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Top 10 List: Worst Songs of 2018

“Disclaimer: What you’re about to read are the opinions of one man. If you disagree, please do so in a respectful manner. Motherfucker.”

Coming out of 2017, I had hopes for the future. Granted, the real world is still a loony circus with no ringmaster, but in terms of music, I was hoping that 2018 would continue the momentum that 2017 had where it improves the popular music scene. But then 2018 happened and in the middle of December, it felt just like a really bad hangover where you’re left with a soaring migraine, smelling like vomit and piss, and you think back at the night before saying, “did that really just happened?” This was not a good year for mainstream music. Pop music was pretty much nonexistent as it was overtaken by hip-hop and trap music. The latter genre pretty much oversaturated the market where even other music genres started sounding like trap. A whole bunch of reggaeton tracks showed up in the bottom half of the Hot 100 and I couldn’t tell most of them apart. There was an album bomb every month, where every time you look at the Hot 100, one artist would always take up multiple spots. Streaming now has so much power over how songs became popular and it benefitted certain genres over others. And last, but not least, awful people were given hits, which isn’t exactly a new thing when you consider music history, but it’s more clear today that you could commit the most heinous acts and you could still maintain support from people. Hell, that applies to the real world as well. Music in 2018 is just like the Old West, anything goes these days. So let’s begin our look into the atrocities that have plagued this year. These are the worst songs of 2018.

Before we begin, here are our first 5 dishonorable mentions.


Because the public decided they like watered-down imitations of trap music, Post Malone got bigger than he ever was in 2017 and I hated it. He got himself another number one hit with Psycho, a blatant retread of Rockstar where Post talks about trying to stuff money into his shorts, the diamond chain that hangs on his neck, and having so much money that he can’t fold it. This is immediately followed up by Ty Dolla Sign stealing your girlfriend with a “chain so stanky.” You gain nothing of worth from both of these dudes as they both sound like Auto-Tuned donkeys and it’s not helped by this sleepy desaturated trap beat that fails to generate any psychotic mood whatsoever. It’s another dime-a-dozen luxury trap song that’s only effective at putting babies to sleep.

Initially, I didn’t think this song was noteworthy of any attention. Then it became a number one hit for seven weeks and upon a deeper listen, I realized that Girls Like You was worse than I thought. Originally a deep cut from Red Pill Blues, the band formerly known as Maroon 5 decided to remix the song by adding Cardi B and released it as a single. The production washes out its acoustic guitar groove with watery synths and a trap beat. Adam Levine brings zero personality to this gutless love song that plays with the female audience’s emotions by stating that he needs a girl like you. Cardi B is here because this isn’t the first time that this group latched on to a popular black artist and she underwhelms. If there was any doubt that this was the Adam Levine Show, there’s none now. 

In the same time when Havana was a huge hit, Camila Cabello released Never Be The Same, which I think was a mistake because it’s awful. One of its main issues is Camila herself, who’s a pretty limited singer and this song shows why. Every time she tries to hit those high notes, they sound pitchy and her voice keeps cracking. The production’s a mess with rinky dink percussion and droning synths and the writing is a pile of cliches related to an addictive love, comparing it to a drug habit because that cliche hasn’t been overdone. This song is so dull, I predict that few people will mention it on their lists and I’m one of those people. 

When it came to picking which Drake collaboration was worse, there was no contest. As bad as Look Alive was, at least it paved the way for a good Eminem and Royce da 5’9 song. Nothing of worth came out of Yes Indeed, just another bragging song that only got traction because Drake attached himself to it. Lil Baby, whose name alone is laughable, is one of the least interesting rappers to break out in this least interesting year as he mumbles his way through this song that’s barely two minutes if you discount the dead air near the end. The beat’s another barebones trap beat with an Eastern-sounding sample and as for lyrics? Well, I think this line says it all. 

Wah-wah-wah, bitch, I'm the Baby

Let’s put this song and Lil Baby behind going into 2019 because this is just a waste of time. 

One of my biggest regrets last year was not putting Now Or Never by Halsey on my Worst of ’17 list. To make up for that, I’m going to mention Bad At Love here, which is just as bad. Here, Halsey goes through all of the relationships that she’s been in and giving a weak ass reason for why they didn’t work out, chalking it up as her being bad at love. That is a weak ass excuse and you know it. We also get more of Halsey’s bland ass singing and trap-heavy production that has that flat synth line. Get this below-mediocre crap out of here. 

Now for the main show.

How appropriate that we start the Worst of 2018 list with the number 10 pick, which goes to an artist who pretty much dominated the entire year. Someone who broke so many records and has spent 29 weeks at the top of the Hot 100, taking up more than half of the year. Someone who put out a 25-track album of mediocrity that put 7 in the Top 10. Someone whose output gets worse and worse with each project released. Of course, I’m talking about the man himself, Aubrey Drake Graham.


I could have put any one of Drake’s songs into this spot: the overplayed slogs of God’s Plan and In My Feelings or the empty filler shell that is Nonstop, but I settled with the choice of the general consensus, who say that I’m Upset is the worst single off of Scorpion. It has one of the dullest trap beats in mainstream music with a muted melody and knocking percussion that fails to bring any energy to the plate. The same could be applied to Drake’s performance as he sounds less upset and more bored, a common theme in Drake’s music of the past five years. We also see Drake at his most punchable as he complains about people throwing shots at him, a topic that he’s talked about ad-nauseum to the point where I believe that he gets off from reading negative comments about him, and having to pay a woman for child support. 

Geez, I wonder why.

Well, at least we now know that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree if this line is to be believed.

My dad still got child support from 1991

Even if Story Of Adidon didn’t do any long-term damage to Drake’s career, we can still sleep better at night knowing that not only is he a douchebag, but he’s also a deadbeat dad who’s insecure about what others think about him. 

Number 9 goes to a song that beat out Sam Hunt for the record of number of weeks spent on top of the country charts. If this was a situation where the song was good, I’d be happy with this, but this is not that situation.


The third biggest song of the entire year. 50 weeks. That’s how long this spent at the top of the Hot Country Songs charts. That’s damn near an entire year. Why this? Meant To Be is barely Bebe Rexha’s song as she plays second fiddle to Florida Georgia Line in this limp shlock where the guys sound way too clingy to a girl they want to have sex with, who wants to take things slow and let it be. This is some gross framing and then there’s the production. Awful vocals all around combined with a snapping trap beat and dreary piano notes makes for a song that leans more towards pop than country, which goes into my other issue with this song: the fact that this became the biggest country hit of the year with pretty much zero elements of country within it outside of Florida Georgia Line, who have featured themselves in more pop songs. It sets a bad precedence that could be damaging to the genre, that any song with some kind of twang or features a country music artist could cross over to the country charts and be successful while ruling the pop charts. And Bebe Rexha gave this pathetic rationalization to this song as breaking boundaries. This feels less like a creative venture and more like a hollow cash-in on two different audiences. 

I thought the number 8 song was just another annoyance that I was going to leave in the dishonorable mentions. Then I heard it and I remembered why I didn’t like it in the first place.



I was rooting for this guy. Yeah, he’s just another EDM producer who’s obviously using a formula, but I like a good chunk of the work he did for himself and other artists like Khalid and Selena Gomez. Then he made Friends, a song that’s been coined as the friend-zone anthem. Goody. I didn’t mind Anne-Marie on last year’s Rockabye, but dear Odin, is she obnoxious here. Her nasal singing got on my nerves quickly and she could not hit any good notes. Also, I don’t wanna call her a bitch, but she does comes off as condescending and arrogant when she’s sending this unnamed guy to the friendzone, spelling out the word friends in the chorus. You can’t even sympathize with the guy either as he comes off as a creep. I don’t think you should be friends with someone who clearly doesn’t get the message if he keeps pursuing you. And I haven’t even gotten to the worst part of the song, which is the production. Limp acoustic guitars, a bassline that sounds like the bubble guts, and a horrible drop that has those ugly synths blaring out at you. Plus, there’s a shrill synth riff on the final hook that sounds ripped from a rejected g-funk song. Thankfully, this is no longer Marshmello’s biggest hit thanks to the existence of Happier, a MUCH better song that’s gotten better through time. Can’t say that about Friends, though.

Now for number 7. What, you thought I was going to forget about this one?


By this point, everyone and their mothers have torn this song apart and for good reason. Gucci Gang by Lil Pump might possibly be one of the worst hip-hop songs in modern times and it didn’t even make the Top 5 on this list. Two-thirds of this goddamn song is the chorus, which mostly repeats this lovely phrase over and over.

Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang!)

Nice to see that repetitive choruses will never die as long as talentless hacks exists. In an interview with Complex, the producer of this song said that he hoped to make simple music for three or four year olds to sing along to. Yeah, these words came from the guy who made this turgid, braindead trap beat. That doesn’t sound like an excuse for laziness. And I certainly hope toddlers aren’t singing along to a song where Lil Pump is doing drugs with his grandmother, having sex with his teacher (FBI, hello?), selling meth like he’s in Breaking Bad, and cursing out an airline after getting kicked off a flight because that would be sad, to be honest. This is some lazy bullshit made for trendy hacky memes. Thank goodness I Love It didn’t make the Year End chart, because this conversation would have gone even deeper, especially with Kanye.

The number 6 song is one I did a Target Practice on earlier this year and I’m surprised that it wound up this low. That goes to show how bad 2018 was. Lil Dicky and Chris Brown, ladies and gentlemen.


Everything I said about this song in that Target Practice still stands. This is an awful piece of comedy music from two people exemplifying awful behavior no one should emulate. The premise of Freaky Friday is one we’ve seen in a million movies and TV shows: two people find themselves swapped into each other’s bodies with Lil Dicky in Chris Brown’s body (mind out the gutter now) and vice versa. As Chris Brown, Lil Dicky is celebrating the fact that he’s famous, has a large penis, and he can finally say the word nigga without consequence. Seems about white. As Lil Dicky, Chris Brown makes some more dick jokes around Lil Dicky’s little dicky and is happy because…

Walking down the street and ain’t nobody know my name (whoa)
Ain’t no paparazzi flashing pictures, this is great (whoa)
Ain’t nobody judging ’cause I’m black or my controversial past

Fuck. All. The. Way. Off. I feel dirty using this phrase, but Chris Brown is basically pulling the race card here. This dude has a history of abusing women and childish temper tantrums. I have zero sympathy for this man. Eventually, they switch back and then Lil Dicky winds up swapping with random celebrities like Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and Kendall Jenner, the latter who Dicky decides to explore her vagina in order to “understand the inner workings of a woman.”

Image result for no

I feel like I’ve explained the awful behavior of both of these douchenuggets very well and I haven’t even gotten into the sound yet. Take the horrific content, add in a DJ Mustard beat from 2015, Chris Brown’s obnoxious Auto-Tuned braying, and Lil Dicky’s clumsy, awkward flow, and you got yourself a comedy song that fails at its job worse than an unfunny Adam Sandler movie.

And now for the final 5 dishonorable mentions


So who was the genius that decided letting the charisma-lacking, energy-draining Tyga be relevant in 2018 was a good idea? Because that person needs their brain examined. Anyways, Taste is the official #11 song on the list because it just creeps me out. The cooing sound on the beat brings to mind the fact that this dude was dating Travis Scott’s current baby mama when she was a teenager and he made a song defending that relationship, stating “she’s a big girl when she’s stimulated.” And then there’s the lyrics where Tyga talks about all of the girls that are on his dick (including your girlfriend), how one girl sucks him like a Hi-C (FBI, hello?), and the various material possessions that he has. Offset makes an appearance and he does nothing to elevate this song. This shit is just plain tasteless. Fuck all the way off. 

The fact that G-Eazy and Halsey were a couple made too much sense. They’re both bland, nonthreatening artists who radio loves and the fact that they split surprises me. While they were together, they made Him & I, which is an inferior version of ’03 Bonnie & Clyde by Jay Z and Beyonce. I wasn’t a big fan of that song, but there was a sense of danger in it and it’s pulled off by two huge personalities. Can’t say that for G-Eazy and Halsey, who are so bland and deliver surface-level love cliches and calling each other crazy. There’s also this line.

Ever catch me cheating, she would try to cut my (ha-ha-ha)

Ouch. Not helping is the limp beat and Auto-Tune put on Halsey’s voice. 2017 Bonnie & Clyde, this is not. More like two kids wearing Hot Topic who think they’re different and edgy when they’re not.

So this guy got a co-sign from Kendrick Lamar and I don’t get it. There really isn’t anything interesting that makes Rich The Kid stand out from hundreds of other trap rappers and Plug Walk is a perfect example of that. Dreary synths added alongside a dull trap beat makes up the production and it doesn’t really knock. Rich The Kid has no personality or a good flow as he raps about drug dealing while shoehorning in some space references that doesn’t fit the song. Chances are we’ll never hear from Rich The Kid again and I’d be perfectly fine with that.

Now to look at another Target Practice victim, courtesy of DJ Khaled. If you’ve already read that post, then you already know my issues with No Brainer, so I’ll be brief. In general, it’s a blatant copy-and-paste duplicate of I’m The One, a song that wasn’t even that good in the first place. Limp breezy production with chipmunk vocals, DJ Khaled being a waste of time, Quavo talking about blowing the brains out your mind, not physically, but mentally (because that makes it better), Chance The Rapper wasting his talents on…

She ch-ch-ch-ch-choosin’ the squad
She tryna choose between me, Justin, Qua’ and Asahd

…, and Bieber bringing no personality as he hits on a girl along with the other two. This is the kind of brazen retread that’s indicative of someone whose creative bank is VERY limited and considering this came from DJ Khaled, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Throughout most of the year, I forgot this song even existed. Then I heard it and it was like a Vietnam flashback. X didn’t even crack the Top 40, yet it had enough points to make the Year End list and I hate it. For the most part, it’s another by-the-book reggaeton track with an undercooked beat and both Nicky Jam and J Balvin hitting on some girl. But then there’s that synth horn line. My God, that synth horn is so fucking shrill and it goes up a note. How the flying ass cheeks did anyone think this mess sounded good? 

In certain circles on the internet, I’ve seen people refer to what would become my number 5 pick on this list as an incel anthem, a song made for guys who view themselves as the ultimate alpha male, but constantly whine about women not being interested in them. You all know where I’m going with this. Welcome to Juice WRLD, no refunds sadly.


I’mma be real with you: had All Girls Are The Same made the Year End chart, it would have took this spot. Still, all of my issues with that song can easily apply to Lucid Dreams. The best part of the song is the guitar melody, which is a sample of Sting’s Shape Of My Heart. Honestly, you’re better off listening to that song because this one drowns the melody out with an ugly and muddy trap beat. There’s also Juice WRLD, who’s a terrible singer. His raspy and off-key voice does not sit well with the ears and it makes him sound like a low-rate Post Malone. As for the writing? It’s what happens if you let an angsty teenager who doesn’t know anything about love write a break-up song as it’s Juice WRLD whining about a girl he used to date and it’s ten levels of cringe. This dude said “I cannot change you, so I must replace you,” said his ex was plastic, and said “who knew evil girls have the prettiest faces.” Yep. Sounds like an incel alright. You can just smell the entitlement and immaturity oozing out the speakers. And this dude made a song called All Girls Are The Same. Do I really need to explain what’s wrong with that? Can we leave this middle-school emo bullshit behind please?

And we go from a fake Post Malone to the genuine article as the number 4 song is one that’s guaranteed to fly under the radar for most people making these lists. Well, allow me to remind you of its shittiness. I do this for you people.


Image result for i fall apart post malone

This year, I realized something: Post Malone is at his worst not when he’s making empty, bargain-bin party tracks, but when he’s making songs centered on his relationships with women and no other songs exemplifies that more than I Fall Apart. To this day, I’m still baffled by this song’s existence. It’s like the worst song that The Weeknd had ever made and decided to throw away. The production is a dreary, sloppy mess of watered-down guitars, nauseating bass, and chipmunk vocals. Post decides to try and sing his heart out, but the problem is that he’s a shitty singer. No amount of Auto-Tune or reverb could fix those vocals, they were dead on arrival. And then there’s the content where, like the last song, Post is whining about an ex-girlfriend who he thought was his shorty. This is then followed up by him calling her a “devil in the form of a whore.” Way to go, dude. Keeping it classy as usual. Hell, if you look deeper into the lyrics, he’s more concerned about his chains and cars than his ex, which tells you everything you need to know about his priorities. That, plus the line I mentioned previously, is part of why I can’t get invested or sympathize with him. This is the song in a nutshell: “I’M SO SAD BECAUSE MY GIRL HAS LEFT ME!! BUT LOOK AT MY DIAMONDS AND MY WHIP!! FEEL SORRY FOR ME!!” Easily one of Post Malone’s worst songs to date. Get it out of here.

Let’s go back 20 years. It was the late 90s and the Latin explosion was happening. Artists of Hispanic descent were blowing up and scoring hits. It was great and it brought some flavor to the charts. These days, that flavor has devolved into one sound, reggaeton. In recent years, reggaeton has just been everywhere and I’m sick of it. I’ve heard from Latin American people who have said that they’re tired of hearing these damn songs all the time and I don’t blame them. It’s just trap music in another language. Anyways, the number 3 song goes to a reggaeton track that makes Mi Gente sound like La Bamba. Esta puta canción.


Image result for te bote remix

I never got the chance to talk about this song on this website since it was a modest hit at most, peaking at number 36. Let’s change that, shall we? Never has one song made every single person involved more punchable than Te Bote. Originally a song with Nio Garcia, Darell, and Casper Magico, a remix was made that added in Bad Bunny, Ozuna, and Nicky Jam and it blew up. First off, the production is WEAK; it’s just a washed-out piano melody and a simple drum pattern that’s been used in many reggaeton tracks. The Auto-Tuned singing and performances all around are terrible and made nobody look good, from bland like Nio Garcia and Darrell to nails-on-the-chalkboard grating like Casper (who sounds like a Puerto Rican Quavo) and Ozuna, especially Ozuna. That dude is the worst. His singing sounds like he’s dying a slow and painful death. And then there’s the lyrics. Oh, boy, these lyrics. When you translate them to English, they reveal some of the most misogynistic trash you could ever come across where all six guys trash-talk their ex-girlfriends and flex on them in the most hideous ways possible. To them, these women are nothing more than trash to be thrown away and it stinks of insecurity and overcompensation. Hell, the song title, when translated, refers to dumping someone. Oh, and one last thing: this song is almost 7 MINUTES LONG. 7 MINUTES. Who wants to listen to 7 minutes of a bunch of manbabies bitch and moan about girl problems? Aren’t reggaeton songs supposed to be fun? This isn’t fun at all, it’s misery. Ayuadame.

I feel like I am about to open a can of worms with my number 2 pick. Other people who’ve made these lists went into full length about this individual better than I could. This might be a long one, so let’s just dive in.


Image result for changes xxxtentacion

There is this idea that speaking ill of the dead is in poor taste. On some level, I agree with that, but when said dead was someone who has done violent, horrific things when they were alive, things get muddy. After his death, XXXTENTACION was pretty much martyrized by his fans, other artists, and the music industry in the most over-the-top way possible. Look, no one deserves to die, even the worst of people, but this martyrdom feels unearned, especially when you look at the music itself. Both Changes and Sad! share a spot on this list. First off, XXX opts to sing in both songs and he sounds horrible. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, the dude sucks at singing. His voice is whiny in the worst ways possible and he would get laughed off of tryouts for a high school talent show. On a music level, they both barely pass the minimal margins of a first draft. Sad! has blocky percussion, muddy synths, and sloppy mixing, but it at least sounds more like a complete song than Changes, which is just one simple piano loop throughout. Seriously, a toddler could recreate this music without trying. If these songs were college essays, the professor would throw them in the trash and send a letter to the student who wrote them, saying, “you might as well drop out.” Both follow the same structure of one verse and a repeated chorus and this half-cooked method applies to the writing as well, which is every conceivable level of rancid. In Changes, XXX can’t stand the fact that his girl is changing and get the fuck all the way outta here with that whiny emo bullshit. This is the framing of someone who has yet to grow up and it’s all we’re given in terms of the writing. There’s only five lines total in the song that are repeated with one of those lines sung by an uncredited PnB Rock, who only reinforces its awfulness. Boo-fucking-hoo. In Sad!, XXX is trying to convince his girl to stay with him and he said the following:

Suicide if you ever try to let go, uh

You read this right: he literally threatened to kill himself if this girl ever leaves. I get that the dude might have mental health problems in real life and that’s something his young audience connects to, but let me stress this: MENTAL HEALTH IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR BAD BEHAVIOR!! No matter how you cut it, it’s selfish, emotionally manipulative, and rationalizing it to just mental health only stigmatizes it further. When you think about what he did to his ex, why would ANYONE want to be with him? And this went to number one after the dude died. Of all of his songs, why this? Why a song that guilt trips a woman into staying in a toxic relationship? I don’t get people. Both of these half-abortions showcase XXX’s issues with women that unfortunately reflects his real-life actions, thus making the “separate the artist from the art” argument irrelevant. And I know there’s going to be people who’ll defend him to the death by saying either he didn’t do it or he was trying to change. I won’t address the former crowd because they consist of XXX stans who are far too gone, but for the latter crowd, I do believe in second chances and it is possible that XXX was trying to be better in his final moments, but the first step towards redemption is admitting to your wrongdoings and I have yet to see or hear XXX do that, he’s blames everyone else but himself and he hasn’t shown any remorse for his actions. Because of this, all defenses for his behavior fall flat and diminish the trauma and damage that he did to his ex and other people. Awarding shitty people and downplaying their shitty behavior will only cause more damage in the long term, which is depressing considering that the majority of XXX’s fanbase are under the age of 22. There’s also his label grossly milking his popularity for money with the release of posthumous material that no one asked for. I’m putting my foot down right now: from this point on, XXXTENTACION is officially blacklisted from this website. I’m not going to talk about him anymore, I’m not going to review any material from him, I am DONE with him. D O N E, DONE. I refuse to feed into his cult of personality. Let the man rest.

And now for number one. This was pretty obvious as the general consensus on this guy in the music community is that he’s just plain shitty. Not just for making awful music, but for the things he did in his real life and the fact that he’s still popular even though he can’t stop making trouble wherever he goes. Great, we go from one shitty person to another. No drum roll for this one. Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Hernandez a.k.a. 6ix9ine.


One question pops into my mind when the topic of 6ix9ine pops up: WHY?! Like many people, I assumed that this dude was a joke and that he was only going to be a thing that we laugh about for a month and then leave behind. But no. He’s deadass serious and people really wanted to hear from him. It was tough talking about the last guy, but that problem doesn’t exist with 6ix9ine since he’s still alive. GUMMO might be one of the worst things I have ever had the misfortune of listening to. I’m flabbergasted that this even made it out the studio. 6ix9ine has no flow whatsoever, he’s just yelling in your ears throughout the entire two and a half minutes of this song. That wouldn’t be an issue if the beat wasn’t so goddamn weak and his bars weren’t complete garbage. He talks about nothing but shooting people, stacking money, and of course, having sex with your girlfriend. Seriously, the lyrics to this song are just awful. 

Niggas iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh
Got blicky, uh, drum it holds fifty, uh
Scum Gang
Pop these niggas like a wheelie nigga, you a silly nigga
In the hood with them billy niggas, and them hoover niggas
You run up and they shooting niggas, we ain't hooping nigga
Yo KB, you a loser nigga, up that Uzi nigga
I don't fuck with no old hoes, only new hoes
Put my dick in her backbone, I pass her to my bro
I don't love her that's a sad hoe, she a bad hoe
I'mma fuck her then I dash home to the cash hoe

Well, that last line is unfortunate since this dude is a fucking child molester. No, that’s not a mere accusation, that’s something he was convicted for. I thought there was no way 6ix9ine could make anything as bad as GUMMO, but he proved me wrong with each following single and one of those ended up being his biggest hit. A perfect transition into FEFE. Every single person involved in the creation of FEFE should be ashamed of themselves because this is an UGLY song. The lifeless trap beat with the muted synths creates an unsettling vibe that isn’t fun to listen to. Was Murda Beatz really that proud of this that he needed to have feature credits? The lyrics are more gangsta posturing, flexing, and uncomfortable amounts of sex talk. Random note: fefe is a prison term for a sex toy. That tells you everything you need to know about how 6ix9ine views women. Speaking of, instead of shouting, 6ix9ine went for a creepy, whisper-like flow that might as well be in a horror movie directed by Uwe Boll. This dude admitted in an interview that he put no effort into making this song. His words, not mine.

Pussy got that wet, wet, got that drip, drip
Got that Super Soaker, hit that, she a Fefe
Her name Keke, she eat my dick like it's free, free

Way to go, music-buying public. You let THIS become a Top 3 hit. Jesus Christ, and then there’s Nicki Minaj, who seems hell-bent on committing career suicide in 2018. She gave this song one of her worst verses in years and repeatedly defending this creep, calling him her “baby.” *retches* Then again, this isn’t the first time she’s defended a pedophile. She’s related to one (her brother). Can we stop letting 6ix9ine have success? I know that shitty people have always been in the industry since it first started, but this year, it was WAY too obvious that bad behavior is being rewarded. Every time there’s a conversation around this dude, it has very little to do with his music and more to do with the drama he’s always in. He’s a walking liability who brings trouble wherever he goes and he’s in nonstop beefs. If he had some real shit to say in his music, then that wouldn’t matter much, but no. It’s more of the same gangsta rap shit we’ve heard a million times, but performed by a 5’6 Hispanic clown with rainbow hair and the number 69 tatted all over his body. In a perfect world, this guy would be irrelevant before the year was over and he would spend the rest of his life rotting in a prison cell cowering in fear of being someone else’s fefe. Let’s make that a reality going forward. GUMMO and FEFE, the two worst hit songs of 2018.

And those were the worst songs of 2018. Man, this was exhausting to do. Next week, we’ll look at the best that the year had to offer with the Best Songs of 2018 list.



It’s The End Of The World As We Know It-R.E.M.

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  1. Where did your Top 15 Worst Songs of 2010-2014 list go? I’ve been searching for it on your blog and I can’t find it.


  2. I know you’ve talked about them in your Top 40 reviews but what do you think of the songs from my list that weren’t on yours? This includes Motorsport, Walk It Talk It, Lights Down Low, Bartier Cardi, Outside Today, Better Now, Perfect, God’s Plan, Nonstop, Look Alive, Wait, Mine, Moonlight, Filthy, and Supplies. I know the last two weren’t on the year end list along with I Love It but they were still bad enough for me that I had to mention them.


    1. Like you said, I’ve already talked about all of those songs on this website (except for Supplies, which sucks), so talking about them again is pointless since my opinions on them haven’t changed.


      1. No problem. I just ask since I was surprised songs like Motorsport, Walk It Talk It, Better Now, Bartier Cardi, and Outside Today did not make your list since you didn’t like these songs in your rankings.


  3. Yeah 2018 was tough year for following the charts. Only a quarter of songs that debuted on this year end list are songs that I like. I really got bored with a lot of the songs this year to the point where I stopped caring about what was charting. And all the events happening in the world and my uncle’s death recently didn’t help either. Though there was still some quality to be found and I had a mostly great and eventful year that I will get to next week for the best list. Like I said last year, I was certain that Post Malone was on his way out after I heard Congratulations so many times last year. He wasn’t the kind of artist that I could imagine being big after a certain period so I am genuinely amazed that Post Malone has stuck around into 2018 and become very popular to the point where he’s getting major Grammy nominations. I can understand why some would like his music as music to chill to but I don’t like it. Plus, I don’t like how people call Post Malone a rapper when he clearly sings on all his songs with a hip-hop flow. People have to understand that there is a difference between rap and hip-hop. Psycho is just all around boring and had no business being a number one hit (though it only got there because of weak competition). And like rockstar, Psycho sounds nothing like what the title says. Post Malone and Ty Dolla $ign’s performances were dull. I don’t have much else to say. I’m also genuinely amazed at how Maroon 5 have lasted this long into their career especially with much of their hits this decade being very generic Top 40 filler. I like a lot of their songs from the 2000s but most of their output since Moves Like Jagger has sucked. There isn’t a song from them this decade that I can say I really liked. Girls Like You only got popular because of the Cardi B remix and the radio as it spent 16 weeks on top of the Airplay charts because that’s what Maroon 5 is meant for now. Adam Levine was dull as always and Cardi B was wasted. And the video was an obvious cash in on the #MeToo movement because nothing about the song says female empowerment to me. Havana will probably be Camila Cabello’s only good solo song cause everything else I’ve heard from her has not been impressive. I have some friends who are fans of her but I am not. I agree that she’s a very limited singer and I can’t stand her voice when she hits those high notes. That’s the main reason why I don’t like Never Be The Same along with the cliched lyrics and generic pop production. Yes Indeed is super boring and only got popular because of Drake since it’s 2018 and people will eat up anything with his name on it. This song feels like it has no business or purpose to exist like with Drake’s Nonstop. It’s just more flexing though at least it’s two minutes so it doesn’t grate on me too much. Bad at Love is another boring song from a boring artist. She’s only popular because the radio finds her inoffensive enough to play. It’s amazing to me how popular Drake was this year to the point where he was breaking all these chart records considering most of the music he released this year and for the last few years has been mediocre at best. On my worst list, I put a three way tie between I’m Upset, Nonstop and In My Feelings. God’s Plan I still think is boring but I find it the least bad of his hit songs this year. I’m Upset is nothing like what the title says. It’s boring as usual and I cannot sympathize with Drake especially with what we know about him now in the song and his monotone delivery. Meant To Be is a country song in name only. It’s only considered a country song because Florida Georgia Line are on it and all the music services skewing what counts as country. And I’d be amazed at it staying on top of the county charts for 50 weeks if it was actually a good song but it isn’t. And the performances are really dull. I also didn’t mind FRIENDS at first but once I really got into what it was about I soured on it immediately. I don’t mind the production that much though that g-funk sound at the end was really annoying. Anne-Marie’s delivery is super obnoxious and I have no use for songs about being friend zoned. And if that guy keeps coming to your house asking for your love and you keep telling him no then you need to get him out of your life. I’m not that big on Happier but it is way better than this trash. Gucci Gang is trash but I don’t think it’s as bad as when I first heard it last year especially with the even worse songs we’ve gotten since. That said it’s still very stupid from the repetitive chorus to the stupid lines you mentioned about. And I don’t feel sympathy for him getting kicked off that WestJet flight since he was acting like an asshole. If I were on that flight I’d be grateful for him getting kicked off. I find it funny how the producer talked about wanting to make a song for pre-schoolers to sing along to cause this is the type of song we want our children to sing to. My comments on Freaky Friday stand. It’s a stupid comedy song from two awful artists that use the concept to expose uncomfortable topics surrounding race and gender. I can’t sympathize with Chris Brown at all for everything he’s done and how little remorse he feels. And that ending was really stupid and was only done to get the song more buzz. Taste is just a creepy song made by a creepy rapper and it only got popular because of Offset. Him and I is more boring than bad. I don’t care for it all that much. Plug Walk was annoying. Pretty much no effort was put into No Brainer. They clearly wanted to make another I’m The One, because we all wanted that. Everyone on the song is phoning it in and a lot of these lines are super dumb like the ones you mentioned. Seriously, what sane girl thinks about dating a baby. X is a mediocre reggaeton song but I don’t hate it that much to put it on my list. Though that synth line is pretty annoying but I find it funny. Lucid Dreams is very stupid lyrically. Juice WRLD really paints himself as an idiot who can’t get over a breakup. I cannot sympathize with him. The Sting sample is the only good thing about the song but even then it gets kind of boring after a while to where I would much rather listen to the original. Like with Lucid Dreams, do you expect me to sympathize with Post Malone on I Fall Apart. Aside from the stupid lyrics, the beat is weak and Post’s singing gets grating after awhile especially when he really lets out before the chorus. But at the same time, it’s boring enough that I can’t give it too much hate to put it this high on my worst list. Te Bote is just a chore to sit through. I wouldn’t mind it being 7 minutes if the music was at least interesting, the performers had actual presence and personality, and if the lyrics weren’t so mean spirited and misogynistic but it isn’t. I can’t tell any of these guys apart without looking them up and agree that Ozuna’s singing is really grating but I find it funny. I’m all for more Latin songs crossing over like in the late 90s just as long as we don’t get anymore of this and all the other samey sounding reggaeton songs. You make a good point about reggaeton being a Spanish version of trap since they’re all the same sonically and lyrically. Totally with you regarding XXXTENTACION and your decision to blacklist him from your site. I didn’t care that much about his death since I didn’t care for his music and knew about his awful actions but I was amazed at how people really liked his music including some of my friends who posted tributes to him after his death. It is still sad that he was murdered at 20 but it still doesn’t excuse all the awful things he did when he was alive. Yes there have been awful people who have been big through music history but at least some of these artists make great music and/or own up to their mistakes which X has done neither of. Both songs are bad but Changes was more boring to where it doesn’t warrant any attention from me though it’s still very whiny. I tied SAD! with Moonlight cause I can’t stand how unstable the production sounds. And SAD! had no business being a number one hit but at least it was for a week and not a long running number one. It’s just very melodramatic. Seriously, just move on instead of threatening suicide over your girl leaving. Of course FEFE and Gummo are the top worst songs. There’s no way they wouldn’t be. Both songs are disgusting and the artist behind it is a disgusting human being. Nicki Minaj was also awful on FEFE. And the fact that she supports 6ix9ine is disgusting. I have heard about her brother on my local news on Long Island since I live in the same county where he’s being tried for rape. I’m hoping with 6ix9ine’s recent arrest and jail sentence outlook that we have finally heard the last from him and we will be better off without him. Overall, good list and I’m looking forward to your best one next Friday!

    Worst Hit Songs of 2018
    1)FEFE ft. Nicki Minaj & Murda Beatz/Gummo by 6ix9ine
    2)Te Bote (Remix) by Casper Magico, Nio Garcia, Darell, Nicky Jam, Ozuna & Bad Bunny
    3)Freaky Friday by Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown
    4)SAD!/Moonlight By XXXTENTACION
    5)Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD
    6)FRIENDS by Marshmello & Anne-Marie
    7)Walk It Talk It by Migos ft. Drake
    8)Meant To Be by Bebe Rexha ft. Florida Georgia Line
    9)In My Feelings/Nonstop/I’m Upset by Drake
    10)Yes Indeed by Lil Baby ft. Drake
    Dishonorable Mentions
    God’s Plan by Drake
    Perfect by Ed Sheeran
    Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign/Better Now/I Fall Apart by Post Malone
    Girls Like You ft. Cardi B/Wait by Maroon 5
    Never Be The Same by Camila Cabello
    Mine by Bazzi
    Look Alive by BlocBoy JB ft. Drake
    Bad At Love by Halsey
    Taste by Tyga ft. Offset
    Motorsport by Migos, Nicki Minaj & Cardi B
    Gucci Gang by Lil Pump
    Plug Walk by Rich The Kid
    Bartier Cardi by Cardi B ft. 21 Savage
    Lights Down Low by MAX ft. gnash
    No Brainer by DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo & Chance The Rapper
    Outside Today by YoungBoy Never Broke Again
    Filthy/Supplies by Justin Timberlake
    I Love It by Lil Pump & Kanye West

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  4. I wish we could leave XXX behind but then we may have to deal with SKiNs (possible album bomb)in the next month. I guess you put your money into supporting good hip hop and rock & roll. Even when we can leave SixNine, XXXtentacion, Kodak Black, there will be others to fill their shoes. That’s the shit the music industry leaves us with, slap together a few sounds rap five lines and a hook and you got yourself a hit.

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    1. Just my opinion, but Kodak Black and XXXTentacion are both pretty good lyricists at times. Maybe it’s Kodak’s sexual allegations and voice that makes you cringe, but he’s not that a bad rapper.


      1. I tried but I CAN’T get into 6ix9ine nor XXXTentacion there for I wished I could blacklist him but face it we will have to deal with posthumous releases of his shit plus someone on protools is bound to remix his songs and they could get on the hot 100. These fucked up record labels don’t give a shit about effort as they will give us dogshit they call music. What happened to good guitar rock music?


  5. I honestly saw this coming last year in 2017 and the charts pretty much became of what I feared last year. Overall, 2018 did suck despite a few good songs here and there. There was also waaaaayyy too much rap music (this is coming from a classic hip hop fan). I didn’t really like 2017 for music because, I found the year rather boring but, atleast it had some improvement from 2016 and it did give me maybe some hope for 2018.


  6. 10. As if there wasn’t enough Drake overexposure in 2016, it was even worse this year, with In My Feelings being torture to listen to. I thought it was a joke when I first heard of God’s Plan, and it only got worse from here. Sure, there was Nice For What, but between Drake’s dull performances, and endless amount of features, I’m always dreading his reappearances every month. Hey, isn’t it funny every time there’s an album bomb, one of the highest charting singles nearly always has Drake featured on it? As has been said millions of times, his fans will buy anything with his name on it, even if it’s a freshly painted turd from a cow. I sure hope it’s not as bad in 2019.

    9. Why is it that, every time a song spends THIS long on the country charts, it’s always a pop song dressed as a country song? Though my knowledge of country music isn’t exactly good, it always ticks me off. Not quite as bad as Body Like A Back Road, but bad nonetheless.

    8. The “friend-zone anthem”, eh? Oh, this’ll be interesting. This is one of those songs that, to me, is unintentionally funny, because the way it’s going about its subject matter is laughable, plus, that forced swearing to try to sound edgy on the bridge. Thankfully, Marshmello bounced back with Happier, which I’m planning on listening to sometime soon.

    7. Repetitive hook? Check. Basic bragging? Check. Personality-free performance from the artist? Check. Yes, it’s a mainstream bad hip-hop song, alright. Why on earth was this a hit?

    6. *sigh* This song would fit right in with all the sludge DJ Mustard made in 2013-2015. Also, Chris Brown. I lost nearly all respect for him after the Rihanna incident, and his behaviour over the years has made me lost whatever was left of it. No one in their right mind (except Lil Dicky) would do Freaky Friday with this man, and also, exploring Kendall Jenner’s vagina. That’s a red flag right for rape right there.

    5. We already have one Post Malone in this world, we don’t need another one. This song is basically, “Why doesn’t every girl like me, though I’m better than everyone else?!” Also, sample of a much better song which I could be listening to right now.

    4. Here we go again with Post Malone. After the “don’t listen to hip hop if you want thought-provoking lyrics” thing, I wasn’t looking forward to his future hits, and I was proven correct. He’s also one of those artists that people like for some reason, and I have to ask, “Why?!” He has the charisma of mouldy bread with a voice that makes me want to to fall asleep.

    3. I didn’t even know about this song until it was on your list, and I’m glad I didn’t. This would easily have been the worst song to have been in the Latin explosion in the late 90s if this was released there. Plus, when a song has 7 minutes or more, you have to do something good with them like Metallica’s One or Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around… Comes Around, not moaning about your exes for what feels like an eternity.

    I have nothing to say about numbers 2 and 1 because you just took the words right out of my mouth with these scumbags and how they’ve gotten out of hand. Thanks, Soundcloud!

    Sure, 2016 may have sucked, but it was NOTHING compared to 2018. Drake overexposure being worse and criminals bagging hits are just two of the reasons why. Please, 2019, don’t be as bad as those two years…

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  7. This was a pretty awful year for the charts. After 2017 turned out to be surprisingly good given the climate in the outside world, 2018 just went back to the same level of darkness and disappointment 2016 had, except even worse. At least we weren’t allowing terrible people to have huge hits in 2016. And it was so full of album bombs, that it was very difficult to determine what was going to have staying power and wouldn’t, but when the dust settled, it wasn’t good. Granted, after looking at the official year end chart, it wasn’t as terrible as I originally thought it would be, but it was still a really bad year and probably the worst of the decade (I highly doubt 2019 will top this year). I think a lot of big names taking time off also had something to do with it, it allowed rappers to shine even more than last year. 22 songs on this list and I only disagreed with just one, that’s how bad this year was. My one disagreement is the most controversial one I have ever had and it’s from X. I admittably like Sad!. I didn’t originally, but it grew on me. Why do I like it? Because I like how melodic it sounds and it has a catchy chorus, nothing more. I have never been a fan of X and never will. Don’t get me wrong, the acts that he made when he was alive were heinous and he doesn’t deserve a free pass for what he did. The lyrics to Sad! are terrible and him threatening suicide is just a horrific thing to put out in a song, and makes him an unlikable shit bag. But I don’t hate it, and if I’m being honest, I don’t share the same amount of anger or contempt other critics do towards his music, that’s why you didn’t see any of his songs on my own worst list of this year. And it’s not because I’m an X fan or defender, it’s because aside from “Look At Me!” and songs that sound like it, none of his songs legitimately offend me and there’s a part of me that understands where he’s coming from and why people connected with his music. Setting aside how he is as a person, I legitimately thought that XXXTentacion was a talented artist (regardless of what others might say), he tried to be different from what other mainstream rappers or artists of his type were doing, he was versatile (he’s even done lyrical stuff and it wasn’t half bad), and his songs being short were obviously his idea and he did it on purpose because he wanted to stand out from other artists and wanted people to know that it was him. And at the very least, they felt authentic, I never got the feeling that he was bullshitting around and in that sense I can respect him musically. And his death at the age of 20 is a tragic one and terrible. Still, don’t think he’s getting a free pass from me just because of everything I said. He was still a terrible person and obviously had major issues. Not to mention most of his music I would never go back to ever again despite everything I said. And like you, I’m going to take your cue and blacklist X’s music from ever being mentioned and reviewed again because all of this grave-robbery bullshit that’s happening. As for the picks, I don’t have the same hatred for Post Malone that you do, but I flat out don’t like Psycho, it’s boring for me and it pinpoints all the problems I have with the guy. Girls Like You is easily Maroon 5’s worst song to ever become a hit, especially for as bland and lifeless as it is. The fact that it went to #1 and it fooled women to thinking it’s a #MeToo anthem is an insult to music. I just hate Never Be The Same for how lifeless it sounds (which seemed to be the theme in pop music this year), and Camila’s ear screechinly painful vocals just before the chorus. Worst moment in pop in 2018. I hated Yes Indeed from the moment I first heard it. If Drake’s name wasn’t attached to it, this wouldn’t have become a hit at all. At least Look Alive sounded like a banger, Yes Indeed is nothing and Lil Baby sounds like a terrible Young Thug knockoff that makes the original look like a master lyricist in comparison. At least he was interestingly bad. I don’t hate Bad At Love, but I don’t like it, either. I’m more indifferent towards Taste than outright hate it, but the fact that it gave Tyga another hit and brought him back to the spotlight just disgusts me. Him & I is more boring that outright bad for me. That said, it still sucks. At least it actually reflected their relationship unlike most duets that fake relationships. I don’t get Rich The Kid’s appeal either and I don’t get why Kendrick endorses that guy. Plug Walk would’ve been a dishonorable mention for me if I actually gave a shit about the song, which I don’t, and if not for the spacey beat which is admittably catchy. I don’t hate “X”, the song that much, but I definitely agree the horn in the chorus is terrible. And the Latin explosion of the late 90’s is a whole lot better than this wave of reggaeton we’re getting these days. Trust me, as a puertorrican, I can tell you that this is not a very good genre. Drake seriously needs to consider taking a good break because this overexposure is getting out of hand. He set and broke a lot of records he doesn’t deserve because many people are stupid enough to buy anything with his name attached to it and it’ll automatically chart or be a hit while most of it being mediocre at best. Sure, in every cycle there’ll be at least one good song, but it doesn’t matter when most of the output it’s crap. Personally, I hated Nonstop more (and I don’t have an issue with God’s Plan anymore), but I’m Upset sucks at well. A lame diss track and a track where Drake refuses to take responsability as a father. I hope we get less of Drake in 2019, but that’s wishful thinking, it’s just not going to happen. Meant To Be sucks and it’s not a country song, nothing else needs to be said about that. Songs about friendzoning someone should never be made, it’s mean-spirited and come of as bitchy. That’s why I hate it so much. I don’t hate Gucci Gang that much. It sucks, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t offend me the way other songs this year have done and I get why it was a hit. I don’t respect Lil’ Pump as a person or as an artist, but there were worse fish in the sea than him. It still sucks, don’t get me wrong. Freaky Friday is about wanting to be Chris Brown, the song was dead on arrival. And Lil’ Dicky’s not that funny. Lucid Dreams got heavily played by pop stations for the latter half of 2018. I still don’t get it. I don’t hate the song as much as I did when I first heard it and like X, I get where Juice is coming from since he was a teenager when he wrote this, but this song is still a load of bullshit and lacks any maturity and Jared here clearly doesn’t know how to take heartbreak very well and know when to move on. Get over it, dude. I don’t hate I Fall Apart that much, but I don’t care for it, either. Te Bote is easily the worst Spanish song to have ever gotten popular in America. Again, don’t hate it as much as others do, but it’s still a hateable song and everyone coming off as unlikable and misogynistic douchebags. If these idiots are bragging about how much they don’t need this girls, then maybe the girl that broke their hearts was better off without them. Also, Bad Bunny needs to stop being a thing, I really don’t get his appeal. Ozuna is just the modern day Spanish version of T-Pain. While I disagreed with Sad!, that doesn’t mean I thought Changes was good because it wasn’t, it’s a waste of time is what it is. Personally, I’m more angry about 6ix9ine being a thing than X was, WAY more, by a large margin. If anyone didn’t deserve to have any hits whatsoever, it’s that guy. And he’s the same ethnicity as I am, smh. He’s a scumbag, someone who I would gladly see being locked up in jail for eternity. I don’t wish death on him, but I hope he rots in jail, and the music can go fuck itself as well. While I get why the songs were hits, they were still trash, and both GUMMO and FEFE were the worst offenders. The fact that 6ix9ine wasn’t even trying on FEFE is even more offensive. His lyrics and delivery are repulsive and this dude makes Chris Brown look like a saint in comparison. Apparently he’s currently in jail and awaiting trial that could get him locked up for the rest of his life or for at least a very long and I am rooting for that to happen. I am sick of people giving free passes to scumbags that don’t deserve to be famous. Terrible people can make good music, but that doesn’t apply in 6ix9ine’s case, I don’t like a single song from this dude. And if he goes to prison for the rest of his life, then we’re all the better off for it and it’s one less scumbag running around. Guys like him are why this year was so terrible. Hopefully, 2019 will have less controversial people tearing up the charts. Things can only up from here, at least I hope.

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  8. As I have said to many other people, the streaming rules reflect what the people are actually listening to as opposed to what major corporate labels want people to listen to. If you’re still depending on radio airplay to determine the most popular songs, you’re gonna get left behind. While I may not like several of the trap songs that get popular, I take no issue with the rules because those are the songs people are actively seeking out, and I speak from experience. Outside of the biggest names in pop, no one really gives a shit about most of the songs/artists that get played on top 40 radio, that’s why many of them don’t peak that high on the Hot 100 anymore. The songs that are most referenced, memed and talked about are the ones that get streamed, so it’s clearly an accurate representation of what the people actually like. I may not agree with it, but I am happy that Billboard counts other mediums of music other than a corporate, arbitrary and outdated source that’s only gonna get more outdated as the years go on and it’s up to date with what people actually consume.


  9. Only disagreement I have is Him and I, but good list and I would’ve replace it with Walk It Talk It due to its repetition.


  10. 6ix9ine gets the dubious worst song. All the album bombs and streaming skews the hot 100 toward trap and that stuff hardly gets any airplay. The hot 100 exists solely on streaming and internet sales anymore. I don’t think songs like FEFE made it to radio playlists other than XM the Heat. My playlist has no room for such blibber blubber. And Post Malone is way too overrated.


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