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Random WTF Lyrics #54

Welcome back to Random WTF Lyrics where I list off six random lyrics from six random songs that are either nonsensical or just plain bad (the lyrics, not necessarily the song). Let’s get started.

We Go High-Chance The Rapper

So I just listened to Chance The Rapper’s newest album The Big Day. I don’t hate it as much as other people, but I see where the negative criticisms are coming from because this is not a good project. I know he made this album to celebrate his wife, but this shit is just plain corny. Like, look at the following line.

One livin' true God, he make us boo-yah

This dude just said, “God makes us boo-yah.” Boo-yah. Bruh. This is just a sample of the terrible lines that exist through the album. There’s no way getting married can make you write lines like this.

Real Niggaz-N.W.A.

N.W.A, straight outta muthafucking Compton
Taking over shit in all of the 1990's

Hahahahahaha. When Dr. Dre left the group after the release of their second album, N.W.A. broke up. So much for taking over the 90s.

Wetter-Twista ft Erika Shevon

I done been wet, but I can get it wetter
Come and make it rain down onnnn meeeeeee

Sounds like someone enjoys receiving a golden shower. This reminds me of that Chappelle’s Show sketch that was making fun of R. Kelly. You know the one.

Only difference is that said woman getting pissed on isn’t underaged. Speaking of piss…

Baguettes In The Face-DJ Mustard ft A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Playboi Carti, & Nav

I'm always dripping, I leave puddles when I walk (Drip)

I’m sorry, but when I hear this, it sounds like Nav peed in his pants. There’s no way to make that sound cool. It makes you sound like a toddler who hasn’t been potty-trained.

Baby Birkin-Gunna

I have a daughter, I'm buying her baby Birkin (Baby Birkin)
Fucked her good and got her legs hurtin' (Yeah)

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh……….. NEXT LINE!!

Candy-Machine Gun Kelly ft Trippie Redd

Just bought a whip for my granny, yeah
Fucked her raw, hit her with a Plan B, yeah

Okay, what in the Mississippi is going on with these new rappers talking about incest? First, Gunna talking about fucking his daughter and hurting her legs and now we have Trippie Redd talking about fucking his grandmother and giving her the morning after pill. And all of this happens after buying them shit. Was there not anyone double-checking these lines in the writing and recording process? Do they not know how this sounds when you put these lines together? Or do they not listen to these songs after recording them? Instead, they just say whatever on the mic and then collect their check. That would explain a lot of things.

And that was Random WTF Lyrics. No lyrics are safe.


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