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Target Practice: blackbear “hot girl bummer”

Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. Last year was when Megan Thee Stallion blew up and she coined a term “hot girl summer” that defined the year for some women. The message was simple; women just having fun during the summer. This peaked when Megan released the song Hot Girl Summer. But in the same month she released that song, another artist released a song cribbing off the name in the most shameless way possible and it’s today’s Target Practice victim. From the talentless blackbear, this is hot girl bummer.

Fuck you, and you, and you
I hate your friends and they hate me too
I’m through, I’m through, I’m through
This that hot girl bummer anthem
Turn it up and throw a tantrum

Jesus, this song JUST started and already, we get slapped in the face with incel vibes. Geez, looking at this song, I wonder why this girl’s friends hate you.

This that hot girl bummer anthem
Turn it up and throw a tantrum
This that throw up in your Birkin bag
Hook up with someone random
This that social awkward suicide
That bite your lips and buy your likes
I swear she had a man
But shit hit different when it’s Thursday night

As we go through the rest of the song, blackbear is the last person to call someone out for throwing a tantrum. This entire verse is nothing but odious slut-shaming that reeks of someone who was rejected.

That college dropout music
Everyday leg day, she be too thicc
And my friends are all annoying
But we go dumb, yeah, we go stupid
This that 10K on the table just so we can be secluded
And the vodka came diluted
One more line, I’m superhuman

She be too thicc? Great. On top of slut-shaming, we can add body-shaming to the misogyny bingo. Congrats, blackbear. Your likability was already in the negatives, but jeez. You seem to find a way to sink to deeper lows.

This that hot girl bummer 2-step
They can't box me in, I'm too left
This that drip that's more like oceans
They can't fit me in a Trojan
Out of pocket, but I'm always in my bag
Yeah, that's the slogan
This that, "Who's all there? I'm pullin' up
With a emo chick that's broken"

Going by this verse alone, it’s clear that blackbear has zero sense of self-awareness whatsoever as while he’s shaming women for bragging about having a good time, here he is bragging about having a good time. I would continue, but by this point, the lyrics repeat themselves, so there’s no new lines besides this.

And you want me to change? Fuck you!

This right here perfectly captures the immaturity of the song in a nutshell.

This song is a giant bummer. Every single part of this song is garbage, from the production, which has a flaccid beat and cheap guitar, to blackbear himself, who has no presence and personality. But what kills this song the most is the writing, which shows how gross, petty, and straight-up unlikable blackbear is as he’s going after the women who got into the hot girl summer craze. You can feel the misogyny ooze out every time he opens his mouth. blackbear said that the song had nothing to do with Megan Thee Stallion’s song and was referring to the hot girl summer hashtag, which was popularized by Megan herself. Does this man really think that we’re stupid? The only people who likes this are misogynistic fuckbois and women who hate other women. For everyone, this is trash and it deserves to rot in trash. Next Target Practice, …




7 thoughts on “Target Practice: blackbear “hot girl bummer”

  1. Blackbear as an artist has grown on me, but Hot Girl Bummer is awful. If you want a good Blackbear song, check out My Ex’s Best Friend, Champagne and Pools, Queen Of Broken Hearts, and Me And Ur Ghost. Those songs are a million times better and deserve way more success.


  2. song is dope asf, blackbear is talented and successful 🤷‍♀️ especially for his age lmao


    1. also “slut shaming” and “body shaming” is a reach💀saying someone is thick isn’t body shaming…y’all are so annoying with this shit fr


  3. This song is dogshit. Anyone that didn’t like do re mi hadn’t seen nothing yet. Blackbear has no talent, I really don’t know why he’s a thing. Dude has no charisma or presence as an artist. Probably the worst song on the Hot 100 right now.


    1. Blackbear does have some good songs, like My Ex’s Best Friend, Champagne and Pools, Queen Of Broken Hearts, and Me And Ur Ghost.


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