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Target Practice: Surfaces “Sunday Best”

Welcome to Target Practice where bad popular songs of the past and present get shot. In recent Top 40 Reviews, I’ve expressed my lukewarm feelings about songs that got big off of TikTok, which is pretty much the new Vine. Not all the songs are bad, but not all of them are great, either. Maybe it’s a generational thing as a lot of these songs appeal to Generation Z, which I’m not a part of. That happens when you get older, you gravitate less towards the songs that appeal to the youth after your time. Today’s Target Practice is one of those songs and I’ve heard that it was bad before I even listened to it. From the duo Surfaces, this is Sunday Best.

Surfaces - Sunday Best [Official Audio] - YouTube
Feeling good, like I should
Went and took a walk around the neighborhood
Feeling blessed, never stressed
Got that sunshine on my sunday best

And then you wind up catching COVID-19 and infecting other people without even knowing it. Yeah, I know it’s too timely, but why not?

Everyday can be a better day despite the challenge
All you gotta do is leave it better than you found it

I have a feeling that half of this song’s writing process is just combing through vague motivational quotes on social media.

It's gonna get difficult to stand but hold your balance
I just say whatever cause there is no way around it cause

So you’re saying “give up.” Real motivating stuff here, buddy. Telling people to not fix their problems and just live with them.

Everyone falls down sometimes
But you just gotta know it'll all be fine
It's ok, uh-huh
It's ok, it's ok

I got nothing for this one. It is another typical motivational line, but there’s nothing wrong with it in of itself.

Somedays you wake up and nothing works you feel surrounded
Gotta give your feet some gravity to get you grounded

That’s… not how gravity works. You can’t give your feet gravity. Did these dudes flunk science class like Insane Clown Posse did? Then again, at least ICP asked how magnets worked. Surfaces just spouted nonsense about gravity.

Keep good things inside your ears just like the waves and sound did
And just say whatever cause there is no way around it

In other words, be positive. I think I now know why this group is called Surfaces because that’s how deep their writing is, surface-deep.

This song is Sunday worst. There’s nothing wrong with making a motivational song about looking at the bright side of things. Hell, outside of some questionable lines, the writing isn’t even the worst part of this song. No, my main issue with this song is the sound. The production is a cheap, plastic clusterfuck where the percussion overwhelms the barely audible piano and guitar loop and the dude singing the song sounds like a lazy tool who wasn’t even trying to sound invested in what he’s doing, turning cliched uplifting lyrics into vapid pseudo-hippie nonsense. It’s not the worst song currently on the charts, but this sounds like a cheap, obnoxious commercial jingle that most hacky indie pop acts aspire to make these days.*coughs* AJR *coughs* Next Target Practice, …



Kickstart My Heart-Motley Crue

7 thoughts on “Target Practice: Surfaces “Sunday Best”

  1. I hope Stevie Wonder gets paid for Surfaces sampling his song “If you really love me”….


  2. What do you think of the following songs?

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    The Way I Want To Touch You – Captain & Tennille
    Shake For The Sheik – The Escape Club
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    Best On Earth – Russ
    Freestyle – Lil Baby


  3. Personally, I think the hate for this song is overblown. I will say this isn’t the most thought-out, well-written song, and it isn’t well performed, either, but it’s clearly had its’ appeal and get why it’s been such a big hit. Clearly people have been using this song more than ever during this pandemic, and has helped them out, which is what some of the haters of this song aren’t getting. The production isn’t all that bad, honestly. The organs are cool and the upbeat production is fine. It obviously sounds like a cheap Tik Tok song, but it doesn’t matter much. I’ve heard legitimitely bad songs, I honestly don’t see much wrong with this song. Trust me when I say this will not be anywhere on my best list, but it won’t be “worst” material, either. I think Tik Tok has become FAR more popular and influential on the charts that Vine ever was. Vine was more of a niche thing, everyone is using Tik Tok and over half of the charts seem to be inspired by Tik Tok. This is nothing more than a harmless viral song, nothing more, nothing less. Not great by any means, but not the worst thing ever.


  4. I agree with you on TikTok. Even as a Gen Zer, I don’t really connect with the platform. Not my thing and I’ve never been hip with the latest social media. And much of the songs I’ve heard get popular on TikTok haven’t been great. But I feel like Sunday Best is a bit overhated. I’m not going to say it’s the greatest song ever considering the guy’s singing isn’t great, the lyrics are basic level empowerment, and the chipper attitude can be annoying to some. But I like the bright piano riff considering it’s sampled off of Stevie Wonder’s If You Really Love Me and for what it is it’s fine enough as a light hearted song about living your best life despite all the troubles you gave which definitely feels appropriate right now. And considering it’s from TikTok it could have been worse.

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