Welcome to Nerd With An Afro, formerly known as REALITY CHECK with B-HOP. My name is Benjamin Hopson A.K.A. B-HOP. I started this site in February of 2013 on Blogger, then moved it to WordPress in November of that same year. My specialty is comedy-based music reviews and analysis. I chose to talk about music because it’s something I’m very passionate about and I believe it’s one of the most important art forms in our world. Music is a powerful force that moves us in many different ways, whether it makes us dance or gets us through a bad day. My intentions for this site is to express my thoughts on the music of the past and present and to both entertain and educate people, especially up-coming music artists, producers, writers, etc. by pointing out flaws in the records that are out now so they don’t make the same mistakes and point out the good stuff so they can be inspired to make great music.

I currently have five ongoing series: TARGET PRACTICE, where I pick a bad popular song and make fun of its lyrics, concluding with a review, RANDOM WTF LYRICS, where I select random bad lyrics from random songs and point out what’s wrong with them, usually in a comedic way, BILLBOARD HOT 100 TOP 40 REVIEW, where I look at the Top 40 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 and give my honest opinions on them, giving each song a rating or grade based on those opinions, these are always posted monthy on the second week, MUSICAL APPRECIATION, the most recent series where I talk about and analyze the songs and albums that I like, and the always-popular WORST SONGS LISTS, which is pretty self-explanatory. At the end of every Friday post, I’ll post up SONGS OF THE WEEK, which consists of four songs I like that I would recommend to people. I also do MOVIE REVIEWS where I basically review movies that I recently just saw, old and new.

I rate music with a letter grading scale that goes from A to F. An A means “This record is damn near perfect. I love it so much, I wanna keep hearing it again and again.” A B means “It’s good. It’s not great and it has a few problems, but it’s good enough.” A C means “It’s okay. Not great, not terrible, just okay.” A D means “Meh. I’ll forget about this after hearing it.” An F means “This is pure crap. If I hear this again, it’ll be too soon.” I rate movies with a different scale from 1 to 10.

New posts are up every Tuesday and Friday at 7:00PM Pacific Time.

My influences for this site are Rap Critic, Mark Grondin of Spectrum Pulse, Todd In The Shadows, Big Ghost, Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, Bennett The Sage, etc.

I can be a little harsh, but I try to be fair and reasonable. Remember, people: a lot of things I say on this site is 100% opinion. If you disagree with me, that’s okay. We all like/dislike different things, that’s one of those things about being human. After all, music is one of the most subjective forms of entertainment and media out there. Just be sure you disagree in a respectful manner. Negative comments and trolls will not be tolerated.

I am open to requests. If you got recommendations for new Target Practices, Random WTF Lyrics, or Songs Of The Week, hit me up on Twitter @BHOPDaMaestro (which is where I’m most active) or my email at

Happy reading. 🙂