Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review

Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: March 2020

Welcome back to another Top 40 Review where we look at some of the most popular songs in the U.S. as of this post. I hope everyone out there is being careful because there is that coronavirus pandemic going around. New cases keep popping up, major events around the world are either being postponed or cancelled, and our government is doing a shitty job at handling the situation. Be sure you stay sanitized. If you’re feeling sick, stay at home and if you’re feeling worse, go to a doctor. Better safe than sorry. And that’s a PSA from your friendly neighborhood blogger B-HOP. Now, let’s get started.


#39. Homesick-Kane Brown: We start with Kane Brown’s Homesick, which is about him missing his girl while he’s away and it’s alright. It’s very basic in its guitar-driven music and while Kane Brown can sell the sentiment of the song well enough, it’s not enough for me to enjoy it. It’s a song that exist and I would give it a 3/5.

#38. PTSD-G Herbo ft Chance The Rapper, Juice WRLD, & Lil Uzi Vert: So I’ve been hearing some buzz about this song and I was curious to see why, especially when it charted this high. This is PTSD by Chicago rapper G Herbo and it’s not bad. I dig the production and everyone involved do a good job tackling the PTSD that would come with surviving a traumatic experience in the hood. If I had to nitpick, you could have removed Lil Uzi Vert from the song since he’s the only one not from Chicago and it would connect more if it was just a song centered on Chicago violence. But still, this is a good song. I give it a 4/5.

#36. Vete-Bad Bunny: So the next three songs I’m going to talk about comes from Bad Bunny, who delivered an album bomb this week. Let’s start with Vete, which is Spanish for “go away.” It’s about kicking a girl to the curb and I’m already getting Te Bote vibes. Don’t worry, this isn’t as bad as that atrocity. But it’s still not good either as it features a reverb-heavy reggaeton beat with a few trap touches and the content doesn’t really go anywhere in its aggressive kiss-off. It’s a skip for me. 2/5.

#33. La Dificil-Bad Bunny: La Dificil, or “the different,” is another reverb-heavy, Auto-Tuned reggaeton track that’s heavy on the sleaze as Bad Bunny has his eyes on a promiscuous woman. Not that different from anything else this dude has released. This is a 1/5.

#32. Si Veo A Tu Mama-Bad Bunny: We’re at the last Bad Bunny track, Si Veo A Tu Mama, which translates to “if I see your mom.” Okay. I will say this: at least it’s not another reggaeton song. Instead, we get a minimal trap beat with a melody that almost sounds like the Wii theme music. And in terms of content, it’s a post-breakup song where Bad Bunny still has feelings for his ex. It’s probably the best of all three Bad Bunny songs I’ve talked about, but it’s not anything special either and I will most likely forget about it afterwards. It’s a 2.5/5.

#31. Emotionally Scarred-Lil Baby: Seems Bad Bunny isn’t the only artist with an album bomb this week because we got Lil Baby. *sigh* I’m gonna go through these quick because there isn’t much to say about Lil Baby’s music. Let’s start with Emotionally Scarred, a breakup song that spends more time flexing rather than have any emotional connection over a cheap trap beat with a muted melody. Utterly forgettable album filler that’s getting a 1/5.

#28. Live Off My Closet-Lil Baby ft Future: Another generic flexing song with a lifeless beat, heavy Auto-Tune, and both Lil Baby and Future sounding indistinguishable from one another. It’s another album filler track and I’m giving it a 1/5.

#26. ‘Sum 2 Prove-Lil Baby: For a song called ‘Sum 2 Prove, Lil Baby does a pretty shitty job proving his worth as he delves into more flexing over a lifeless trap beat and not the only noteworthy things he said was him talking about saving for the future despite wasting his money on cars AND he also says this.

I done gave her the world, now she not leavin'
Say she love me to death, told her, "Stop breathin'"

That’s a yikes for me, dawg. Throw this one in the trash with the rest. It’s a 1/5.

#23. Commercial-Lil Baby ft Lil Uzi Vert: This is definitely a commercial, alright. It feels like one of those generic trap songs playing in a commercial for some products aimed at the “urban youth.” This time, they got Lil Baby and Lil Uzi Vert doing some flexing and gunplay over a muted piano and weaksauce trap beat. Not feeling this one, either. It’s another 1/5.

#21. That Way-Lil Uzi Vert: So Lil Uzi Vert put out a new album. I didn’t listen to it because you all know how I feel about Lil Uzi Vert. I think most of his music is one-dimensional and doesn’t have much to say. Anyways, here’s That Way, which the most interesting thing about it is that it interpolates I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys. Seriously. And boy, did Lil Uzi Vert do a piss poor job at that. Aside from taking its chorus from a much better song, the Auto-Tuned crooning is annoying, the beat is a washed out sludge, and there is a lot of terrible lines in this song like “she gave me dome ’til I graduate,” “I’m on my own, not talkin’ masturbate,” and most egregious of all, “I killed my girlfriend, that’s why I’m single.” Yeah, this sucks. I give it a 1/5.

#18. Heatin’ Up-Lil Baby ft Gunna: The lethargic duo of Lil Baby and Gunna are back again with more empty flexing and gunplay, bad Future and Young Thug impersonations, and orchestral strings added to another laden trap beat that feels stilted. In case you couldn’t tell, I don’t like this one, either. 1/5.

#16. Say So-Doja Cat: I never really talked about Doja Cat before, so this is the perfect time to do so. I first heard of her thanks to that novelty song she made about being a cow a few years ago. So I checked out the rest of her music and while she has talent, her music just wasn’t hooking me. Now, she finally has a hit with Say So, which I haven’t heard a lot of good things about since it’s produced by Dr. Luke and I wonder why the hell anyone would still work with that asshole. That aside, while I am a sucker for retro tracks, this one just doesn’t click with me. The production is the cheapest, most laziest 80s throwback I’ve ever heard. Doja Cat spends more time singing in this song and her singing is devoid of any personality, which is a contrast to the one time she does rap on this song. If Doja Cat wants to stick around, she needs to step outside of these basic-ass generic pop songs and especially away from Dr. Luke because he’s holding her back. This is a 2/5.

#10. Intentions-Justin Bieber ft Quavo: I plan to review this song in an upcoming Target Practice, so I won’t say much about it now. All I’ll say is that it gets a 1/5.

#5. Stupid Love-Lady Gaga: We end on a big one. Stupid Love is Lady Gaga’s comeback to making dance pop. Would I call it one of her best songs? No. But it’s still pretty damn good. The pulsing synths and punchy drums make for a perfect turn up track harkening back to 90s dance tracks and some of the best songs from Born This Way. Lady Gaga brings it in the vocal department and she is killing it here. Even if the world is on fire, this ain’t a bad song to escape and dance your problems away to. Can’t wait to see what Gaga has to offer for her new album. I give Stupid Love a 4/5.


Stupid Love






That Way

And that was another Top 40 Review. Stay tuned next month when I do another one. This week, I release my Worst Songs of 2014 list.


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  1. I’m not gonna lie; I’m mad at your thoughts at Say So. I genuinely love that song, production and all. It’s very sexy and catchy to me.


  2. I think it’d be neat if you could review The Weeknd’s new album After Hours. It’s one of my favorite albums of the year already.


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    After Hours by The Weeknd
    Dior by Pop Smoke
    I Hope by Gabby Barrett
    Blueberry Faygo by Lil Mosey
    RITMO by Black Eyed Peas and J Balvin
    No Time To Die by Billie Eilish
    To Die For by Sam Smith


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