Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review

Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: June 2019

Welcome back to another Hot 100 Top 40 Review where I look at some of the most popular songs in the United States right now. Let’s get started.


#39. Hey Look Ma, I Made It-Panic! At The Disco: We start off with the Brendon Urie Show, also known as Panic! At The Disco with Hey Look Ma, I Made It. Man, I wish I liked this more, but this song is really underwhelming. It feels like a retread of High Hopes, especially in the production, which is even sloppier than that song. It’s a sarcastic take on making it in the music industry, which is an idea that’s been done before. I don’t know. The song isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t listen to it again. I give it a 3/5.

#38. Beer Never Broke My Heart-Luke Combs: Another perfectly okay Luke Combs song. I feel like this dude has become one of those guys, like Khalid, who manages to find their way on the Top 40 even with material that isn’t their best. This song gets a 3/5.

#37. Rumor-Lee Brice: Now for another country song from years ago that’s now charting, Rumor by Lee Brice. It’s a solid country song with an organic groove to its instrumentation, the vocals are pretty good, and the idea of making rumors of a hookup true isn’t a bad one. It’s pretty good. I give it a 4/5.

#36. Nightmare-Halsey: I would say “appropriate title for a Halsey song,” but chances are someone else beat me to the punch. With Nightmare, Haley opts to crib the gothic eccentricity of Billie Eilish and the edge of Rated R-era Rihanna and it does not work at all. The production is a mess as there’s no transition between the hook’s loud distortion with screeching vocals and the more minimal verse, so you’re left with severe whiplash. The idea of embracing your negative traits isn’t a bad one, but Halsey delivers it in a forced way that makes most of her songs insufferable. This is bad, even worse than Without Me. I give it a 1/5.

#32. Look What God Gave Her-Thomas Rhett: Well, I’ve heard mixed responses to Look What God Gave Her with some people concerned that Thomas Rhett was undoing all the good faith people had in him. And yeah, this is kinda corny. The production leans more towards pop than country with those organs, guitars, and drums. Adding to the corniness is Thomas Rhett praising this one girl who he proclaims is so perfect that she might as well been crafted by the All-Mighty Wizard In Space. Still, the song ain’t bad, it is catchy and bouncy, but Thomas Rhett is capable of doing much better. I give it a 3/5.

#27. Earfquake-Tyler, The Creator: Never thought that I would see a Tyler, The Creator song in the Top 40. Not that I’m complaining, he deserves it. Tyler recently released his latest album IGOR, which is good, but not his best work. No, that goes to Flower Boy. Anyways, Earfquake. The pros: I like the production and how it balances the pianos with the beeping synths and drums, Charlie Wilson brings some soul to the track, and the idea of wanting somebody who you might not have treated the best way isn’t a bad one. The cons: Tyler’s singing voice is weak as hell and he sounds pitched (maybe that was the intention?) and Playboi Carti needs to go with his gibberish nonsense. Not the best song from IGOR, but it’s a good one regardless. I give it a 3.5/5.

#21. Truth Hurts-Lizzo: I’ve seen a lot of buzz surrounding Lizzo and it seems like she’s the next one to blow up. Well, here she is with Truth Hurts, which is far from one of my favorites from her. It’s been around since 2017 and just got here thanks to Tik Tok and some Netflix movie that I didn’t watch. The beat is built upon a piano loop and trap drums and it got some knock to it. It’s about not being tied down to a relationship and Lizzo makes this kind of track work with her personality in a Cardi B kind of way. I think Juice is a better song and it should’ve been the big hit, but I’m cool with Truth Hurts. I give it a 4/5.

#17. The London-Young Thug, J Cole, & Travis Scott: Well, this is a thing. The London is a collaboration between Young Thug, J Cole, and Travis Scott and boy, is it underwhelming. I will say that the hook from Travis Scott is effective against the more muted beat and J Cole’s verse isn’t bad despite the unnecessary Auto-Tune and some really bad and forced lines. But then you have Young Thug, who’s just annoying. I don’t want to hear this dude screeching like that ever again and the lines he deliver are a dumpster fire of shit. Plus, the content isn’t anything you haven’t heard in any other rap song. Man, this should have been better, but there’s too many bad apples that spoiled it. It’s a 2/5.

#16. Press-Cardi B: Time for a new Cardi B single. Press takes aggressive shots against the media who’ve been covering Cardi ever since her rise to prominence. It’s definitely a confrontational track with heavier trap production and Cardi using a more aggressive flow. I’m not sure this song works for me as it comes off a bit petty and some of the lines don’t really connect. It’s not Cardi’s worst song, but it’s not one of her best, either. I give it a 3/5.

#15. Never Really Over-Katy Perry: After Witness crashed and burned, Katy Perry has been desperate to recapture her glory days. This year, she hopped on the remix to Con Calma and riding that wave, she released a comeback called Never Really Over, which is mediocre. It’s a breakup song that we’ve heard a million times before that says nothing interesting. The production is done by Zedd and it’s one of the most generic beats that he’s ever done. Even the drop doesn’t really hit that hard while Katy Perry stretches her vocals thin on it, leaving no room for her to breathe. This should have been over. I don’t see this lasting that long on the charts. I give it a 2/5.

#4. I Don’t Care- Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber: When I saw the title to this song and who was attached to it, I knew what to expect. This isn’t the first time Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber collaborated, so this doesn’t surprise me. So this is I Don’t Care and I think the title tells you everything that you need to know about my feelings on it. It’s about these two at a party where they don’t like anyone there but that one girl that they want to have fun with. Don’t know why this warranted a duet when this could’ve been sung by one person. This just makes the whole thing awkward. It’s also ironic that Ed Sheeran and Bieber, two international superstars, are trying to sell themselves as relatable and not fitting in the crowd. Also, the production is paper thin. Do I really need to say anything else about this? The title speaks for itself. I don’t care about I Don’t Care. It’s a 2/5.


Truth Hurts






I Don’t Care

And that was another Hot 100 Top 40 Review. Stay tuned next month when I do another one. This week, I’ll be releasing by Best Songs About Dads list and my review of Dark Phoenix.


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