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Target Practice: Bebe Rexha “I’m A Mess”


Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. Let’s talk about Bebe Rexha. She’s been in the industry for a good while writing for other artists’ songs, most notably co-writing the Eminem and Rihanna collaboration The Monster. She also did features for Martin Garrix, Cash Cash, David Guetta, and G-Eazy while working on her own solo career at the same time. This year, she scored one of her biggest hits with Meant To Be, a song that I will talk about in a certain list coming out later this year. I don’t have much to say about Bebe Rexha herself as she really doesn’t have a distinct personality or sound for herself, especially when you listen to her songs. This brings us to today’s Target Practice, which is one of the singles off of her most recent album. This is I’m A Mess.

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Everything’s been so messed up here lately

I feel you, girl. Shit is fucked up in this world.

Pretty sure he don’t wanna be my baby
Oh, he don’t love me, he don’t love me, he don’t love me, he don’t love me

How would you know that? Maybe he does love you, but he probably doesn’t know ow to express it. Communication is key, people.

But that’s OK
‘Cause I love me, yeah, I love me, yeah, I love me, yeah, I love myself anyway (hey)

Now it’s okay because you love yourself? Kendrick Lamar called. He wants his song back.

Everything’s gonna be alright
Everything’s gonna be OK
It’s gonna be a good, good life
That’s what my therapist say
Everything’s gonna be alright
Everything’s gonna be just fine
It’s gonna be a good, good life

This is the music version of that little comic strip of a cartoon dog sitting in the middle of a fire while saying, “this is fine.” Basically, this.

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I’m a mess, I’m a loser
I’m a hater, I’m a user
I’m a mess for your love, it ain’t new
I’m obsessed, I’m embarrassed
I don’t trust no one around us
I’m a mess for your love, it ain’t new

So you’re just embracing all of the negative aspects of who you are instead of, you know, working to improve upon those flaws and be a better person.

Nobody shows up unless I’m paying
Have a drink on me cheers to the failing
Oh, he don’t love me, he don’t love me
He don’t love me, he don’t love me
But that’s okay
Cause I love me, yeah, I love me
Yeah, I love me, yeah, I love myself anyway

Pro-tip: if people only show up when you pay for everything, those aren’t your friends and you need to cut them out of your life. I would keep going, but there’s no new lyrics that don’t repeat at this point, so this is going to be another short post.

This song is a mess. And I mean that in every way possible. The production is a disaster of reverb-heavy guitars and snapping trap percussion that’s not mixed well together. It’s a good example of modern pop at its low point. The vocals are equally as sloppy; I am not feeling Bebe’s nasal performance and inflections. The backing vocals don’t do much to help and while the idea of accepting your flaws isn’t completely bad, it’s delivered in a sadly impotent way that’s just unappealing. Oh, and the song interpolates Bitch by Meredith Brooks. Yeah, this is no Bitch and it never will be. Next Target Practice, we’re going all the way back to the 90s to look at Savage Garden’s debut single.



Last Resort-Papa Roach

9 thoughts on “Target Practice: Bebe Rexha “I’m A Mess”

  1. I honestly don’t get the appeal of Bebe Rexha. She’s not intersting and she’s generic. This song does not help and lives up to its’ namesake. I can’t stand her voice. And yeah, I noticed the interpolation. If I’m being honest, I was never a HUGE fan of the song, Bitch, mostly because I don’t really like it when that word is used in a positive light at all and I never thought it was one of the greatest songs of the 90’s, but at least it had personality and a good performer, unlike this song, which does in fact live up to its’ title name and Bebe Rexha as an artist in general. I almost put this on my worst list, but then I realized it’s more below average and forgettable than outright bad. I cannot get into Bebe’s work as a lead artist, and songs like this show why.

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  2. Yeah agree with you here. I’m A Mess lives up to its title. Just curious, have you seen the new Halloween movie? I just saw it and I liked it


      1. I also liked the new A Star is Born and it’s way better than the 70s version with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson that spawned the number one Evergreen song in 1977.


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