March 27, 2020

Here’s what to look forward to in the next three months. Note that this schedule is subject to change depending on the circumstances.

  • April 3- Anime Review: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!
  • April 7- Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: April 2020
  • April 10- After Hours Review | Bad Boys For Life Review
  • April 14- Random WTF Lyrics #61
  • April 17- Target Practice: Phil Collins “Another Day In Paradise”
  • April 24- 100 Best Songs of the 2010s Pts I and II
  • May 8- Anime Review: My Hero Academia S4
  • May 12- Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: May 2020
  • May 15- A Written Testimony Review | Bloodshot Review
  • May 19- Random WTF Lyrics #62
  • May 22- Target Practice: Surfaces “Sunday Best”
  • May 29- My 20 Favorite Albums of the 2010s
  • June 5- Anime Review: Bleach
  • June 9- Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 Review: June 2020
  • June 12- E.MO.TION Review | Scoob Review
  • June 16- Random WTF Lyrics #63
  • June 19- Target Practice: New Edition “Candy Girl”
  • June 26- Top 10 List: Best Kendrick Lamar Songs

Well, it looks like the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t getting any better, which has caused a huge domino effect on the entire world. Because of this, a lot of major events are either cancelled or postponed and many businesses have closed, which threw off my original plan for movie posts. So I’m putting a pause on the Trailer Talk series while I get a chance to catch up on movies that I missed out on. I also plan to do more album reviews of my picking, so don’t be surprised if you see a sudden change in schedule. In the meantime, until this pandemic cools down, stay indoors as much as you can, don’t leave your home unless you have to, wash your hands, be careful of what you touch, find something to do that’ll kill time, stay in contact with family and friends, and hope for the best. I don’t want anyone to panic, just be cautious.

That’s all the updates I have for now. Stay tuned.

44 thoughts on “UPDATES

  1. For your next album review, I suggest you do the new Fiona Apple album. It’s her first in eight years and it’s already getting rave reviews(100% on metacritic so far). I’m going to check it out myself soon and tell you what I think, but I suggest you check it out and review it.


  2. Keep your browser on this site for the latest posts and over five hundred posts from the archive there is always something to read during the hunkering down across America.


  3. Looking forward to your 2010s lists revisions. Want to let you know I’m starting my own music review website D’Orazi Hit Parade right when the new year and new decade begins Jan. 1st. The first thing I’ll be doing is The Ones of the ‘10s where I’ll be giving my analysis and the stories behind every number one song of the 2010s up to the present. Can’t wait to launch it!

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  4. It is great you are revising your worst of lists since time has a way of changing things including ones minds. The New Year and decade provides an opportunity to make correction and revisions on old posts. Hope you had a merry Christmas and may the best be with us in 2020.


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