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Target Practice: NF “Lie”

Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. I first heard of NF thanks to Rap Critic, who reviewed his song Real. That made me go check out his other songs and I wasn’t impressed with a lot of his output. The dude is a good rapper, but when you look at the content of his music, not a lot is there, especially in his bragging songs. This explains why I’m kind to Let You Down because it’s about something that isn’t just him bragging. Yes, I know Mark Grondin doesn’t like that song. That is his opinion and who am I to argue against it? He wasn’t exactly lying though when he said NF was the Christian version of Logic. They’re much more alike than I thought. Anyways, today’s Target Practice is his second highest charting single. This is Lie.

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I heard you told your friends that I’m just not your type
If that’s how you really feel, then why’d you call last night?
You say all I ever do is just control your life
But how you gonna lie like that, how you gonna lie like that?

Oh, great. More relationship drama. So we have the aftermath of a nasty break-up and NF is going after his ex, who he claims is making up false stories about him. This won’t be pretty.

Yeah, I heard you said I ain’t the type for you
I don’t regret it though, I learned from it

Did you, though?

They should have you locked up for all the time you stole from us

That was so lame and you know it.

Took you out when I had no money

What kind of date are you going to where you have no money? Y’all just take a walk in the park? Dinner dates must be extremely awkward when she’s the one paying the bill. No wonder y’all broke up, with your cheapskate ass.

Only person that you ever cared about was you, that’s why it’s so funny
You want somebody that’ll keep you warm at night, then tell me, “Why you actin’ cold to me?”
You ain’t the only one to blame no one
The one that made you rich when I bought every lie you sold to me

Is it just me or does NF come off as a jackass here. All this girl wanted was some comfort and this is what she gets in return?

Yeah, you told me that you needed distance
What’s the deal with you?
You say you want a man that keeps it real
Then why you mad when I get real with you?
You want someone to pay the bills for you
Went from failin’ you, now I feel for you, liar

Maybe she needed time for herself. That explains the need for distance. Also, Dave Chappelle did a skit for The Chappelle Show about what happens when “keeping it real” goes wrong. Just saying.

Look, let me guess, you wanna stay friends?
Tellin’ people that’s how we been?
Tellin’ everybody, yeah that we was barely speakin’
All this kinda funny, why’d you call me every day then?

Damn, bruh. She just wanted to be your friend. No need to be an ass about it.

It’s immaturity, you goin’ off the deep end
You just want somebody you can chill and get some drinks with, cool
Then don’t hit me on the weekend, 
tellin’ me you missed the way we talked and now I listen, yeah

Have you listened to your own song? You are the last person to call anyone immature.

Why you playin’ with my mind, huh?
Why you playin’ with my time, huh?
Told me we should let it go and put it all behind us
That’s what I did, now you askin’ me what I done, I was
Waitin’ for this day, I saw it comin’
I think you just like attention, tryna tell me all your problems
I got issues of my own, I ain’t got time for all this drama
You told me that you don’t really wanna talk, then why you callin’, huh?

You know? I am one step closer to regretting mentioning this guy on my Best of 2018 list. Yeesh.

This song… ugh. Look, I still believe that NF has skills as a rapper and he’s at his best when sticking to one topic, but this song? Dear God, he comes off as the most punchable, insufferable douche-weasel walking the face of the Earth, complaining that his ex lied to him and scoffs at her wanting to be friends with him. This is the sort of pissy kiss-off that just gets on every single one of my nerves and makes me wonder why any woman would associate themselves with him. It reminds me of the backlash against that recent Gillette commercial; a bunch of manbabies with fragile egos who completely missed the point just like NF on this song. We as a male species need to do a lot better. On a related note, next Target Practice, we’re looking at Blurred Lines and my full 180 on it.



Learn To Fly-Foo Fighters

3 thoughts on “Target Practice: NF “Lie”

  1. Yeah I think it’s a good thing NF had a hit with Let You Down instead of Lie because I can’t sympathize with this guy on this song.

    Love that Foo Fighters song. They did a great performance of Learn To Fly when I saw them in concert last summer.

    What do you think of doing a Target Practice on Akon’s Sorry, Blame It On Me?


    1. I like the interlude to “Learn to Fly” The instrumentation is from a past song of the week “Everlong” At some point you might have to revive Musical Appreciation.


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