Modern Rock Tracks Review: 2002

Welcome back to another Modern Rock Tracks Review. Let’s get started.

Blurry-Puddle Of Mudd: I’m not fan of Puddle Of Mudd. I think they’re another post-grunge band that brings nothing unique to the table and have made some really terrible songs, including Blurry. The song is Wes Scantlin whining about how much the world sucks and he wants some woman to be his armchair therapist. It’s no different from a Simple Plan song, only this time, it’s backed by a constipated lead singer and generic post-grunge instrumentation. She Hates Me is still the worse song from Puddle Of Mudd, but Blurry is still getting a 1/5 from me.

Youth Of A Nation-P.O.D.: So P.O.D. is a Christian metal band. I guess even Jesus can get down to some shredding. Anyways, the band’s big hit is Youth Of A Nation, a nu-metal song that tells three stories involving troubled youth. The first involves a high school kid getting shot by another student (which was apparently inspired by a shooting that occurred in Santana High School), the second involves a girl who has a shitty luck with love, and the last involves a suicidal kid. Not exactly sunshine and rainbows here. I think the song is alright musically and the rapping here is passable. I give this song a 3/5.

The Middle-Jimmy Eat World: Ah, yes. Another childhood favorite of mines and one that still sticks with me now. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World is the fucking jam. I dig the guitar riffs, bassline, and drum work of the music and especially that guitar solo. The content is also really good, giving a message of perseverance and hope that can applied to any situation. I don’t got much else to say that I haven’t mentioned in my Best Songs of the 2000s list. I’m giving this a perfect 5/5.

Seein’ Red-Unwritten Law: It’s passable, I guess. 3/5.

Hero-Chad Kroeger ft Josey Scott: I’ve previously talked about how much I liked the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies (the first two, at least) and I also mentioned that these movies aren’t exactly perfect thanks to some clunky dialogue, an aura of awkwardness, and, in the first movie, Hero performed by Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger and Saliva’s Josey Scott. It’s pretty much a Nickelback song that tries to be soaring and uplifting, but winds up sounding depressing. Not helping is the awful vocals from both Kroeger and Scott, who are attempting to out-butt rock the other. Why they chose this to be on the soundtrack to Spider-Man, I’ll never know. I’m giving this a 1/5.

By The Way-Red Hot Chili Peppers: It’s a good song. Not one of RHCP’s best nor is it one of their more distinct ones, but it’s still a groovy good time for a listen. It’s getting a 4/5 from me.

Aerials-System Of A Down: I’ve been wanting to get into System Of A Down for a while, especially after hearing songs like Aerials. The heavy riffs, the drum work (even if the drummer is a Trump supporter, but that’s another conversation), and the vocals from Serj Tankian makes for one hell of a song. Really good stuff. I’m giving it a 4.5/5.

You Know You’re Right-Nirvana: So a decade after their peak, Nirvana released a greatest hits album that included an unreleased song called You Know You’re Right, which was the last song the band recorded before Kurt Cobain’s death. So how does this stack up with the rest of their catalog? I think it’s pretty good. It’s more of that grunge sound that the band has mastered with some great musicianship all around and Cobain putting his heart and soul into his performance. Nirvana were truly a one-of-a-kind that spoke to Generation X and it’s amazing how big of an impact they’ve left with the small amount of time that they were big. This song is getting a 4/5 from me.

All My Life-Foo Fighters: And while we’re on the subject of Nirvana, the band’s drummer Dave Grohl started a new band called Foo Fighters after the band’s dissolution. Foo Fighters has always been one of my favorite bands as they’ve made some of the best rock songs of the late 90s, the 2000s, and even the 2010s. This brings us to All My Life, which is another classic from the band. The instrumentation is A-1 from the guitars all the way to the drums and Dave Grohl is a great frontman. I just now realized that this song is about how Grohl likes to eat the box. That means oral sex on women. Yeah. That didn’t detract from everything else in the song, which is all great. I’m giving this song a perfect 5/5.


The Middle


All My Life





And those were the number one songs on the Modern Rock Tracks chart of 2002. Next time, we’ll be looking at the Modern Rock Tracks of 2003.




2 thoughts on “Modern Rock Tracks Review: 2002

  1. Blurry- another terrible song from this awful group

    Youth of a Nation- instrumentation’s alright but the message is way too preachy and overly sentimental for me to enjoy it

    The Middle- great song from a great group

    Seein’ Red- meh

    Hero- It’s Chad Kroeger. Enough said.

    By the Way- Not one of my favorites from RHCP, but it’s cool.

    Aerials- another great System of A Down track

    You Know You’re Right- Not one of their best, but it’s still good.

    All My Life- awesome track, one of my favorites from the Foos.


  2. 2002 had the best and the worst of rock music. Then it is the bridge to All My Life that may lead one to think it is a sex song. The Foo Fighters made the music Kurt Cobain would have made if he did not commit suicide.


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