Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review

Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: May 2020

Welcome back to another Hot 100 Top 40 Review where I look at some of the most popular songs in the U.S. as I’m typing this. Let’s get started.


#39. Landed-Drake: Drake put out a new project of throwaways and has a whole bunch of songs in the Top 40 this week because of course he does. So I’m going to go through most of them rapid-fire quick, starting with Landed, which is another boring flex song with a watery beat and Drake not even trying. I feel like that’s going to be a theme. This is a 2/5.

#37. Sunday Best-Surfaces: I’ll be talking more about this song in an upcoming Target Practice. Suffice to say, I don’t have kind things to say about it. It’s a 1/5.

#36. Does To Me-Luke Combs ft Eric Church: In what looks likes a bad week, I’m rooting for the Luke Combs and Eric Church collaboration to be good and fortunately, it is. Does To Me is that sort of neotraditional country track that works on the strengths of both men as they reflect on their accomplishments. Yeah, I like this. It’s getting a 4.5/5 from me.

#35. When To Say When-Drake: Back to the Drake show with When To Say When. A decent pitched-up sample that’s wasted on a farting beat where Drake does more self-reflection on his fame. It ain’t bad, but this is stuff we’ve heard from Drake before and it’s nothing special. I give it a 3/5.

#34. Demons-Drake ft Fivio Foreign & Sosa Geek: Another song containing a lot of flexing, sex, and shooting people with the most interesting thing about it is the gothic choirs in the production. Drake was bland and the two other rappers are generic as fuck. Overall, this is another song that I’ll forget about after hearing it. 2/5.

#32. Deep Pockets-Drake: With a title like that, it’s not a surprise that this is yet another bragging song. I’ll give it this, the beat’s not bad. Otherwise, 3/5.

#31. Death Bed-Powfu ft beabadoobee: Death Bed is another song that blew up from TikTok and I’m not feeling it, to be honest. Over a sample of beabadoobee, Powfu raps about what’s either a breakup or him dying. Either way, it’s not exactly an upbeat song and the writing and flow doesn’t really give it any weight or gravitas. So, yeah. I can see the appeal for some people, but I’m not a fan. I give it a 2/5.

#30. Time Flies-Drake: Muted production and Drake crooning in Auto-Tune to some woman that he wants to bang. Yeah, no thank you. 2/5.

#29. Be Kind-Marshmello & Halsey: I’ve seen people say that this Marshmello and Halsey collaboration is good and yeah, those people are right. I like the groove of the production, Halsey actually sounds good, and I can get behind the writing, which is based around trust in a relationship. I appreciate that Marshmello is trying out something different from what he’s used to doing and he brought out the best from Halsey. Yeah, I really like this. I would give it a 4/5.

#27. Desires-Drake ft Future: Oh, look. These two are collaborating again on a track where they concern-troll a girl they used to kick it with over a clunky beat that’s no fun to listen to. I am not looking forward to What A Time To Be Alive 2 because this sucks. 1/5.

#25. Not You Too-Drake ft Chris Brown: Apparently as a favor for No Guidance, Drake has collaborated with Chris Brown for a meandering slow jam with dull 80s synths and Drake crooning about girl problems again. At least Chris Brown is reduced to backing vocals here so we don’t have to be subjected to his obnoxiousness. Still, this song isn’t good and it’s getting a 1/5.

#19. D4L-Future, Drake, & Young Thug: The fact that these three have decided to make a song named after the group behind fucking Laffy Taffy is baffling to me. I will say that the beat does have some knock to it, but we’re still left with Drake, Future, and Young Thug doing more flexing, sex talk, drugs, the whole nine yards. Nothing of value came out of this song. It’s getting a 1.5/5 from me.

#14. Chicago Freestyle-Drake ft Giveon: For a song with that title, I was expecting, you know, a freestyle, not a slow clunker where Drake is going through all the women he’s had sex with along with a limp chorus and an interpolation of Superman by Eminem. Yeah, I don’t like this. It’s a 2/5.

#12. The Scotts-Travis Scott & Kid Cudi: A while ago, Travis Scott threw a virtual concert in Fortnite that garnered a lot of attention. He also premiered a collaboration with Kid Cudi, which shot all the way to number one on the charts. And man, does it not live up to the hype. The production is cool, especially on the outro, but it’s standard Travis Scott along with two verses full of flexing. While Kid Cudi is usually one of the more unique artists out there, here, he delivers a verse that anyone could have delivered. Overall, this is a disappointment and I would give it a 2.5/5.

#9. Rockstar-DaBaby ft Roddy Ricch: There’s going to be a point in time where DaBaby is gonna have to go outside his bubble artistically and make different songs. So here’s Rockstar, his collaboration with Roddy Ricch where he does his usual flexing, but with some more introspection over gentle acoustic guitars. Roddy Ricch’s verse wasn’t anything special, which is a perfect description for this song overall. Not great, but it’s fine enough. I would give it a 3/5.

#7. Pain 1993-Drake ft Playboi Carti: Another muted beat and Drake doing a bunch of flexing along with Playboi Carti sounding awful in his high register. Why is this guy a thing again? Yeah, this shit sucks. 1/5.

#4. Toosie Slide-Drake: At some point, people need to stop mistaking cynical hacky calculation for marketing genius. Drake decided to make a dance song for the TikTok crowd and there’s no way you could convince me that wasn’t the case. And thus, we got Toosie Slide and this is it? This is what people are supposed to turn up to? A lifeless beat and Drake sounding half-asleep in Auto-Tune as he delivers two verses that are tonal whiplashes. And as for the Toosie Slide dance? It’s just a bootleg moonwalk. The most famous rapper in the current world, ladies and gentlemen. Making a song that anyone can recreate with no budget. This is what happens when you let a creatively-bankrupt artist coast off of hype and brand-name recognition, you get shit like this. I’m giving this a 1/5.


Does To Me


Be Kind


Toosie Slide


Sunday Best

And that was another Top 40 Review. Stay tuned next month when I do another one. This week, I review Jay Electronica’s A Written Testimony and the movie Bloodshot.


9 thoughts on “Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: May 2020

  1. I’m looking forward to the Sunday Best Target Practice because I frankly don’t see much wrong with it. I feel it’s an overly hated song, to be honest.


  2. Toosie Slide is in no way a good song, much less great. Heck, Crank That and Watch Me had more energy, and had more effort in them that Toosie Slide, and those songs were crap. How do you or anyone get enjoyment out of Drake’s monotone delivery and sleep inducing beat? Sorry, but there’s nothing good or original about this song. Same can be said about D4L.


  3. Why the hell does drake need to fill the charts with MORE useless crap when there have been a lot of really good songs out there right now that haven’t even charted? Toosie Slide has to be one of the most boring songs of the year so far, and that’s saying something.


  4. Toosie Slide, The Scotts & D4L is actually great songs, what would you give that new Drake album for a rating…

    Also what are your thoughts on…
    I Love Me by Demi Lovato
    Supalonely by Benee
    The Man by Taylor Swift
    Ride It by Regard
    Forever by Justin Bieber
    Cuz I Love You by Lizzo
    Righteous by Juice WRLD?


  5. 1. Is there hope we can get another year end hit for Eric Church based on him teaming up with Luke Combs
    2. For most of these drake album “hits”, billboard breakdown will probably be speedy on covering them.
    3. Can this Marshmello and Halsey team up be a redemption for One Thing Right? I don’t fully hate that song but it’s mediocre.
    4. Hopefully this isn’t controversial but I’m really annoyed by most of these viral songs blowing up. With the exception of ones such as Truth Hurts and Old Town Road, most of them are throwaway cheap junk that have no business making year end lists, let alone charting. Viral song rant aside, Toosie Slide is useless. I’ve seen the Buckley video on it and it’s basically another phoned in Drake performance but now with viral marketing. As bad as Yummy by Justin Bieber is, you can at least admit it’s more a song than this?


    1. 1. Don’t know. I hope Does To Me makes the Year End chart, but we’re not even half-way through the year yet and you never know what direction the Hot 100 goes.
      2. I don’t know if I can say that it’s a redemption because One Thing Right isn’t the only bad song that Marshmello made.
      3. Would it really make a difference if Yummy was more of a song than Toosie Slide? They both suck either way.


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