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Target Practice: Savage Garden “I Want You”


Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. What comes to your mind when talking about music of the 90s? Grunge? Hip-hop? House? Boy bands and pop princesses? Well, you’d be correct if those were the first things that popped up in your mind. But just like every decade, there’s also some safe stuff that’s been mostly forgotten by the general public and one of the groups who contributed to the safer aspects of the 90s was Savage Garden. This was a pop duo from Australia who were very successful in their home country and across the globe. Despite their name, there’s nothing savage about their music except for how savagely mushy it is. Believe it or not, their first big hit, which is today’s Target Practice victim and the ending song for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable, is relatively less mushy than their other song. Still doesn’t make it any good. This is I Want You.

Anytime I need to see your face,
I just close my eyes
And I am taken to a place where
your crystal mind and
Magenta feelings take up shelter
in the base of my spine
Sweet like a chic-a-cherry cola

So in other words, you jerk off to this girl. Or in Darren Hayes’ case, a guy. Hey, whatever floats your boat. Also, I can think of five soft drinks that are sweeter than Cherry Coke.

I don’t need to try and explain;
I just hold on tight
And if it happens again, I might move
so slightly
To the arms and the lips and the face
of the human cannonball
That I need to, I want to

Not sure how you’re gonna move along to someone who’s being shot out of a cannon. I think that would be difficult to follow through.

Come stand a little bit closer
Breath in and get a bit higher
You’ll never know what hit you
When I get to you

I’m pretty sure that sounds like a threat.

Ooh, I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But, ooh, I’d die to find out
Ooh, I want you
I don’t know if I need you
But, ooh, I’d die to find out

You’d die to find out, huh? You sure about that, buddy? I know it’s hyperbole, but no way you can find the answer when you’re dead. Also, how does that one Rolling Stones song go?


I’m the kind of person who endorses
a deep commitment
Getting comfy getting perfect
is what I live for
But a look, then a smell of perfume
It’s like I’m down on the floor
And I don’t know what I’m in for

“You know? I’m the type of guy who’s looking for a long-term relationship. Someone who’ll be there for me and who I’ll always love. But HOT DAMN, look at that ass on the dance floor. Disregard everything I just said.”

Conversation has a time and place
In the interaction of a lover and
a mate,
But the time of talking,
using symbols, using words
Can be likened to a deep sea diver
who is swimming with a raincoat

Fucking. You’re talking about fucking. What else could this be about?

So can we find out?

No. And that’s the end of the record.

This song isn’t as bad as Savage Garden’s other songs, but it’s really mediocre. Generic production with a stiff guitar riff, clashing synths, and a weird breakdown in the bridge that feels out of place. Darren Hayes being, well, Darren Hayes. The writing is no different from any other song lusting for someone of the opposite sex (or the same sex). Out of all of the songs from the late 90s, this is one that stands out the least and every time I watch Diamond Is Unbreakable, this is the only ending that I always skip. Next Target Practice, we’ll look at Lie by NF.



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  1. How do you feel about To the Moon and Back? That’s the one Savage Garden song I actually really like.


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