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Trailer Talk #10

Welcome back to Trailer Talk, where I talk about the latest trailers and teasers for upcoming movies. Let’s get started.


2018’s A Quiet Place was the breakout horror hit of the year, centered on a family trying to survive a world occupied by monsters that can’t see, but have excellent hearing. The film was unique in that it has little dialogue to it, which adds to the uncomfortable atmosphere. Two years later, a sequel is coming out as we follow that same family traveling and coming across other survivors. I like the beginning of the trailer where the mom is driving through town with the kids when the creatures attack and it’s just chaos. I’m getting some Walking Dead vibes out of this one where it’s not just the creatures that our main characters have to worry about, but the other survivors. Hopefully, we learn more about the creatures with this film. So, yeah. Good trailer. Can’t wait for this movie to come out.


So Birds Of Prey comes out this week and I look forward to seeing it. Last month, a new trailer was released, giving us a better idea of what the movie is going to be like. Harley Quinn is narrating about when she broke up with the Joker and her journey to be her own woman, plus, what unites the titular team to go up against Black Mask. I appreciate that DC are dipping into different tones for their films, from Shazam!’s family-friendly action comedy to the psychological character study of Joker to Birds Of Prey adopting a pop-punk girl-power identity. I’m curious to see how this film goes and how the soundtrack album is going to be.


This is what happens when you let Venom become a huge success. It gives Sony carte blanche to make more comic book movies that no one asked for and they can do it because they still own the film rights to Spider-Man. Anyways, we’re getting a Morbius movie this year starring Jared Leto. Long story short on background, Michael Morbius is a scientist looking for a cure to a blood disease that he has and ends up turning into a vampire. He was a Spider-Man adversary who eventually got his own series as an anti-hero. There you go. Now for the movie. I’m not excited for it. For what we’ve seen so far, it looks like a generic vampire movie with Sony using Marvel’s clout to kickstart their own cinematic universe. And I believe that based on two things: there’s a shot with a Spider-Man poster ripped out of the PS4 Spider-Man game (wearing the Raimi suit) and at the end of the trailer, there’s Michael Keaton, who may or may not be the Vulture. I hope this doesn’t take place in the MCU because that would raise so many questions. So far, I’m not impressed.


Really, what is this franchise even? At some point in the future, film historians will look back at the Fast & Furious franchise and ask how does a series that started off with street racing became an exaggerated Saturday morning cartoon in live-action. So the trailer for the ninth Fast & Furious movie has been released and sweet mother of Mary. This series never fails to surprise me in how bonkers it can get. So the team-oh, I mean family-are brought back together again to fight Dom’s brother, who’s played by John Cena. Yeah, Dom now has a brother that we’ve never heard about. Maybe he was always there in the franchise, we just can’t see him. The action, as you’d expect from this series, has broken so many laws of physics that any scientist keeping track are suffering brain aneurysms. A car is driving over a falling rope bridge, another car gets picked up by a jet, and another car swings all the way to the other side using the rope from the bridge. See what I mean when I say that this is a cartoon? Oh, and the stinger at the end: Han is alive. You know, the guy who supposedly died in Tokyo? I can’t wait to see how they explain this one. As for the trailer overall, I did say that I wasn’t looking forward to this film, but goddamn it, they got me with this trailer. It looks so stupid, yet I want more of it.


Now I’m technically cheating here because these aren’t movies, but I have some thoughts that I need to express. So with Phase 4 of the MCU, Marvel Studios has announced that they’re going to produce TV series for Disney+ that will tie-in to the movies. The first of these are The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki. During the Super Bowl, we got a 30-second preview of these three. Falcon & Winter Soldier will see the titular characters go on missions after Captain America passes the shield over to Sam Wilson. My guess is that just like in the comics, we’ll see Sam Wilson grow into becoming the new Captain America and the government doesn’t like that because racism, so they bring in U.S. Agent, a right-wing version of that character. Also, Sharon Carter and Helmut Zemo are slated to return in this series. WandaVision is set to be the most trippy series from Marvel as we see her and Vision in a 1950s-sitcom style. The show-runners stated that we will see Wanda truly become Scarlet Witch. Hopefully, this means we’ll get some of those reality-warping powers she had in the comics. Maybe this’ll lead into House Of M, which is one way of introducing the X-Men and mutants into the MCU. They only showed one scene from the Loki series, which is said to be the titular character wreaking havoc through time and space. Now, this is not the same Loki who died in Infinity War, but the version who created a new timeline in 2012 when he grabbed the Tesseract, so we won’t see the character development from The Dark World to Infinity War. While I’m looking forward to all of these shows and more, I’m most excited about WandaVision as I hear that it’ll have the biggest repercussions on the entirety of the MCU, plus, it’ll tie-in to the sequel to Doctor Strange.

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