Modern Rock Tracks Review: 2006

Welcome back to another Modern Rock Tracks Review. Let’s get started.

Hypnotize-System Of A Down: We start with System Of A Down and their single Hypnotize. This song was inspired by the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 and it’s about how the government and the media rules over the population with manipulation. It’s another perfect protest anthem that also rocks thanks to the instrumentation and the vocal performances from Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian. I give this song a perfect 5/5.

Perfect Situation-Weezer: This is a really good Weeezer song. I dig the music, especially in how it starts, and Rives Cuomo delivers another solid performance that makes for the best Weezer songs. Perfect Situation is a song about not getting any girls, but it never ventures to Nice Guy Syndrome territory. It’s clearly for the teenage audience, who will relate to its content. I give this song a 4/5.

Wasteland-10 Years: It’s a solid song. Not one of my favorites, but I don’t mind it. I’m giving it a 3.5/5.

Every Day Is Exactly The Same-Nine Inch Nails: I remember this song from the movie Wanted. So how is Every Day Is Exactly The Same? I think it’s good. The electronic synths mix well with the guitar riffs and drum work (courtesy of Dave Grohl) of the production. The writing is focused on the cycle of depression and mental illness and Trent Reznor captures the emotions of it all well. I give this a 4/5.

World Wide Suicide-Pearl Jam: Grunge legends Pearl Jam kept on rolling through the 2000s and they notched a number one with World Wide Suicide. This song captures the anger and backlash to the US government for the Iraq War and it was dedicated to Pat Tillman, a football player who enlisted in the military at the time and was killed by friendly fire. Musically, the song is reminiscent of the band’s early grunge material, but updated for the 2000s. This is good stuff right here. I give it a 4.5/5.

Dani California-Red Hot Chili Peppers: I called it the best hit song of 2006 and I talked about it in my Best Songs of the 2000s list. Dani California is a single from RCHP’s double album Stadium Arcadium and it’s one of the band’s best songs. It’s easily getting a perfect 5/5.

Steady, As She Goes-The Raconteurs: It’s alright. 3/5.

Miss Murder-AFI: A decent emo song, though it’s not one I would listen to many times. It’s a 3/5 for me.

Animal I Have Become-Three Days Grace: I don’t hate this, but I don’t really like it, either. It’s honestly kinda generic. I’m giving it a 2.5/5.

Tell Me Baby-Red Hot Chili Peppers: Next, we have another Red Hot Chili Peppers song in Tell Me Baby. It’s more of that groovy funk rock that RCHP are known for with some killer guitar work. The writing is focused on the ways people seek fame in a city where everyone wants to make it. This song is another solid addition to the RCHP catalog and I’m giving it a 4/5.

When You Were Young-The Killers: The Killers made a Bruce Springsteen song. You think I’m joking, but they were inspired by songs like Born To Run when they made When You Were Young. It has that heartland rock sound mixed with the new wave synths that the Killers like along with a killer performance from Brandon Flowers. Overall, I think the song is good and I would give it a 4/5.

Welcome To The Black Parade-My Chemical Romance: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the emo national anthem. My Chemical Romance is officially here and they are not messing around. Their signature hit Welcome To The Black Parade is pretty much the Bohemian Rhapsody of emo music with how epic it sounds with its iconic piano and marching band intro that explodes into pop punk glory where Gerard Way and company are just singing their asses off. This song hits those emotional chords hard and I can’t help but to sing along. It’s emo epicness and I’m giving it a perfect 5/5.

Anna Molly-Incubus: The last song we’re gonna get to comes from Incubus. This is Anna Molly and it’s a good song. I like the music and Brandon Boyd sounds great. Nuff said. I give it a 4/5.


Dani California


Hypnotize, Welcome To The Black Parade


Animal I Have Become

And those were the number one songs on the Modern Rock Tracks chart of 2006. Next time, we’ll be looking at the Modern Rock Tracks of 2007.



The Power-Chill Rob G

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