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Target Practice: Marshmello ft Kane Brown “One Thing Right”

Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. Marshmello is frustrating to me. The dude is a talented EDM producer who is capable of making good songs (hell, Happier with Bastille has a chance of making it onto my Best of 2019 list), but he has a formula that gets stale real quick, especially if the songs don’t hit that hard or don’t do anything interesting. It’s why I find it interesting that with his recent singles, he’s working with artists from different genres of music to less-than-impressive results. He did a song with A Day To Remember, a rock band. Seriously. And he did a song with Kane Brown, which is today’s Target Practice victim. This is One Thing Right.

I've cheated and I've lied
I've broke down and I've cried
I've got nothing to hide no more
I've loved and I've hurt
I've broken people down with words
More grace than I deserved, for sure

Alright, so we got a guy who’s done some shitty things to people and he’s admitting it. Okay, so where is this going?

Known to be crazy, known to be wild
Mama had herself a little devilish child
Ain't no stranger to the troubles at my door

Reaffirming everything that was just said. Okay, what else?

I've been at the wrong place at the wrong time
Chasin' all the wrong things most of my life
Been every kinda lost that you can't find
But I got one thing right
Been the kind of guy girl's mamas don't like
Runnin' with the wrong crowd on the wrong nights
'Cause I've been wrong about a million times
But I got one thing right, you
(Baby, I got one thing right)
(Baby, I got one thing right)
Yeah, I got you
(Baby, I got one thing right)
I got one thing right

So you’re wrong about a million things, but you got one thing right, which is this one girl he’s with. You know, I can understand meeting someone who changes your whole life and they way you see things, but I don’t get that from this chorus. What I got out of it instead is that he met someone who tolerates his BS.

You saw right through my pain
Kept us patient while I changed
Never even crossed your mind to walk away (To walk away)
When I was gettin' crazy, reckless, and wild
Actin' like my mama's little devilish child
It took a heart like yours to find its place (Find its place)

I honestly feel bad for this woman for dealing with an insufferable manchild. There’s a million things she could be doing, but she’s left having to clean up after this dude’s mess, figuratively and literally. I would continue, but there’s no more new lyrics by this point, so another short post.

This song is one wrong thing. Why would anyone want to associate themselves with someone who lies, cheats, and does all kinds of wrong things? That can’t be a healthy relationship where every day, you have to bail someone out of trouble and the onus of being a responsible adult is one-sided. Outside of the issues with the writing is the production, which has a gutless guitar groove, fake snaps, and a worthless drop. Not to mentioned how generic Kane Brown sounds vocally. He does this song no favors. This is a sloppy mish-mesh of genres that belongs nowhere on the country charts where it’s charting right now. Thanks, Meant To Be. You see what you did now? Next Target Practice, …



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3 thoughts on “Target Practice: Marshmello ft Kane Brown “One Thing Right”

  1. One Thing Right is a one big meh from me. I don’t care much considering how generic the production and Kane Brown are despite the stupid lyrics. Good to see you’re gonna tear apart Island Girl next with how problematic those lyrics are. It’s a good thing it’s been largely forgotten from Elton John’s discography despite being a number one hit at the time.

    Did you see my suggestion for Rod Stewart’s Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright) on the WTF Lyrics post?

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  2. Maroon 5 for song of the week, talk about a group whose music got stale five years after that song came out. I would see a duh in there if the answer is they sold out big time.


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