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Anime Review: Shimoneta

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

When it comes to the topic of sex, Japan and the U.S. have a different view on the topic. Americans are usually prudes when it comes to sex. Not all, but a good number of us. Japan is not that stingy when it comes to sex. Again, I’m speaking in generalizations, but there’s some truth underneath them. Not only are they more liberal with sex, but they think this shit is funny, more than we do. This brings us to what’s called ecchi. For the uncultured, ecchi refers to overtly sexual situations that’s usually played for laughs. Now, this is not the same thing as hentai, which is straight-up pornography. There’s no graphic sex scenes, just suggestive situations of the sexual nature. Today’s subject is the 2015 anime adaptation of a light novel written by Hirotaka Akagi. This is Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist, or simply, Shimoneta.


In a dystopian future in Japan, dirty jokes and perverted thoughts/behavior are banned and people are forced by the government to wear devices that monitors their words and hand gestures for anything obscene. A high school student named Tanukichi Okuma is enrolled in the country’s most prestige school where his childhood crush, Anna Nishikinomiya, is the student council president. One day, he gets caught in the path of a terrorist named Blue Snow who forces him to join her organization SOX, which is dedicated to spreading lewd and obscene material everywhere in protest of the law. Obviously, this is a ridiculous premise based on a scenario that COULD possibly happen if we let prudish people be in charge and dictate what people can or can’t do. And they present the worst outcome of this scenario where you don’t have the freedom to say or do what you want. For goodness sake, the first episode starts with a bunch of kids getting busted by a bunch of government agents for looking at porno magazines. That’s fucked up.


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Our main male protagonist is Okuma and he’s an average high school kid and straight man of the series who gets involved into some wacky shenanigans. Later in the series, we learn more about his backstory and why he is the way he is, mainly because his father was an infamous terrorist who was dedicated to spreading dirty material. He gets recruited to SOX by his school’s student council vice president Ayame Kajou, who’s secretly runs a terrorist organization called SOX and is the Blue Snow. This girl is foul-mouthed and perverted in all ways you can imagine. She was hilarious and I loved every second she was on-screen. Her and Okuma make a for a great duo as she would make some perverted joke and he would be annoyed by it and wants her to stop. I also really like the supporting cast, who had me dying. There’s Hyuka Fuwa, a classmate of Okuma who’s obsessed with finding out how babies are made because sex education was banned. The lengths she would go to find out this mystery and her dedication to the point where it looks like she didn’t get enough sleep is funny to me. There’s other characters like Otome Saotome, a talented artist recruited to SOX to help make pornographic material to spread around, Raiki Goriki, a guy who looks like a gorilla, and Kosuri Onigashira, a little girl whose hair is shaped like a penis. Seriously.

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There’s one major character that I have yet to mention: Anna. Oh, boy. Anna. She… is something else. Let me get this out the way: R.I.P. to her Japanese voice actor Myu Matsuki, who died of lymphoma in 2015. In the beginning of the series, Anna is pretty much the purest, most innocent sweet person ever as the student council president. To Okuma, she is who he aspires to be morally and he even has a crush on her. THEN, at the end of episode 3, Okuma accidentally makes lip contact with Anna and… she becomes a different person. She goes full yandere.

“What’s a yandere?”

Yandere is a terminology used in the anime community to describe someone who’s so in love to the point where they become psychotic. These individuals are sick to the head and would be hostile towards anyone who’s near the person that they love.

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Being ignorant to sex and relationships, Anna doesn’t know how to process what just happened and went to the extremes. She attempted to rape Okuma several times, broken into his home, and chased after him all while leaking from her privates occasionally. And I’m not talking about piss. Yeah, that happens a lot and she calls it “love nectar.” That is just nasty. One of the most infamous scenes from the anime involves cookies and… watch the scene for yourself.

And here’s that same scene in English for the dub people.


This shit had me dying from laughter. 90% of the humor is all sex-related puns and situations, but I got a laugh out of them every time. The anime goes so over-the-top with its humor that I can’t help but to laugh along. I’d be lying if I said that these jokes do get old as the series went on. Underneath all of the insanity is actually a pretty clever message about what happens when censorship goes too far and everything being said has to be sanitized in order to not offend people. And I’m not talking about people saying bigoted things, but in general. As you’ll see in the series, it has an unintentional consequence of bringing up ignorant people who have no idea how certain things work. Just look at Anna for an example and how fucked up to the head she wound up. If I do have a problem with this series, it’s with the second half. Because of the actions of SOX, another terrorist group have formed called Gathered Fabric, who are all about stealing people’s underwear and it’s stupid. The 12th and final episode is pretty much a hot springs episode, which is a weaksauce way to end the series. One last thing: the ending song is catchy as hell.

And that was Shimoneta. That is one series I am never going to forget about. Ever. It’s insane, hilarious, and genuinely clever with how it delivers its message. The first half is really strong, but the second half didn’t live up to what the first delivered, resulting in an underwhelming ending. Still, I enjoyed the series and I do recommend it if you want something to laugh at. It’s on Funimation with 12 episodes. Next time, I hop on the late train and look at Goblin Slayer.


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  1. I’m up to episode 5 already and I love it! Satome is my favorite. It helps that she’s voiced by Brittney Karbowski who’s one of my favorite voice actresses.


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