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Target Practice: Akon “Sorry, Blame It On Me”

Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. Here’s a name that you’ll recognize from the 2000s, Akon. He’s a man of many things: singer, producer, businessman, philanthropist, etc. A man who’s helped the careers of the likes of Lady Gaga and T-Pain and a man who’s done a lot to help Africa, which includes providing electricity to 15 countries in the continent. But what about Akon as an artist? Well, compared to my music reviewing peers, I don’t think he’s that bad as an artist. Sure, he’s made some stinkers like I Wanna Love You and Lonely, but he’s also made some pretty good songs as well like Locked Up and Don’t Matter. As one might tell, he is a mixed bag overall. Today’s Target Practice was made after he was caught in a nightclub dancing inappropriately with an underaged girl. This is Sorry, Blame It On Me.

The song starts with a spoken word intro and I’m gonna skip it and go straight to the song.

I'm sorry for the times that I left you home
I was on the road and you were alone
I'm sorry for the times that I had to go
I'm sorry for the fact that I did not know
That you were sitting home just wishing we
Could go back to when it was just you and me
I'm sorry for the times I would neglect
I'm sorry for the times I disrespect

Wait. So Akon’s apologizing to his girl for not being at home because of the shows and tours he does? I’m pretty sure that anyone who’s in a relationship with a music artist understands that their partner’s primary source of income requires them to travel a lot. I don’t think an apology is necessary.

I'm sorry for the wrong things that I've done
I'm sorry I'm not always there for my sons
I'm sorry for the fact that I'm not aware
That you can't sleep at night when I am not there

Something to note: Akon has six sons with three different women. That explains why he has a hard time being there for them because they probably live in different places. This also makes me question which baby mama he’s talking to with this verse.

Because I'm in the streets like every day
I'm sorry for the things that I did not say
Like how you are the best thing in my world
And how I'm so proud to call you "my girl"

Wait, you’re a famous music artist. Why are you out on the streets? You have too much money to be doing that shit.

I understand that there are some problems
And I'm not too blind to know
All the pain you kept inside you
Even though you might not show

I got nothing to say about this one. I don’t think this part is that bad.

If I can't apologize for being wrong
Then it's just a shame on me
I'll be the reason for your pain
And you can put the blame on me
You can put the blame on me
You can put the blame on me
You can put the blame on me
You can put the blame on me
Said you can put the blame on me
Said you can put the blame on me
Said you can put the blame on me
You can put the blame on me

Yeah, it is a shame on you if you can’t apologize, but goddamn. You don’t have to exaggerate like this and say that you’re the reason for this woman’s pain. I understand you screwed up, but you can’t be this big of a burden. Moving on.

I'm sorry for the things that he put you through
And all the times you didn't know what to do
I'm sorry that you had to go and sell those bags
Just trying to stay busy 'til you heard from dad
When you would rather be home with all your kids
As one big family with love and bliss
And even though Pops treated us like kings
He got a second wife and you didn't agree

So this next verse is aimed at his mom according to Genius. Apparently, his dad was unfaithful and that hurt the family. Akon, it’s not your fault that your dad cheated. He made his bed, he must lie in it.

He got up and left you there all alone
I'm sorry that you had to do it on your own
I'm sorry that I went and added to your grief
I'm sorry that your son was once a thief
I'm sorry that I grew up way too fast
I wish I would've listened and not be so bad
I'm sorry that your life turned out this way
I'm sorry that the feds came and took me away

Apologizing for getting into a life of crime and causing his mother more stress than she needed? Perfectly valid. Now let’s get to the third verse where he actually addresses the whole “dancing with an underaged girl” scandal.

I'm sorry that it took so long to see
They were dead wrong trying to put it on me
I'm sorry that it took so long to speak
But I was on tour with Gwen Stefani
I'm sorry for the hand that she was dealt
For the embarrassment that she felt
Just a little young girl trying to have fun
Her daddy should've never let her out that young

Dead wrong for trying to put it on you? Dude, you were dancing inappropriately with an underaged girl. You ain’t getting out of this scott-free.

I'm sorry for Club Zen getting shut down
I hope they manage better next time around
How was I to know she was underage
In a 21-and-older club they say
Why doesn't anybody wanna take blame
Verizon backed out disgracing my name
I'm just a singer tryna entertain
Because I love my fans I'll take that blame

You know what this reminds me of? That time when Rick Ross got in trouble for the date rape line in U.O.E.N.O. and he apologized for and tried to explain it to the public, but he still ended up losing his deal with Reebok. This time around, Akon’s actions costed a major sponsor from Verizon and he made this song as a way to apologize and explain. Just like with Rick Ross, it did not help him at all.

This song is empty. Man, this is one of the most pathetic apologies in a song. There’s no focus on this song, each verse is aimed at different people: the first one is about one of his baby mamas, the second about his mom, and the third is for everyone who gave him shit for that incident, which inspired this whole song. It doesn’t even feel like a genuine apology, but the ramblings of someone who got caught and is wallowing in their own guilt. Not helping is the condescending tone of the whole track and the sappy ass production. So, yeah. Not a good track. Skip it like hopscotch. Next Target Practice, …



Locked Up-Akon

4 thoughts on “Target Practice: Akon “Sorry, Blame It On Me”

  1. I agree that Akon isn’t as bad as people make him out to be but I still don’t think he’s that great of an artist. My main problem with Akon as many have pointed out is his nasal singing voice and a lot of the big hits he has like like I Wanna Love (Fuck) You, Lonely, Smack That, the Sexy Bitch song with David Guetta, etc. I also don’t like Don’t Matter all that much. The beat’s nice but Akon’s lyrics bring it down in how he admits to cheating in what’s supposed to be a nice love song. I will admit he has made some good songs both as an artist and producer like Gwen Stefani’s The Sweet Escape, Lady Gaga’s Just Dance, and Bone Thugs N Harmony’s I Tried, and Locked Up. And it’s nice to hear of all the work he’s been doing as a businessman and philanthropist.

    Agree with you on Sorry, Blame It On Me. Akon really comes across as insincere in this half-assed attempt of an analogy song especially with the final part about the club incident, “Because I love my fans I’ll take that blame even though the blame’s on you,” as well as the line in the spoke word intro “And things that they don’t want to take responsibility for.” His attempt at justifying his actions with dancing with the underage girl are just really stupid. Sure, he’s not exactly wrong but that still doesn’t excuse Akon’s actions. And the whole part of Akon apologizing for his personal problems comes across once again as insincere like someone who is now only saying he’s sorry for everything in his life because now he looks bad in the public eye and is trying to do damage control. Yeah I think it’s a good thing this song’s been largely forgotten.

    Here’s the latest Number Ones review on the infamous You Light Up My Life

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  2. You’ve probably never listened to it, but another really bad Akon song is “Dangerous” with Kardinal Offishall. Sample lyrics: “Girl, I can’t notice but to/Notice you, noticin’ me/ From across the room,I can see it, I can’t stop myself from lookin”, “Yeah, that’s her, the big dog tryna get the little kitty to purr, Ex-man looking at me like I’m Lucifer”……you get the idea. I suggest you put those in your next Random WTF Lyrics because it would be totally fun to rip them apart.


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