Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review

Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: October 2019

Welcome back to another Hot 100 Top 40 Review where I look at some of the most popular songs in the U.S. right now. It’s officially fall and Halloween season is upon us. So let’s get started.


#40. Take What You Want-Post Malone ft Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott: Okay, I’ll admit it. This is a good song. And a lot of that is thanks to the production, which leans right into that darker rock sound and it even includes a guitar solo. It’s also nice to hear from Ozzy Osbourne, who sounds great here. Even though I wasn’t too crazy about Post Malone and Travis Scott on here and it is another sour relationship song, they weren’t bad and the music fits the content. I have to give credit where credit is due and this song is good. I give it a 4/5.

#38. One Thing Right-Marshmello & Kane Brown: I already did an entire Target Practice on this song. Check it out if you haven’t for my full thoughts. It’s easily a 1/5.

#34. 223’s-YNW Melly & 9lokknine: Isn’t this guy still in jail and on-trial for murder charges? So this a song that YNW Melly was featured on in 2018 with 9lokknine, who decided to re-release it and it’s on the charts because it went viral on TikTok (sure, why not) and it’s not good. It’s another song about shooting people and it’s nothing we haven’t heard. The production sounds cheap, I’m not feeling YNW Melly at all, and 9lokknine does and says nothing to make him stand out. Not a fan of it at all. It’s getting a 1/5.

#30. Good As Hell-Lizzo: The spotlight is now on Lizzo as her song Truth Hurts has been sitting at the top of the Hot 100 for six weeks. If that song remains there for two more weeks, it will be the longest-running number one single from a female rap artist, overthrowing Fancy and I’m for it. Anyways, Lizzo now has another hit under her belt. The bad news is that it’s not Juice (seriously, that song is sitting right there begging to be a hit). The good news is that what we got instead in Good As Hell, a song from her 2016 EP, is great. I like the production and how the pianos play off the horns and drums, especially on the chorus. Lizzo sells the sentiment of this self-empowerment anthem with her amazing vocals. Even though I would have preferred a more recent Lizzo song to be a hit, I can’t really complain with having this one here because I really like it. I give it a perfect 5/5.

#29. Memories-Maroon 5: Another year, another piece of radio filler from the husk that was Maroon 5. This is Memories and it doesn’t work. You got Adam Levine’s weak ass singing over a lifeless guitar riff and keys. It wants to ponder about the past and those who aren’t around you anymore, but the songwriting is surface-level basic and there’s not much to be invested in. I other words, a modern-day Maroon 5 song. It’s not even the worst thing they’ve ever made, it’s just utterly bland and forgettable. It’s a 2/5.

#28. Toes-DaBaby ft Lil Baby & Moneybagg Yo: This week, we’ve got an album bomb courtesy of DaBaby and I’ll be talking about four songs off of his new album Kirk, starting with Toes. It’s a flexing song with a beat that does knock and in terms of verses, Lil Baby was easily the weakest link with DaBaby being the best and Moneybagg Yo having some pretty good flows. This is an okay song, though, not the best from DaBaby. I give it a 3/5.

#23. On Chill-Wale ft Jeremih: Haven’t heard from these two in a while. I was never a fan of either Wale or Jeremih and I was hoping that this recent song that they have, On Chill, would sell me to them and it doesn’t. On one hand, the production’s pretty good, built on a Raphael Saadiq sample. On the other hand, there seems to be a disconnect between Jeremih’s hook, which implies a couple is having issues with one another, and Wale’s verses, where he’s trying to pick up some girls in the hopes of having sex with them. Also, Wale’s second verse is weaker than the first since he doesn’t even try to connect the wordplay there. Overall, the song is just okay, not anything I would listen to again and again. I give it a 3/5.

#21. Vibez-DaBaby: It’s a decent knocker. 3.5/5.

#19. Bop-DaBaby: Another DaBaby song that isn’t great, but it’s solid for what it is. Personality and good flows can get you so far in terms of a song’s quality, which is why I wouldn’t mind hearing this. I give it a 3/5.

#13. Intro-DaBaby: People have said that Intro was the best song off of Kirk and I can see why because this is pretty damn good. DaBaby’s most dedicated the song to his father and grandmother, who both passed away, as he reflects on his come-up in the rap game and he gives some his most hard-hitting and introspective rhymes to date. This is one hell of a way to start an album and it shows what DaBaby is capable of. I really like this. I give it a 5/5.


Good As Hell




One Thing Right



And that was another Top 40 Review. Stay tuned next month when I do another one. Don’t forget to read my review of the new Joker movie that’s out now.


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