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Target Practice: Paul Anka “Hold Me ‘Til The Mornin’ Comes”

Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. By now, most of you are familiar with Paul Anka, especially if you’ve read my Worst Songs lists of the past. From generic teenybopper songs of the late 50s and early 60s to making one of the worst number one hits of the 70s with (You’re) Having My Baby, this dude is no stranger to making bad music and today’s Target Practice is no different. It was Anka’s final Top 40 hit released in 1983 and it features backing vocals from Peter Cetera. Because we needed to up the suckage. This is Hold Me ‘Til The Mornin’ Comes.

Two broken hearts
Neither one knows what to say
Both falling from love,
But not quite all the way

So the story here is that a relationship is coming at an end since both partners are falling out of love with each other. Okay, let’s see where this goes.

Look at us now
We're reachin' back for yesterday
Wanting to know,
If the other wants to stay

Wait. The other? That means somebody’s cheating on the other. We’re going to need some more details on that point.

After all,
I'm the one who said we're through
Now I can't live without you, anymore
Out there lost,
Is a dream that can come true
Is it worth the reachin' for...?
Don't you want me anymore...?

So even though you said it was over, you still want to continue the relationship? Bruh, pick and choose.

Hold me till the mornin' comes
Until I see you smile
Take all the sadness from your eyes
Hold me till the mornin' sun
Let me stay we've just begun

In other words, just sleep it off. We’ll discuss it in the morning. That’s not awkward at all. On a sidenote, this is where Peter Cetera made his contributions to this song and it would be hilarious if he and Paul Anka were singing this song about each other.

Where shall we start...?
A tender word that we can share
And if we believe,
In time we will get there

So is it over or not?

Look at us now,
Wanting more than words can say
Both falling in love
But this time all the way
Out there lost,
Are the words "I still love you"
Are they worth the reachin' for...?
Do you love me anymore...?

Wait, so now you’re getting back together again? Shortest breakup ever.

Would you love me in the mornin'...?
Will you still be there in the mornin'...?
Or would you leave without a warnin'...?
Say you love me too

You know? Looking at these lines, I can’t help but think that the dude sounds desperate. He’s seconds away from begging this chick to stay.

I got nothing for this song. Musically, it’s more soft rock blandness that fits too perfectly for 80s Lite FM. Paul Anka is still bland as ever and Peter Cetera is still as shrill as ever. In terms of the relationship being portrayed, there’s a feeling of conflict that removes any tension they were trying to build. It’s clear that ending things right now would be the best decision, but they don’t want to because they want to stay together. Overall, both Anka and Cetera made worse songs, but this is still pretty bad at the end of the day. Next Target Practice, …



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  1. And we have a dud within all the high quality records that came out in 1983. Fact, On this weekend in 1983 Paul Anka nudged into the top 40 on American top 40. It was the last we heard from him on the pop charts.


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