Random WTF Lyrics

Random WTF Lyrics #58

Welcome to Random WTF Lyrics where I comment on five random lyrics from five random songs. Let’s get started.

Bow Chicka Wow Wow-Mike Posner

Once I throw on this bow chicka wow wow
What you gonna say?

Either she’ll say, “what” or break into hysterical laughter because you just said “bow chicka wow wow” in the 21st century. Hell, I don’t even think there’s a time where that phrase was ever cool. It’s one of those substitute phrases in media aimed at younger audience where they want to imply sex, but can’t say it because kids are watching. And it would be one thing if Mike Posner purposely made a corny sex song, but nothing outside of the title and chorus suggests that. The music is too mellow and Mike Posner delivers it in the same way he does all of his songs, so it just doesn’t work.

All Me-Drake ft 2 Chainz & Big Sean

From the A to Toronto, we let the metal go off
And my dick so hard it make the metal detector go off

Setting aside that he rhymed “go off” with “go off,” is 2 Chainz implying that he has a metal penis? Because that’s the only logical explanation for the metal detector to go off.

Hello-Busta Rhymes ft Chance The Rapper

We the best of the sharks, we love and we fart
And leave a mark so put it in park

Better With The Lights Off-New Boyz ft Chris Brown

Now I think it’s time, hey shawty
I hope you don’t take this the wrong way
Girl you look better with the lights off,
Better with the lights off ooh
Girl you look better with the lights off,
Better with the lights off ooh
Better with the lights off

Telling a girl that she looks better when you can’t see her. How romantic. And I love how Chris Brown says that she hopes she doesn’t take it the wrong way like he believes he’s letting her down softly in preparation for one of the most idiotic pick-up lines that anyone could ever be subjected to.

Unaccommodating-Eminem ft Young M.A.

So Eminem put out a new album. So far, I’m mixed on it. Eminem still has the bars and it’s an improvement over Kamikaze and Revival, but it’s still rough in certain areas and it’s pretty clear we’re never getting the same Eminem from ’99 to ’03. One song from the album, Unaccommodating with Young M.A., generated controversy with this line.

But I'm contemplating yelling "Bombs away" on the game
Like I'm outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting




You know? I’m not surprised that Eminem would say something controversial. He’s done this throughout his entire career. On his last album, he had a line about Tyler, The Creator that sparked outrage. This time around, we have this. Setting aside that Eminem has made another dated reference (going all the way back to 2017), maybe it’s not a good idea to make light out of a bombing that killed a bunch of people and traumatized others, including the artist performing at the venue. I know it’s his schtick, but some lines you just don’t cross and it’s getting old.

And that was Random WTF Lyrics. No lyrics are safe.