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Target Practice: Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain “Blame It”

Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. Jamie Foxx is a man of many talents: actor, singer, comedian, etc. He got his start on one of the greatest sketch comedy shows ever in In Living Color before getting his own sitcom in The Jamie Foxx Show and starring in multiple movies. His biggest accomplishment was winning the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles in Ray. Aside from that, he’s also has a successful career as an R&B singer, being featured on number one hits Slow Jamz and Gold Digger. But one of his most successful songs just so happens to be one of his worst and it’s today’s Target Practice victim. Straight out of the booze-drenched landfill of 2009 and featuring T-Pain, this is Blame It.

Blame it on the Goose
Got you feeling loose
Blame it on 'trón
Got you in the zone
Blame it on the alcohol
Blame it on the alcohol

Well, that’s one way of avoiding responsibility for your actions: blaming it on the alcohol. Yeah, that’s not how that works. You still chose to drink and everything you did after that is still on you.

She say she usually don't
But I know that she front
'Cause shawty know what she want
But she don't wanna seem like she easy

Great. Another mindreader who thinks they got women figured out. Your nonexistent telepathy skills aren’t that good.

I ain't saying what you won't do
But you know we probably gon' do
What you been feeling deep inside
Don't lie now

And what would that be, huh, Mr. Foxx?

Girl what you drinking?
Gon' let it sink in
Here for the weekend
We can

Why do you care? Just let her drink whatever she’s drinking.

See what we can be if we press fast forward
Just one more round and you're down I know it
Fill another cup up
Feeling on yo butt what?
You don't even care now
I was unaware how fine you was before my buzz set in, my buzz set in

…………… I got nothing.

Blame it on the Goose
Got you feeling loose
Blame it on 'trón
Got you in the zone
Blame it on the alcohol
Blame it on the alcohol
Blame it on the vodka
Blame it on the Henny
Blame it on the Blue Tap
Got you feeling dizzy
Blame it on the alcohol
Blame it on the alcohol

Look back at what I said the first time. It applies here as well.

Oh see
She spilled some drank on me
And now I'm knowing she's tipsy
She put her body on me
And she keep staring me right in my eyes

Christ, how many did she drink? Don’t you hate it when you’re out and someone spills something on your clothes, especially the ones that you just bought and are wearing for the first time? That’s always terrible.

No telling what I'm gon' do
Baby I would rather show you
What you been missing in your life
When I get inside

Okay, this is going into some iffy territory right here. This is one drink away from being Brock Turner. Let’s move on to T-Pain.

Girl I know you feel good
Dancing like you look
Couple more shots
You open up like a book
I ain't tripping
('cause I'm a read ya)
Shawty I ain't tripping
(I just want to please ya)


I'm a take a shot of nuvo
Shawty then you know
It's goin' down we can go and kick it like judo (judo)
You know what I mean
Shawty got drunk thought it all was a dream

Yeah, this isn’t making things any better.

So I made her say ah ah ah
Now she got her hand on my leg
Got my seats all wet in my ride (all wet in my ride)
All over my ride (all over my ride)

Got my seats all wet in my ride. That could mean multiple things and one of them is really gross.

She look my dead in the eye eye eye
Then my pants got bigger
She already knew what to figure
Had her looking her boyfriend like fuck that nigga

Did not need to know about your boner. Also, the girl has a boyfriend because of course she does.

This song is an inebriated mess. The production has not aged well like a lot of songs from 2009. I will say it captures the vibe of how it feels to be drunk and I don’t mean that in a good way. Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx and T-Pain are at the club trying to get another dude’s girlfriend drunk and do unspeakable things with her. The worst part of the song is easily the Auto-Tune use. It sounds awful for both artists and does them no favors. Even though it was a huge hit, I don’t see a lot of people talk about this song that much ten years later. That’s pretty telling. There are worse songs released in 2009, but this ain’t that good, either. Next Target Practice, ….



You Gotta Be-Des’ree

4 thoughts on “Target Practice: Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain “Blame It”

  1. Some people say 2009 was a great year for music. With songs like these, they couldn’t be more wrong. It was meh at best, and I’m just glad several songs haven’t aged well and been forgotten. This was the worst thing Jamie Foxx ever did and a waste of his talents. This was a huge hit and probably the only reason it was as big as it was it’s because auto-tune was all the rage during that time and sounding like T-Pain was the “it” thing especially in R&B. I tried liking it, but couldn’t, it’s really bad. It just showcased R&B’s erosion in quality and the fact that auto-tune was one of the worst things to happen in popular music and thank goodness that’s not a trend anymore (artists still use it, but not nearly as much as they did back then). I still hear it a bit, but it’s been mostly forgotten and deservedly so.

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  2. Agree with your thoughts. I generally like Jamie Foxx from his movies, music, and his current hosting of the Beat Shazam show but Blame It is a big miss from him. It’s another stupid club song of the time with a lot of disturbing implications considering many guys will still use being drunk to defend their actions especially in regards to sexual assault. Also, when I first heard this song, I could barely make out Jamie Foxx since he’s buried under so much AutoTune and sounds like T-Pain even though the real T-Pain is on this song. Despite how bad it is, I do like making fun of and imitating the way Jamie Foxx sings the chorus. Overall, really bad song and I’m glad it’s been mostly forgotten though I hope they don’t play this on Beat Shazam if they haven’t already. The Taylor Swift review will be fun considering the many issues I and a lot of people have with that song.

    I just saw the Yesterday movie last night and it was actually alright. There were many funny scenes that had me and the theater laughing out loud a lot and you do get to hear pretty decent covers of Beatles songs. But the critics of the movie do make a point with the flaws in the premise as well as how the movie acts like everyone would still be going crazy over The Beatles music if it came out today without understanding why it made such a big impact in the 60s. Aside from that, there is fun to be had with this movie.

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    1. I listened to the song there is so much auto tune I cannot tell who is who. Once again the line between using and abuse of auto-tune has been crossed. Obviously competing with Mario’s break up song you talked about last year. At least we had Green Day as an island in the ocean of atrocities that plagued the pop charts.


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