short lived British Invasion band.

    Baby The Rain Must Fall- meh

    Down in the Boondocks- pretty cheesy

    Save Your Heart For Me- meh

    Don’t Just Stand There- boring and yeah it is basically the same as You Don’t Own Me

    The Name Game- really stupid

    The Birds and The Bees- really cheesy.This literally sounds like something an education program would use in a sex-ed program

    You Turn Me On- Ian Whitcomb sounds like he’s literally running out of air singing and the song itself is really weak

    Laurie- boring

    Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter/I’m Henry The Eighth I Am- As great as The British Invasion was for music, it didn’t mean it was free of bad music. Funny to think that Herman’s Hermits were one of the biggest competitors to The Beatles in terms of chart success during the British Invasion era since I rarely hear their music today. I think Billboardguy1 said it best in his 60s number one rankings that Herman’s Hermits were basically a pre-school version of the British Invasion bands. I also don’t like the lead singer’s singing especially with how he sounds like he’s singing to a bunch of little kids as well as how he really emphasizes his British accent.

    Disagree with I Want Candy on the dishonorable mentions. I find it fun despite all the overplay it has gotten with all the modern covers. And it also brings back childhood memories of when I was in the school play in fifth grade where we used one of the covers.

    Great best list! A lot of these songs are great classics that have held up really well. It’s amazing with how many songs I recognize from your best list than your worst list. some songs I have some fond childhood memories with include Help! which was also used in the fifth grade play, How Sweet It Is since I mentioned me and my first grade did a routine to the James Taylor cover which I still think is okay but agree the Marvin Gaye original is better. I would have put Like a Rolling Stone as my best song of 1965 but You’ve Lost That Lovin Feelin is still a great song.

    Here’s my best and worst lists for 1990 since I want to explore the 90s before I was born
    Best Hit Songs of 1990
    1)Free Fallin by Tom Petty
    2)Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe
    3)Rhythm Nation/Black Cat by Janet Jackson
    4)Vision of Love by Mariah Carey
    5)I Go To Extremes by Billy Joel
    6)Vogue by Madonna
    7)Black Velvet by Alannah Myles
    8)Just A Friend by Biz Markie
    9)The King of Wishful Thinking by Go West
    10)Praying For Time by George Michael
    Honorable Mentions
    Hold On by Wilson Phillips
    Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’Connor
    Hold On by En Vogue
    Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul
    Escapade by Janet Jackson
    Roam by The B-52s
    Here and Now by Luther Vandross
    U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer
    Something Happened On The Way To Heaven by Phil Collins
    Janie’s Got A Gun by Aerosmith
    The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground
    Love Takes Time by Mariah Carey
    Oh Girl by Paul Young
    Thieves in the Temple by Prince

    Worst Hit Songs of 1990
    1)How Am I Supposed To Live Without You by Michael Bolton
    2)Mentirosa by Mellow Man Ace
    3)Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
    4)I’ll Be Your Everything by Tommy Page
    5)All or Nothing by Milli Vanilli
    6)No More Lies by Michel’le
    7)Have You Seen Her by MC Hammer
    8)We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel
    9)What Kind of Man Would I Be by Chicago
    10)Don’t Know Much by Linda Ronstadt with Aaron Neville
    Dishonorable Mentions
    All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You by Heart
    She Ain’t Worth It by Glenn Medeiros and Bobby Brown
    (Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection by Nelson
    Love Will Lead You Back by Taylor Dayne
    Downtown Train by Rod Stewart
    Do You Remember/I Wish It Would Rain Down by Phil Collins
    I Remember You by Skid Row
    This One’s For The Children by New Kids on the Block
    Forever by KISS
    Tic Tac Toe by Kyper

    What do you think of the following songs?
    Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs
    Yesterday by The Beatles
    Eight Days A Week by The Beatles
    Back in My Arms Again by The Supremes
    I Hear A Symphony by The Supremes
    Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds (I sang this in fifth grade chorus)
    Over and Over by The Dave Clark Five
    Downtown by Petula Clark
    Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat By Herman’s Hermits
    Help Me Rhonda by The Beach Boys
    Hang on Sloopy by The McCoys
    The Game of Love by Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders
    Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey
    All Day and All Of The Night by The Kinks
    What The World Needs Now Is Love by Jackie DeShannon
    I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher
    It’s The Same Old Song by The Four Tops
    The Last Time by The Rolling Stones
    Get Off My Cloud by The Rolling Stones
    My Generation by The Who
    I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown

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