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Captain Marvel Review

The history of Carol Danvers is a very convoluted and messy one. Debuting in Marvel Super-Heroes in 1968, she was an Air Force pilot who became the hero Ms. Marvel after her DNA fused with the hero Mar-Vell and she gained powers. In 2012, comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick revamped Carol with the name Captain Marvel and her popularity soared through the roof, becoming one of Marvel’s most important superheroes. From being brainwashed, raped, and being forced to give birth to her rapist in Avengers #200 (check out Linkara’s review for the full story) to having her reputation be damaged thanks to the awful event comic Civil War II, she’s been through a lot. Now, she’s the star of the 21st film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s about damn time we get another female superhero movie. Before I start the review, I want to address something: the toxic fan discourse surrounding it. It all started when Brie Larson made a comment addressing the lack of diversity when it comes to film criticism and journalism. Sensitive manbabies on the internet took that as an attack against white men and went on a campaign trashing the film and Larson. You had trolls review-bombing Rotten Tomatoes before it even came out, bringing the audience score down to the point where Rotten Tomatoes made changes. Even with that, the review-bombs still continue, leading to the lowest audience score out of any MCU film. What kind of loser do you have to be to spend your entire day bitching and moaning about something you don’t like and rooting for it to fail? Shit like this is why I hate fandom so much. The toxicity of these motherfuckers ruin the fun of enjoying things and makes fans look bad or worse. All of this shit is no different from what happened with Ghostbusters 2016, The Last Jedi, and, to a lesser extent, Black Panther. Geez, I wonder what’s the pattern here? I know. They’re all films starring women and people of color that were hit by agenda-driven anti-feminist/anti-SJW trolls who want to diminish anything that puts a spotlight on people who don’t look or think like them. Hell, these same people got mad when theaters held women-only screenings for Wonder Woman. Setting all of this drama aside, what do I think of the film? Well, let’s find out. This is Captain Marvel.


Carol Danvers is a woman with superpowers and no memory of her previous life. She now lives as Vers, an elite warrior of the Kree, who are dedicated to eradicating the Skrulls. During one mission, Carol gets captured and crash lands on Earth, where she might find out the mystery of her past. The filmmakers made the decision to set this movie in the 90s, before the events of every MCU film sans the first Captain America. As for the story itself, it’s pretty much your typical origin story with the feel of a Phase One film. Most of the best parts of the film takes place on Earth. Not to say that the space stuff is bad, but I liked the Earth scenes, which takes up most of the film.


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First things first, Brie Larson is awesome as Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel. From the trailers, people were skeptical of her, coming off dry and not showing a lot of emotion. Well, as someone who watched the movie, that’s not the case. Contrary to what the trailer shows, she shows a lot of wit, snark, and determination to do her mission. When we first see her, she’s part of Starforce without memories. She gets to Earth and things change as she realizes that she was an Air Force pilot. I do wish we could have gotten more from her, but I did like what was shown.

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Nick Fury is in this movie, played by Samuel L Jackson, who’s putting on his most Samuel L Jackson performance in the MCU to date. Marvel has perfected de-aging CGI because they managed to make Fury look 25 years younger and not have it go into uncanny valley territory. They did the same thing for Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg). And this is throughout the whole movie. Anyways, I enjoyed every scene with Carol and Fury. Those two have solid chemistry. Hell, watch interviews and videos of those two and they are a riot. Lashana Lynch plays Carol’s friend Maria Rambeau and she was great. She has a daughter, Monica Rambeau, who was the original female Captain Marvel in the comics. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Monica Rambeau as either Photon or Spectrum. Sadly, one of the weaker parts of the movie revolves around the villains. In the beginning, we’re lead to believe that the Skrulls are the bad guys. But there’s a twist. Turns out the Skrulls aren’t the bad guys, they’re just looking or a new home after the Kree destroyed their homeworld. This means the main bad guy is the guy who trained Carol in the beginning of the movie, Yon-Rogg, played by Jude Law. Marvel basically pulled a twist villain on us. Seems no Disney property is safe from the twist villain. Hell, they did this for Iron Man 3. I guarantee you a future Star Wars movie will have one. The rest of Starforce were a waste and so was Ronan The Accuser, who’s barely on-screen for a few minutes. On the topic of the Skrulls, I really enjoyed the Skrull leader Talos, played by Ben Mendelsohn. His comedic timing was perfect from his expressions to his actions to even the things he says.

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One last thing I want to talk about is the cat, Goose. I like cats and Goose was adorable. Technically, Goose isn’t a cat, but a flerken, an alien species that has a pocket dimension in its stomach. Also, that cute little creature above is responsible for Nick Fury losing his eye. Yep. People have joked about how Fury loses his eye by the cat and then Marvel actually commits to the idea. I don’t even know what to say about that. It kinda makes this scene from Winter Soldier less badass.


Let me tell you: this movie REALLY wants you to know that it takes place in the 90s. From the look to references to things like Blockbuster and Pulp Fiction to even the soundtrack. They play a lot of 90s songs on here and while I don’t mind that because I like the songs they played, it’s a bit on-the-nose. Seeing that it is a MCU movie, there is humor and a good chunk of it hits. The action is serviceable, though I felt with Carol’s power level, it could have been bigger and more epic. Seriously, when you look at her power set, Captain Marvel is OP as fuck. When she activates her Binary powers, she’s literally a one-man-excuse me, one-woman army, taking out spaceship fleets without a sweat, which takes away any conflict from the film. Stick around for the mid-credits scene because it’s basically a scene from Avengers: Endgame. You don’t need to stick around after the credits. I’ll tell you what happens: Goose coughs up the Tesseract, nothing else. Just saved you a lot of time. One last thing: they paid tribute to Stan Lee with the opening intro. When the movie started with the opening intro and it had images of Stan Lee instead of the Marvel heroes, the screening that I went to clapped. It was beautiful.

I give Captain Marvel a strong 7/10. On one hand, the story is a very paint-by-numbers origin story and the villains were underwhelming. On the other hand, the performances from every actor was solid and I was thoroughly entertained by the action and humor. In terms of the Phase 3 movies, it’s easily the weakest link. It’s good, but not great, which is kinda disappointing considering previous films like Black Panther and Infinity War have set the bar so high. Check it out for yourself and don’t let the negativity on the internet sway you. We will see Captain Marvel again next month in Avengers: Endgame. I’m interested in seeing how she factors into defeating Thanos.


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  1. I see people are still finding things to complain about. Seriously screw those people, especially the ones that set that stupid agenda against the new Ghostbusters and hated on The Last Jedi for no good reason. I enjoyed The Last Jedi, and anyone that has a problem with it can bite me. Now this. I roll my eyes and facepalm everytime there’s a new “controversy” on a movie. As far as the movie itself, I went and saw it and I wasn’t really impressed all that much. Don’t get me wrong, it had some good moments and the fact that it was set in the 90’s and played 90’s music was awesome to me as a guy that grew up as a kid in that era, it was about time the 90’s music nostalgia was represented in mainstream media outside of Buzzfeed and React videos. But the movie bored me halfway through and there wasn’t enough action to keep me entertained for very long. Also I disagree, I thought Brie Larson was pretty bland in her performance as Captain Marvel. She did have her moments and shared good chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson (when is he ever not great in a movie?), but when he wasn’t on the screen, her performance was not all that engaging or interesting. Honestly, I felt most of the rest of the actor outshined her performance-wise including Ben Medehlson, who was great. I was more invested in her friend than her. I don’t know, at the end of the movie it didn’t seem like this was a character that I would love to have as a leader of The Avengers, although she is super strong I can tell you that. Also, the epicness and grandness of the Marvel movies that are known for were missing for the most part. It didn’t feel like an event at all like most of the other films, when your standards are high you’re going to demand better. The movie is basically just a setup for the Captain Marvel character for Avengers: Endgame with a semi-origin story attached to it. The movie isn’t bad, but it’s simply in the upper meh category to me. That said, it’s just the first movie with Captain Marvel in it. If she proves to be very epic in future movies that she’s in, I’ll definitely come around on her. That said, this movie didn’t leave much of an impression on me, and I’m anxiously waiting for Endgame to happen. That movie is going to something like no other, I can tell you that. Very excited for that.

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  2. The trailers were pretty meh to me so I’m going to wait awhile for seeing Captain marvel for it but good on you with your enjoyment.

    As for the criticism against the film, it’s not entirely rooted in the entirety of sensitive man children and many videos from a variety of users pointed out their issues come from stuff like timing of this new character, how certain jokes felt to writing. Brie Larson’s video speech at that crystal awards show rubbed many the wrong way because of her tone of voice sounding and certain body language.

    I’m not sure how Captain Marvel plays into Endgame but could you see the other side of the argument? I could recommend some videos from users such as Dave Cullen, Eric D’July And Ana That Star Wars Girl who cover the subject from the movie to even just the feel of that Brie Larson speech and they do it reasonably well.


    1. I’ve heard enough of the other side, still doesn’t change my mind nor does it justifies the toxic vitriol aimed against the movie. I honestly don’t care about anyone who felt offended by Brie Larson calling for more diversity because most of them are disingenuous smear merchants pushing an agenda.


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