Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review

Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: August 2019

Welcome back to another Hot 100 Top 40 Review where I look at some of the most popular songs in the US right now. As I’m typing this, Old Town Road is now spending its nineteenth week at number one, breaking the record for the longest time spent at the top that was shared by One Sweet Day and Despacito. There’s no doubt by this point that Old Town Road will not only be the number one song of 2019, but it will also be one of those songs that defines the 2010s decade going forward. Anyways, let’s get started on the review.


#40. Rearview Town-Jason Aldean: We start on a pretty meh Jason Aldean song, Rearview Town. It’s a bitter post-breakup song where a dude leaves a small town after a breakup and doesn’t intend to return. My big issue with this song is the production, which has the same sterile sound that’s cursed a lot of modern country hits. The song isn’t bad, but it ain’t anything great, either. It’s a 2.5/5 for me.

#39. Shotta Flow-NLE Choppa: Another trap song performed by a teenager that isn’t that interesting, especially with the sparse lumpy beat and how redundant the content is. I guess NLE Choppa’s flows are alright, but they don’t exactly make me want to keep listening. It’s a 2/5.

#37. How Do You Sleep-Sam Smith: Next up, we have Sam Smith with How Do You Sleep and I like it. Granted, it’s not perfect as it could have benefitted from some heavier synths and that drop with the screeching needs to go. But I have no problems with the production outside of those two things as the hook is really good and Sam Smith sells that he wants to move on from a relationship even if there’s reasons to stay. Again, not a great song, but there’s enough in it to make it good. I give it a 4/5.

#35. My Type-Saweetie: When I first heard My Type by Saweetie, my immediate reaction was the following: this is Freek-A-Leek. They just sampled Freek-A-Leek by Petey Pablo. I’m no fan of that song and this one doesn’t do it for me, either. The content is sex-heavy with Saweetie looking to get with a rich dude because that’s her type. I didn’t care when male rappers talk about sex, so it’s no different for me when it’s a woman doing the same thing. To be fair to My Type, the beat still bumps since it is utilizing a sample from an older song and Saweetie has enough personality to carry the song to make it enjoyable for some people. Still, I would give it a 2.5/5.

#33. All To Myself-Dan + Shay: An okay pop country love song that’s tailor-made to be a hit. It’s a 3/5.

#32. Knockin’ Boots-Luke Bryan: No, this has nothing to do with the Candyman song. No, this Knockin’ Boots is another Lue Bryan song that checks all of the bro-country boxes that should have been dead years ago, leaving us with a forgettable song that at least has a more organic groove. Still, I’m not going to remember this song after hearing it and that earns it a 2/5.

#17. Someone You Loved-Lewis Capaladi: The latest piano ballad to hit the Top 20 comes from the U.K.’s Lewis Capaladi with Someone You Loved. I don’t care for it. Musically, it’s every piano ballad you’ve ever heard. Capaladi is a good singer, I guess, but he’s not amazing, either. It’s not like the writing does it any favors, either, as it’s another post-breakup song with a lack in detail bringing it down. It’s perfect for adult contemporary radio. I would give it a 2/5.

#9. Goodbyes-Post Malone ft Young Thug: Now this is a collaboration between two names I’m not excited for, but makes too much sense. So this is Goodbyes and while it isn’t terrible, it’s not good, either. It’s a post-breakup song where both parties admit to their flaws and probably shouldn’t be with one another. Now this is a step in the right direction compared to Post’s previous breakup songs, but that’s ruined by the screeching presence of Young Thug, who’s just being an insufferable dick all across. Also, Post Malone compares himself to Kurt Cobain in the first line of the song because he wishes he could be at that level even when he’s not. Overall, it’s another generic song that exists to fill space on radio and streaming playlists. It’s a 2/5.

#8. Boyfriend-Ariana Grande & Social House: After the thank u, next album, I’ve been disappointed by Ariana Grande’s recent output. So when I heard she had a new song, a collaboration with Pittsburgh duo Social House, I was hoping that would change. So how is Boyfriend? I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I like the production and all three singers do fine with what they got. But the content is where the song lost me where two people who broke up doesn’t want the other to hook up with other people and it’s not compelling. I wanted to like this song, but it doesn’t rise above being okay. I give it a 3/5.


How Do You Sleep


Knockin’ Boots

And that was another Top 40 Review. Stay tuned next month when I do another. This week, I’ll be doing a post sharing 7 unpopular music opinions that I have.


2 thoughts on “Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: August 2019

  1. It’s been amazing to see Old Town Road still continuing its run at number one now. Didn’t think it could break the Old Town Road/Despacito record since I thought that it Despacito couldn’t beat it then no song will. From the looks of it now, it’ll probably stay at number one and create a new measure of Hot 100 success. Agree about Rearview Town. It sounds nice but am I really going to go out of my way to listen to it, not really. Shotta Flow is another mediocre trap song. How Do You Slee is another fine enough song from Sam Smith though I agree that drop can get pretty annoying. Don’t really like My Type mainly cause of how annoying it gets. I also don’t like the Freek-A-Leek song from 2004 it samples so that doesn’t help. All To Myself is another perfectly fine pop country song. Knockin’ Boots is another meh song from Luke Bryan. I’ve been hearing a lot of hype surrounding Lewis Capaldi. Apparently, he’s been big in his native U.K. for a while now so naturally he’s now getting a push in the States. And from listening to Someone You Loved, I don’t really get it a whole lot. It’s not a bad song and I can understand the sentiment he’s trying to sell but like you said this just sounds like a lot of the piano ballads that are out there. It sounds fine but in the end it’s not interesting enough for me to get invested in. It just blends into the background for me. I will say that Lewis Capaldi is not a bad singer and maybe if I heard better songs from him then maybe I can get behind him getting big in America. Just heard Goodbyes for the first time a few days ago and it’s better than most of Post Malone’s songs but even then it’s still mediocre and Young Thug is really annoying here. Boyfriend is fine but I’m not feeling this compared to Ariana’s earlier songs and also this sounds a lot like thank u, next.

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